10 Benefits of Green Chili for Health

Chili is one of the plants that is commonly used as a cooking spice in the kitchen. There are many varieties of chilies found all over the country from devil chilies as the hottest chili pepper of northern India to large green chilies which are often used to add a less spicy flavor to dishes. However, not only as a cooking spice, it turns out that this green chili also has other benefits for the health of the body.

According to research that has been carried out in 100 grams of large green chilies, there are various compounds, minerals and vimanins that are very important for the body. What are the ingredients in green chilies and what are the benefits of these ingredients? For those of you who want to know more about this, just look at the explanation in this article.

Ingredients in Green Pepper

Several studies have proven that green chilies contain many vitamins and other compounds that are very good for health, namely:

In 100 grams of green chili, there are several vitamins contained in it such as the benefits of vitamin Avitamin B1 and the benefits of vitamin C which is proven to be 7 times higher when compared to citrus fruits. The presence of these vitamins in green chilies makes this type of chili in Indonesia even more beneficial, one of which is to ward off free radicals that can trigger many diseases. The content of vitamin A in green chilies includes beta carotene, lutein, zea-xanthine and cryptoxanthine. Whereas for the benefits of vitamin B, vitamin B1 such as riboflavin and thiamin. is a B complex vitamin that is present in every green chili.

In green chili, in addition to vitamins, there are also very good minerals to meet the needs of the body. Minerals such as phosphorus will certainly provide extraordinary benefits for health. For other compounds, green chilies contain capsaicin which has anti-bacterial, analgesic, anti-carcinogenic and anti-diabetic properties.

As it turns out, protein is also contained in large green peppers. Although the protein content of this protein is not as much as other foods that are known to have high protein, but, the protein content in green peppers will also greatly help the regeneration of damaged cells in the body.

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With the various ingredients in green chilies, here are some of the benefits of this one spice:

1. Protects the body from free radicals

Free radicals are one of the main causes of various diseases today. Some of them are cancer and diabetes or diabetes. With the content of anti-free radical compounds in every green chili, you certainly don’t have to worry about the dangers of free radicals that will threaten. This is due to the presence of capsaicin compounds and vitamins in green chilies. The content of green chilies will increase the immune system so that it can reduce the risk of several dangerous diseases, one of which is cancer.

Other cancer-preventing foods:

2. Smoothen the digestive system

Then, green chilies can also be used as an intestinal cleanser because of its nature as natural detoxicants. Detoxification itself is a process of cleansing the body of various kinds of toxins that enter the body either through the food consumed or also from pollution. As a natural detoxifier, green chilies will expel these toxins through feces or sweat. Therefore, consuming green chilies regularly with the right dose will be very helpful for cleansing the intestines of various toxins that enter through the food we consume so as to reduce the risk of colon cancer.

3. Healthy lungs

Besides being very good for digestion, green chilies are also good for lung health. First, the content of green chilies is very good for cleaning the lungs from various lung problems. Furthermore, green chilies can also help to widen the airways so that the breath will be easier, especially when you have a cold. With the benefits contained in the green chili, diseases such as pneumonia and enphysema can be overcome.

4. Healthy skin

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The content of vitamin C and vitamin E in green chilies is very good for making skin healthier. Given this fact, consumption of green chilies in the right dosage can help the face to overcome acne, it can even reduce the aging process on the face such as the occurrence of wrinkles and dull skin. In addition, the phytonutrients present in green chilies are also effective in fading rashes on the skin. Also, consuming green chilies can protect the skin from scurvy.

This disease is a disease caused by a fungal infection of the skin and causes itching. Then, with the various ingredients in green chilies, this scurvy can be prevented and overcome.

5. Improve mood

The next benefit of green chili is that it can improve the mood of people who consume it. In fact, the content of green chilies that exist will help release endorphins from the brain. As we know that endorphins are hormones that are very active to make someone feel happy. So, if this hormone is released, the person’s mood will be better.

Various other activities that will make the mood happier:

6. As a wound healer

Then, the anti-biotic content in green chilies is very good for wound healing. In this case, the antibiotic will speed up the process of sending fresh blood to the injured or infected area so that the wound will dry faster.

7. Helps collagen formation

Collagen is a protein that is needed by the body. The function of collagen itself is good for maintaining healthy blood vessels, organs, skin and bones. However, this protein cannot be directly produced by the body, so we must consume foods that are able to help the body form collagen. One of these foods is green chili. Why is that so? In the research that has been done, every 100 g of green chilies, the RDA content reaches 240%, a high enough amount so it is very good to help the body in forming this one protein.

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8. Pain reliever

Furthermore, green chilies can be used as painkillers. In this case, the content of green chilies will stimulate endorphins that can reduce pain. This benefit is very good for people with diabetes, herpes, muscle spasms and also rheumatism. Consuming green chilies regularly and with the right dose will help the patients to relieve the pain they are suffering from.

9. Increase appetite

For those of you who have problems with appetite, green chili is the right solution for you. This is due to the content in green chilies which is very good for increasing your appetite. So it is not surprising that many people add chili sauce to their menu to increase their appetite.

10. Lower blood sugar levels

Besides being able to ward off free radicals that can trigger cancer, green chilies can also be a solution for diabetes. As we know that diabetes is a disease caused by the body’s failure to convert glucose into energy due to the body’s failure to produce the hormone insulin. As a result, blood sugar levels will rise so that the body’s performance will decrease. Some of the things that can indicate that a person has diabetes are that he gets tired easily, often goes to the toilet, loses weight drastically and starts to lose his vision. Then, why green chilies can prevent diabetes is due to the content in green chilies, which is anti-diabetic.

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From all the explanations above, we know that green chilies that we often use as cooking spices actually have extraordinary ingredients that are very good for preventing various kinds of diseases. Not only that, green chilies can also help improve one’s mood. So, consuming green chilies is highly recommended for sufferers of the diseases mentioned earlier. However, keep in mind that green chilies are consumed in the right dose because consuming green chilies too often in large quantities will cause other diseases such as ulcers or other digestive problems.

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