Benefits of Lemon for Stomach

Ulcer disease is stomach acid disease caused by too much acid levels in your stomach, the presence of excess acid levels will make the stomach sore and even make someone faint due to this ulcer, this depends on how your stomach health condition and your body’s resistance . There are many ways to treat heartburn, one of which is using lemon as an alternative.

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Benefits of Lemon for Stomach

Lemon content such as vitamin C, acid content, polyphenol compounds, naringin naringenis, diosmis, and also d-limonene will help you to relieve the burning sensation in ulcers. More details about the benefits of lemon for ulcers are:

1. Calming and relaxing

The aroma of the aromatic lemon makes anyone who consumes it more relaxed, so for ulcer sufferers it is suitable to use lemon as a relaxation therapy in your stomach. In addition to kangungan that can balance acid, lemon can also be used as an ingredient for killing bacteria and neutralizing acids that are too high, even though lemon contains acid. (Also Read: Benefits of Lemon and Honey for Cough Treatment , Benefits of Honey Lemon Drink)

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2. Can provide anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory is another meaning of anti-inflammatory, so lemon has very powerful properties to relieve heartburn, because lemon has anti-inflammatory properties and properties, with this content lemon will help your stomach to reduce the pain you feel due to ulcers. the. In addition to reducing and relieving the stinging feeling in heartburn, lemon with anti-inflammatory properties is also able to maintain the stability of your stomach so that the ulcer can be reduced and does not continue to feel painful and sore.

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3. Provides a diuretic effect

According to the language of diuretics is a process which will have an effect on the stomach to make it easier for the stomach to go to the kidneys to form the speed of urine formation, because basically the pain that is felt during an ulcer is one of them due to a lack of urine excreted from your kidneys. so the stomach will feel more sore. for that lemon will help you to reduce this soreness by consuming it as a daily medicine. (Also Read: Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Kidneys , Benefits of Celery Leaves for Kidneys)

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4. Balance stomach acid

apart from the three effects above, lemon with this acid content can balance the acid in the stomach, so the acid in the stomach will not easily rise and will continue to be neutralized, this can happen if you use lemon as a medicine to treat your stomach acid, even though Indeed, lemons have a sour taste, but it is undeniable that lemons can also neutralize acid. so don’t be too staknan when it is said that a person who has an ulcer or stomach acid should not eat sour food. In fact, acidic foods with content that can neutralize acid will help provide a healing effect for you.

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5. Kills bacteria in the stomach

Lemons with various vitamins and compounds can be used to kill bacteria in the stomach, with the bacteria in the stomach disappearing then the soreness and pain felt in the stomach will be slightly less, and if you use lemon regularly, it’s not even just a little, but will give quite a lot of effect for cleaning your stomach can even heal your stomach acid.

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Those are some of the benefits and efficacy of lemon as an ingredient or drug used to cure stomach acid, so you don’t have to bother anymore and don’t have to worry anymore if you want to treat your ulcer, just with lemon ulcer you can recover.

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