19 Benefits of Brown Rice Bran for Diet and Health

Rice bran is the outermost part or husk of brown rice produced from the brown rice milling process in the form of a cream or light brown fine powder. If the white rice has undergone a grinding process so that the fiber content is wasted, even though the taste of white rice is more delicious. The benefits of brown rice bran are numerous and efficacious for maintaining a healthy body and on this occasion we will review it in full for you.

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  1. Rejuvenate the Colon

Brown rice bran is very useful for rejuvenating the colon. The high fiber content in rice bran will be useful for overcoming digestive problems as well as cleaning the large intestine when fat hinders the performance of the intestine. Therefore, consuming brown rice bran is very good as a high natural fiber intake for men and women of various ages in maintaining acid-base balance and body metabolism.

  1. Gives a Longer Satiety

Brown rice bran contains complex carbohydrates that will supply energy regularly in the body so that it makes the stomach full longer. The carbohydrate content in brown rice bran is similar to the complex carbohydrates in oatmeal and wheat.

  1. Contains High Fiber

Brown rice bran is one of the foods that contain high levels of insoluble fiber. In one tablespoon of brown rice bran contains 6 percent of the body’s daily needs. This insoluble fiber will help the digestive process and help better absorption of nutrients. In addition, the good bacteria in the digestive tract will also increase so that it helps the absorption of important nutrients from food intake.

  1. Overcoming Constipation

Brown rice bran is also often used to prevent constipation as well as gain weight and make the stomach full longer. When consuming brown rice bran, also make sure to increase your fluid intake because the bran will absorb the water content in the body and can increase constipation.

  1. Prevent Cancer Risk
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In a study showed that brown rice bran is very good for reducing the risk of various types of cancer, especially in the colon and breast.

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  1. Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Increasing the intake of brown rice bran also plays an important role in lowering cholesterol levels in the body. You can consume 2 to 4 tablespoons of brown rice bran per day and then gradually add it to your daily intake. The high niacin content in this bran will further play a role in reducing the risk of heart and cardiovascular disease.

  1. Source of Essential Amino Acids

Consuming 1 cup of brown rice bran every day will meet the needs of protein and essential amino acids, so it is very good for vegetarians. The high protein content in brown rice bran can be used as the best source of protein every day.

  1. High Magnesium Content

Brown rice bran also contains high magnesium which is useful for improving muscle and nerve function, maintaining the immune system, regulating the rhythm of the heartbeat and also strengthening bones. Another benefit of magnesium contained in brown rice bran is to reduce the risk of heart disease, regulate blood pressure and also reduce premenstrual syndrome.

  1. Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

From studies that have been carried out, there is evidence that consuming bran and whole wheat is very good for reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Consuming at least 2 servings of brown rice bran every day and carried out for one year will provide many benefits for the health of diabetics and the effects can be felt for long-term.

  1. Helping the Wound Healing Process
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The content of manganese in brown rice bran is also very important in the wound healing process so that it can be further improved. In addition, the manganese content in brown rice bran is also useful for helping the process of nutrient absorption, bone development, providing antioxidant protection, anemia, arthritis, epileptic seizures and so on.

  1. Overcoming Menopause Symptoms

Brown rice bran extracted into oil is very good for women who have entered menopause. Consuming this bran extract will reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms commonly experienced by women so it is very good for daily consumption.

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  1. Preventing Premature Aging

The content of vitamin E in brown rice bran is very good for preventing cancer and also maintaining healthy skin. Free radicals that generally attack skin cells will increase the signs of premature aging and to prevent it, it can be done by consuming brown rice bran on a regular basis. In addition, brown rice bran is also useful for smoothing the skin, preventing wrinkles and providing protection from the sun’s UV rays and keeping toxins and foreign pathogens from entering through your skin.

  1. Overcoming Allergies

Adding brown rice bran in food will also calm the allergic reaction system in the body while preventing other unusual allergic reactions from occurring.

  1. Lose weight

Although brown rice bran is very high in calories, it can absorb up to 20 percent of the oil contained in the food you have eaten. This makes brown rice bran very good consumed in your weight loss program.

  1. Improve Liver Function

In brown rice bran also found different compounds and healthy properties which are able to improve the performance of liver function while preventing the development of fatty liver just by consuming this bran regularly in your daily intake.

  1. Improve Hair Health
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The ferulic acid contained in brown rice bran is also very good for stimulating hair growth. In addition, the content of antioxidants, vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids will provide comprehensive nutrition to the hair to prevent the growth of premature gray hair or gray hair at an early age while getting beautiful and healthy hair all day long. Vitamin E contained in rice bran will deeply nourish the scalp so that the hair becomes healthy and soft.

  1. Anti Inflammation

Brown rice bran also has anti-inflammatory properties that will soothe irritated skin, reduce eczema, heal skin allergies due to hot or cold air and heal damaged skin cells.

  1. Prevent Acne

Brown rice bran extract which is used as oil contains balanced oleic acid as well as high linoleic and palmiic acids which are useful for preventing acne. Acne prone skin shows that the skin lacks linoleic acid, so using brown rice bran extract is very good for dealing with acne skin problems.

  1. Overcoming Muscle Aches

The content of vitamin B15 in brown rice bran is quite high which the body needs every day. The content of this vitamin will play an important role in distributing oxygen throughout the body and neutralize lactic acid which is the cause of muscle aches.

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Brown rice bran is a good snack to be consumed every day which is very useful for maintaining a healthy body, skin beauty and hair problems as well as curing several diseases from mild to severe. Expand the consumption of brown rice bran every day to get the nutritional content in it.