4 Benefits of Eating Cow’s Brain for Health

Cow brain. Who is not familiar with this one food? Yup, beef brain is not a foreign thing to be processed into a typical Indonesian dish, more precisely Padang cuisine. This beef brain is also a favorite food at Padang restaurants besides rendang and usually beef brain is processed into curry; like fish head curry. This beef brain contains 150 calories per 100 grams, 3100 mg cholesterol, 108 mg sodium, 244 mg potassium, 1.5 g carbohydrates, and 12 g protein.

But it is not uncommon for people to avoid eating this one thing because of the high content of bad substances in it that can cause cholesterol. This cholesterol is what usually haunts our health, especially for those who have entered middle age or old age. Overcoming this cholesterol we can overcome in various ways as we already know in Benefits of bitter leaf for cholesterol, the benefits of celery for uric acid cholesterolor benefits of cherry leaves for cholesterol.

Then, why is this brain a favorite food if all we get is a negative impact? Oh wait! In addition to the delicious taste, it turns out that there are several benefits that we can get from this one food. How come? What are the benefits of eating beef brain? So instead of getting curious, let’s look at this one:

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1. High nutrient content

Why is this a distinct advantage for us? These high nutrients produce healthy natural oils and those of us who eat cow’s brain from a small age tend to have a healthier brain and nervous system than those who are not accustomed to eating cow’s brain from a young age. Essential hormones themselves are known as amino acids that come from food intake and can be in the form of meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, milk, or eggs.

2. The presence of good cholesterol content

Although many people say that eating cow’s brain is not good for our health, but did you know that this cow’s brain has other benefits that are related to cholesterol? Yup, cow’s brain also contains cholesterol which is good for the body, and this serves to produce essential hormones for our bodies. Cow’s brain will become “evil” if we consume it excessively; For example, if we eat cow’s brain every day, it’s no wonder that our bad cholesterol levels will also increase and this is what causes cholesterol disease to come to haunt us.

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3. High nutritional content

Wow is that right? Yup, beef brain also has benefits for us where every 4 ounces of beef brain contains 12.3 grams of protein and this means that it is sufficient for the protein needs of people who have an average body weight of 68 kg. As we know, protein is not a single substance but is a collection of various organic substances such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and phosphorus and is classified as an amino acid. There are various functions of protein for our own bodies, but the main function of protein is the formation of cells in the body so that muscles can grow and develop properly and ward off free radicals so that the health of the body will be maintained. We can get a high nutritional intake too benefits of chickpeas for the body, health benefits of white radishor on tomato benefits.

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4. The amount of vitamin content

Who would have thought that offal has a lot of vitamins? Yup, this is one of the fun facts when we eat cow’s brain – and of course within reasonable limits or not too much. This cow’s brain contains various vitamins, including B5 which functions to maintain the body’s metabolism so that it does not get sick easily; as well as vitamin B12 which functions to produce various hormones. You could say that one serving of beef brain has 2.3 mg of vitamin B5 and 11 mg of vitamin B12 and these two numbers mean it is more than enough to meet our daily nutritional needs.

So, those were some of the benefits of eating cow’s brain. What has been thought to be negative turns out to be not as bad as we thought before, right? Of course we can get all these benefits if we still consume them in reasonable limits, in other words not consuming them several times a day. Now there is no longer any reason to hesitate to eat this offal, right?