5 Benefits of Kencur For Sound and How To Make It

Kencur is one of the plants including one type of herbal plant. Where kencur is often used to treat various types of diseases such as cough with phlegm, normal cough and so on. But do you know? kencur is not only beneficial for health, but it is also very useful for giving a sweet voice to the consumer.

Kencur is one of the herbal plants that is often consumed by singers to keep their voices of good quality. A good and melodious voice is one of the assets for a singer to gain fame. Because a good sura is what makes the singer called a singer who has quality.

Not only for singers, but for people who can’t sing or don’t have good vocal techniques, they often use kencur to improve their voices. For example the MCs, or those who often play roles such as theater and the like. Of course they need a clear, beautiful and loud voice so that the voice can be heard. For that, in order to more clearly know the benefits of kencur for voice, it’s good to understand further why kencur is good for voice

Benefits of Kencur for Voice

1. Soothes the throat

A bad throat will certainly interfere with the sound, thus causing an unpleasant sound. Therefore, when your throat starts to become problematic, you can use this kencur as a natural and safe herbal medicine. By consuming kencur will help to soothe the throat so that the throat can feel lighter.

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2. Overcoming Cough

In a coughing condition, of course it will be difficult to overcome the voice so that the voice becomes melodious. Therefore it is necessary cough solution appropriate, especially for singers. When you start to feel unwell and feel like coughing. Then you must immediately consume kencur so that the cough subsides

3. Gives a fresh sensation

The fresh sensation will make the sound that comes out more beautiful. So before having a beautiful voice, you have to give yourself a fresh sensation, especially in the throat, so consume this kencur often.

4. Remove mucus

Mucus that is not treated immediately can damage the quality of a beautiful and melodious sound. So if mucus starts to appear, know how to deal with it quickly. Namely by using kecur. Kencur will help remove mucus that interferes with the sound, so the voice becomes more beautiful and melodious. If the sound emitted is melodious, it will be more pleasant to hear. This of course can also overcome cough with phlegm. because benefits of kencur for cough phlegm also reduces mucus in the throat.

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5. Overcoming dry throat

Not only a slimy throat that can be overcome with kencur. Even a dry throat that can damage the voice can be overcome by consuming kencur every day.

Those are the five main things that make kencur have good benefits for the voice and beautify the voice. Apart from knowing the benefits obtained from kencur, especially for sound, of course, what is not much more important is how to mix and use the ginger in order to make the sound beautiful. Therefore additional information for you is how to make kencur concoction for sound

Kencur Herb For Sound

To make this potion, the method that is done is not difficult, it just requires a few steps that must be done in making the kencur potion for this sound. The steps include:

1. Prepare a few grains – try to prepare kencur is kencur that has good quality. Because the better the quality of kencur, the better the results obtained from the kencur

2. Peel the kencur and wash it clean – kencur must be peeled clean and washed thoroughly, it is intended that the kencur used does not cause hoarseness in the throat. Wash kencur using warm water. Because warm water can help kill bacteria or germs that are outside the kencur when the kencur has not been washed.

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3. Choose a way to consume it – In consuming kencur to get high-quality sound, there are two ways to consume this kencur, these methods include

  • In direct consumption, if you are strong with the smell of kencur, then you can consume it directly.
  • Puree and give water, if you can’t stand the smell of kencur directly, then an alternative that can be done is to mix kencur with water with kencur that has been pureed. Thus the taste of kencur will be slightly disguised, but the benefits obtained remain the same

That’s how to make and use kencur for sound properly. Even though you are not a singer, it is not wrong if you use kencur as a voice enhancer. Because a beautiful voice can also be an advantage for yourself besides always being confident and having self-respect. Benefits of having self-esteem and a lot of confidence. However, to appear confident, of course, you have the ability that supports it to be superior

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