4 Benefits of Sambiloto Leaves for Itchy Skin

Bitter leaf is one of the plants that has many benefits. However, we need to know that bitter leaves are used not only for skin health but also for various other health benefits such as increasing body metabolism and immunity in the body, especially when it is used to treat HIV.

The efficacy of this samboto leaf is what causes this leaf to be often used for herbal medicine, especially to treat skin pain. basically this bitter leaf can also be used to treat itching on the skin. Therefore, on this occasion we will discuss the benefits of bitter leaf for itching.

There are so many causes of itching ranging from fungi to bacteria or so on. But there is no need to worry because various types of itching can be overcome by using bitter leaves. Utilizing bitter leaves is not wrong because these leaves have many properties that are often used by someone to maintain their health. The benefits of bitter leaf for itching according to its type can be described as follows:

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Benefits of bitter leaf for itching

1. Lord

This bitter leaf turns out to be very effective to use to treat tinea versicolor. The method used is also very easy, it is enough to provide bitter leaf which is of medium age, not too old or too young. When the bitter leaf has grown until smooth then explain to the part of the skin that suffers from tinea versicolor. Doing it regularly will certainly cause the phlegm to fade so you will be more confident. The benefits of asepso soap also good for overcoming tinea versicolor

2. Itching

To overcome itching on the skin, you can also use bitter leaves like the benefits of bitter leaves for tinea versicolor because with bitter leaves can fade or eliminate bacteria that cause itching on your skin.

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The concoction used to treat itching using bitter leaves is not difficult, you only need to provide 1 gram of bitter leaf, then 1 gram of vetiver and also 1 gram of ginger. After you get everything then grow the bitter leaf and also the vetiver until smooth. Finely ground and become a powder add water and use to drink do 3 times a day. (ginger benefits)

3. Scabies

To overcome scabies is not much different from overcoming itching. The difference is only when to overcome the itching of the bitter leaf, it needs to be soaked. Meanwhile, to treat babies, it is necessary to apply the herb.

4. Scars due to wounds

To treat scabs caused by this wound you only need to please the dried bitter leaves or if you don’t find the dried bitter leaves you can take the green bitter leaves and dry them for a while. If it is dry then mash the leaf after that apply it on the sores due to the wound then the itching of the person will fade and the person will disappear more easily.

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Those are the 4 benefits of bitter leaf for itching according to the type of disease. Although bitter is a type of soil that has many benefits, but in using it without having to be adjusted to the type of disease so that the treatment given can be felt the results are maximized. With the benefits of bitter leaf for itching, it is hoped that it can help prevent itching or can make it easier to choose drugs to treat itching. Other itching medications you can take advantage of herocin powder benefits and bayer zambuk benefits

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