20 Benefits of Belly Dance for Health (Make Geleng Geleng)

Belly dance or better known as Belly dance has unique movements that rely on muscle flexibility throughout the body, especially in the abdomen, hips and waist. Belly dance originally came from the Middle East which used to be only used for entertainment and welcoming royal guests, but as times changed, belly dance gradually expanded to several other countries and was eventually studied by all countries in the world as a dance that is beautiful and healthy for the body.

This is the belly dance that has many benefits of belly dance for the health of the body:

  1. Can calm the nerves around the head and back of the neck so that it can prevent the emergence of migraine pain, dizziness and vertigo.
  2. Can calm the mind and the mind that is frantic.
  3. Build self-confidence and maintain one’s creativity
  4. Can eliminate prolonged stress, reduce anxiety and panic and depression
  5. Can maintain body stamina and eliminate body fatigue due to a day’s work
  6. Can tighten and strengthen body muscles including hip muscles, back muscles, buttocks muscles and back thigh muscles.
  7. Can burn excess fat in the body and accelerate weight loss systematically if you do belly dance techniques regularly or follow belly dance exercises in certain studios.
  8. It can slim a distended and sagging stomach and can protect the health of all abdominal tissues including the intestines and urinary tract to avoid discomfort when urinating and defecating or constipation.
  9. Repairs damage to spinal nerves and some cartilage
  10. Can correct disproportionate body posture due to too much sitting with not upright (bent) or the habit of sitting without any support behind it.
  11. Can make the condition of the body posture more balanced, harmonious, ideal and healthy according to your height. The habit of doing belly dance will get rid of fat in various parts of a woman’s body after giving birth, for example belly fat, thighs and arms.
  12. Can make the quality of sleep better because belly dance can flex the nerves in the head and increase blood flow around the eyes so that it can make you fall asleep without waking up at night.
  13. It can be developed and preserved as a middle eastern cultural art that is concerned with aesthetic values ​​and body health, because the belly dance movement is more about regularity of motion and the use of motion to train the muscles of the body to stay healthy, strong and toned.
  14. Can be used as a natural therapy to tighten the uterine muscles and accelerate the destruction and elimination of toxins in the body through sweat.
  15. Can flex all the nerves of the body so that it avoids tension and is more in a relaxed state without a burden.
  16. Can be combined with aerobic movement so that it can quickly make the body shape always ideal as desired.
  17. It can refresh the appearance of the face because all the nerves and muscles around the face are tight, supple and healthier.
  18. Launching labor for pregnant women in their first pregnancy (first child)
  19. Nourish digestive tissue and protect enzymes to keep them in good condition.
  20. Can improve the flexibility, health and flexibility of the spinal cord, thus avoiding sprains and sprains.
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As good as belly art

The uniqueness of the benefits of belly dance

  • Did you know that if you do belly dancing for just one hour, your body will burn fat at the same speed as if you were running fast for a distance of 100 meters. In one hour the body will be able to destroy fat more than 300 calories. The body will be slim quickly if you do belly dance regularly and balanced with a balanced and consistent nutritional intake to reduce the intake of high-calorie foods.
  • For women who have passed the postpartum period after giving birth (for normal delivery), they can perform belly dance so that the loosened muscles around the abdomen are healthy, slim and toned. The condition of the body will look more fit without having to be afraid of being overweight. We recommend doing belly dance exercises regularly and done one month after you give birth.
  • Belly dance can look more beautiful and full of charm if the dancers use supporting objects while doing the dance moves. The object is a unique stick made of wood. Sword, fan with various beautiful motifs, With a tambourine, using a python or boa that is large but previously domesticated. dancers who use snakes as their dancing companions will make the dancer more confident and accelerate the elimination of stress and depression
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Although belly dance tends to look sensual, feminine and a little vulgar, in fact belly dance is widely used as the easiest and most unique medium in slimming programs and for treatment for someone who is feeling restless or prolonged stress. The movements in belly dance can be varied with aerobic music or gymnastic movements so that they can form a more creative and fun unit of motion, which in the end can eliminate boredom and boredom from doing the same movements every day.

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