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Benefits of Kenikir Leaves to Overcome Gout

Kenikir leaves for gout

Gout is a disease that attacks the joints so that sufferers often feel pain in the joints, redness occurs in the affected joints, until swelling occurs. Gout can occur in all joints but is generally felt in the fingers, ankles, knees, and toes. This disease is identical as a disease of the elderly because it usually affects people who are old. But nowadays this is no longer the case. There have been many people who are still young but have been affected by gout.

The onset of pain in the joints is caused by the puncture of the crystals that form in the joints. These crystals are deposits of uric acid that accumulate and harden. Therefore, gout sufferers are usually recommended to reduce their intake of foods that can cause an increase in uric acid such as offal, red meat, and seafood. Treatment steps that are usually taken are taking drugs that can relieve gout symptoms and prevent the recurrence of these symptoms.

Natural Remedies for Gout

Although medical drugs are available to treat gout, there are many choices of traditional medicinal herbs that you can consume including:

Benefits of Kenikir Leaves for Gout

One more natural ingredient that can be used to treat gout is kenikir leaves. Yes, the leaves, which are often consumed as vegetables in the form of fresh vegetables or salads, have many health benefits, one of which is to treat gout. Kenikir leaves are known to be rich in antioxidant benefits as well as a variety of essential nutrients and compounds such as the benefits of vitamin AE, C, K, D, calcium, copper, phosphorus benefitssaponins, polyphenols, flavonoids, and many others so that they are often used as medicinal plants to maintain health and overcome various diseases.

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The benefits of kenikir leaves for gout can prevent inflammation in the joints so that gout sufferers avoid extreme pain and pain. However, gout sufferers still have to maintain their diet by avoiding foods that are high in purines which can trigger inflammation in the joints. The benefits of kenikir leaves for gout can also help reduce purine levels in the body so that it can improve the health conditions of gout sufferers. Although not quickly, with regular consumption of kenikir leaf ingredients, it can help reduce purine levels gradually.

In addition, the benefits of kenikir leaves for gout can also overcome problems in the joints and strengthen joints. As is known, gout sufferers experience problems with joints which often feel very painful when gout flares up. By consuming kenikir leaves, it can help overcome problems in the joints so that the joints gradually improve and are healthy.

Very useful isn’t it? Consumption of kenikir leaves not only prevents inflammation due to gout attacks but also helps reduce purine levels and strengthens joints so that the condition of gout sufferers gradually improves. In addition to the consumption of concoctions from kenikir leaves, of course, it must be accompanied by the application of a healthy lifestyle such as benefits of exercise every day as well as choosing the type of food to be consumed so as not to cause an increase in purine levels that can trigger a recurrence of uric acid.

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