7 Benefits of Binahong Leaves for Diabetes

Binahong is an herbal plant that has many properties to cure diseases. One of the people who use binahong for generations is Indonesia and it is also famous in several other Asian countries such as Taiwan, China, Korea and so on. Some of the content in binahong leaves include alkaloids, essential oils, terpenoids, saponins, oleanotic acid, ascorbic acid and antioxidants. All of these compounds each have different benefits for the body, such as the benefits of binahong leaves for diabetes. From several kinds of research, it has been proven that binahong leaves do have many benefits for health diabetes as we will specifically describe in the following.

  1. Contains Flavonoids

In a study, it was proven that binahong leaves for diabetes were obtained by consuming boiled water from these leaves on a regular basis. Consuming binahong leaf water can lower blood sugar levels, which has a similar effect when patients take special drugs to lower blood sugar levels. The content of binahong leaves that play an important role in lowering blood sugar levels is flavonoids which have reactive properties against free radicals that cause diabetes.

  1. Contains Saponins
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Binahong leaves also contain saponins which are useful for preventing the formation of high cholesterol in blood. Saponins will work as an inhibitor of cholesterol-forming enzymes, namely hydroxy methylglutaryl coacetate reductase. The decrease in cholesterol levels is also very influential on the healing of diabetes so that daily activities can run well.

  1. Increases Insulin Production

The hormone insulin is useful for regulating blood sugar levels produced by the pancreas gland. This insulin hormone can also be increased by consuming boiled water binahong. Benefits of binahong leaves for the heart This apparently can also be used to prevent infection in the body and improve the performance of the pancreas in producing the hormone insulin so that signs of diabetes do not occur.

  1. Lose weight
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The problem of being overweight or obese not only worsens appearance but also increases a person’s risk of developing diabetes. To prevent excess weight can also be done by drinking this boiled water regularly so that the risk of diabetes can be lowered.

  1. Prevent Pancreatic Gland Infection

As mentioned above, the pancreas gland is responsible for the production of the hormone insulin. The health of the pancreas gland must always be maintained properly so that infection can be prevented and does not cause inflammation so that insulin production can be increased and gestational diabetes can be prevented by using the benefits of binahong leaves.

  1. Increases Resistance to Glucose

The content of saponins, alkaloids, essential oils and several other sources of antioxidants in binahong leaves is useful for increasing the immune system as well as resistance to glucose so that various symptoms of diabetes in sufferers can be reduced naturally and effectively.

  1. Preventing Hormonal Changes
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Besides guava benefits for diabetesbinahong leaves also have other properties for diabetics. For women during pregnancy, of course, will experience many hormonal changes in the body so that diabetes can increase the risk. Some of the common hormone increases during pregnancy include the Human Placental Lactogen hormone [HPL], the hormone estrogen and several other types of hormones that affect insulin and cause diabetes. The function of this binahong leaf is to maintain hormone stability so that it remains stable so that spikes occur which can cause diabetes.

The benefits of binahong leaves for diabetes can be used as herbal solutions that are safe for consumption. Boil about 20 pieces of binahong leaves, not too young and old, then squeeze and mix with water and boil until the remaining half is left and then drink the boiled water regularly so that diabetes can be prevented.

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