Benefits of Apples to Prevent and Overcome Diabetes

One of the things that is quite inconvenient or excruciating for diabetics is limiting the type and amount of food. Can’t eat this, don’t eat too much of that, and so on. Can not be free to eat anything like other people in general. This is related to blood sugar levels that must be maintained so that they are always stable and do not experience high spikes. Because as is known, diabetics have problems with the hormone insulin where this hormone is not produced in sufficient quantities or even if it is produced resistance occurs so that it cannot carry out its function to control blood sugar levels.

Whereas controlling blood sugar levels is important so that the glucose absorbed by the body does not accumulate in the blood, causing various complications. Yes, the dangers of diabetes are the complications that accompany it, such as heart disease, atherosclerosis, kidney damage, eye damage, nerve damage, sexual dysfunction, and miscarriage or stillbirth in pregnant women, which if not handled properly can lead to death.

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Diabetes is usually treated by living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy diet, insulin therapy, and taking certain medications to maintain blood sugar levels. But many also prefer the natural way by eating food, fruit, or vegetables that are believed to be very good for maintaining blood sugar levels. Among the foods that are recommended for people with diabetes or to prevent diabetes are:

Another fruit that is quite popular around us which is also good for maintaining blood sugar levels is apples. The fruit, which is known for its sweet taste with a slightly sour taste, is generally known to have red skin when it is ripe and white flesh. This fruit is highly recommended because there are many apple benefits for health. It is supported by antioxidant benefits and fiber benefits which is quite high in apples. Besides that, there are also contents the benefits of carbohydrates and the benefits of vitamin C on apples. Eating this fruit is a delicious and easy way to be healthy.

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The benefits of apples for diabetes are very good because this fruit is rich in fiber content so that it facilitates digestion and makes the stomach feel full longer. This is very beneficial for diabetics because it can prevent them from overeating. Apples can be used as a nutritious and healthy snack for diabetics. However, of course, apple consumption should not be excessive because anything in excess is not good for health.

The benefits of apples for diabetes are also supported by their fairly low glycemic index, which is around 30-50, so it is very helpful for controlling blood sugar levels. As is known, the glycemic index shows how quickly the food has an impact on increasing blood sugar levels. The lower the glycemic index, the slower the increase in blood sugar levels. With its low glycemic index, apple consumption is safe for increasing blood sugar levels.

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However, the benefits of apples for diabetes must also be regulated so that they are not excessive because excessive consumption of apples can also have an impact on increasing blood sugar levels. In addition, of course, diabetics or people at risk of diabetes must also adopt a healthy lifestyle such as diligently exercising and doing physical activity, not smoking, limiting or avoiding alcoholic beverages, getting enough and quality sleep, and avoiding stress. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you will avoid diabetes or can have a better quality of life for those who already have diabetes.

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