8 Benefits of Avocado Mango for Eyes, Body and Skin

Avocado mango which is one of the superior products from farmers in Pasuruan Regency has many advantages, such as how to consume it, which is only enough to be rotated and does not need to be peeled like eating an avocado, the flesh is much thicker than other types of mango and is legit and soft. has a better flesh density, contains less crude fiber so it is not easily tucked in between the teeth, has a higher starch content than other types of mango, energy sources and has a very short tree only as high as an adult’s shoulder. In addition to having many advantages from the texture of the fruit flesh, how to eat it and also the tree, the benefits of this avocado mango also turn out to be very diverse, such as some of the benefits that we will provide this time.

  1. Overcoming Anemia

In this avocado mango contains enough iron which is needed by anemia sufferers. Consuming this fruit regularly will prevent anemia symptoms such as: overcoming tired while increasing the number of red blood cells in the body.

  1. Improve Brain Health
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In the avocado mango contains a lot of vitamin B6 and is needed to maintain and improve the function of the brain. This vitamin will increase the combination of the main neurotransmitters that are useful for determining mood and also modifying a person’s sleep patterns. Naturally, mangoes will improve brain function and nerve function effectively so that it can prevent excessive consumption of medicinal supplements because consuming avocado mangoes can also improve concentration as well as memory.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Levels

High cholesterol in the body can be lowered by consuming mango avocado because it contains pectin. In addition, mangiferin which is also one of the compounds in this type of mango is very good in increasing HDL or good cholesterol in the body so it is also good for consumption by sufferers. diabetes.

  1. Prevent Asthma

Acid, although it is a common disease, can also have a harmful impact on the body. Consuming mango avocado which is high in vitamin C content is very good for reducing asthma attacks so that it can be consumed every day.

  1. Maintain Eye Health
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Eyes are an important organ for humans and must always be kept healthy. Vitamin A and also beta carotene present in avocado mango is very good for improving eye health and is especially needed to support the function of the retina as well as nourish muscles and nerves eye. In addition, this fruit also contains 2 types of carotenoids, namely lutein and zeaxanthin which are very good for improving eye health. Avocado mango also contains a carotenoid called cryptoxanthin which is effective in reducing the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

  1. Regulate Blood Pressure

Mango avocado contains potassium which is the main mineral which is very effective for lowering high blood pressure so consuming fruit that contains enough potassium is very good for preventing hypertension and good for health. heart.

  1. Maintain Skin Health

The skin, which is the largest organ in humans, often makes some people ignore the health of the skin. Consuming mango avocado which contains benefits of vitamin A for skin This regularly has been proven to be able to fight various signs of skin aging due to UVB. Mangoes contain carotene and vitamin A, all of which are needed to support overall skin health. Beta carotene itself is also a photoprotective agent and can reduce photochemical reactions in the epidermis so that the skin will be protected from harmful ultraviolet rays.

  1. Boost Immunity
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The combination of vitamin A, vitamin C and 25 types of carotenoids in avocado mango is also needed by the body to increase body health immune system so they are not susceptible to disease.

Like other types, the benefits of avocado mango are also very abundant not only in overcoming various internal diseases but also for maintaining healthy skin and eyes. This mango fruit is the best choice to meet the needs of minerals and vitamins in the body in a unique and very practical way.

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