10 Benefits of Lumai Leaves for Body Health

The name lumai leaf may still be foreign to many people, but this is not the case with the name leunca. Leunca or lumai is a vegetable that is very well known as a salad ingredient, especially in the type of Sundanese cuisine. The Latin name of this vegetable is Solanum Nigrum L. It belongs to the Solanaceae or pumpkin family. Originally from Europe and West Asia and then spread widely through Malaysia. Since more than 2000 years ago, lumai has been used as herbal medicines. In Mexico, the fruit and leaves are used to treat headaches. In China, both are used for the treatment of inflammation of the kidneys and bladder, as well as anti-diarrhoeal drugs. In several studies it is known that lumai or leunca has anti-ulcerogenic benefits related to the stomach, central nervous system, anti-neoplastic agent and cytoprotective function to fight cell damage in the kidneys. You can see the benefits of lumai leaves or leunca leaves for health in the following discussion.

1. As an anti-cancer

Lumai contains anti-cancer derived from amygladin or vitamin B17 which is indeed efficacious as a cancer drug. Apricots have the highest vitamin B17 content. Benefits of lumai leaves or slip benefits which contain these vitamins are also not inferior to apricots as an anti-cancer food. Know the benefits of ranti fruit, the benefits of fresh vegetables , heel benefits and the benefits of balanced fruit which is kind of a slip.

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2. Reduce fever

Anyone can have a fever, be it children or adults. Sometimes fever can be cured without chemical drugs, and can be overcome by consuming natural ingredients such as the benefits of lumai leaves. Antipyretic substances in it are believed to reduce body heat naturally, so there is no need to take chemical drugs, especially for cases of mild fever.

3. Treating urinary tract infections

Most people with urinary tract infections are women, although it is possible that men can also experience it. Lumai leaves will act as a diuretic, namely shedding or launching the sufferer’s urinary tract. Also know cherry leaf benefits, Gerseng leaf benefits and benefits of balakacida leaves.

4. As an anti-inflammatory

An inflamed body will be at risk of experiencing various dangerous diseases. Consumption of the benefits of lumai leaves which are usually cooked as a complementary vegetable to your daily meal will help reduce or reduce inflammation in the body so that it can prevent you from experiencing various diseases that are difficult to cure. Among them are inflammatory kidney disease, sore throat and others.

5. Lowers cholesterol

The high level of cholesterol in the body for those of you who like fatty foods can cause various problems. Starting from blockage of blood vessels, stroke and heart disease are risks that can be experienced. The benefits of lumai leaves will help keep cholesterol levels in the blood from increasing, but must also be balanced with changes in diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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6. Improve liver performance

The liver is an organ that functions to remove toxins from the body. The benefits of lumai leaves cooked as fresh vegetables or stir-fried vegetables can also improve liver performance so that the body can carry out its detoxification function smoothly. Removing toxins from the body is also useful for minimizing the risk of dangerous diseases in your body.

7. Relieves cough

A persistent cough will definitely torture and make it difficult for you to move. Maybe many people don’t know the benefits of this lumai leaf. Lumai leaves can be a natural antitussive and expectorant for the body, especially when you have a cough that makes your throat itchy and phlegm. Leunca is a more natural substitute for cough drops, to help thin phlegm to make it easier to expel.

8. Overcoming vaginal discharge

Women often experience this vaginal discharge problem, even causing an unpleasant odor and itching around the female organs. The benefits of lumai leaves can be a powerful way to get rid of the whiteness. How to deal with vaginal discharge with lumai leaves, namely:

  • Prepare 30 grams of white jengger flowers and 30 grams of lumai leaves or leunca leaves.
  • Boil all the ingredients that have been washed clean with 3 cups of water.
  • Wait until it boils and the remaining one cup of water.
  • Drink regularly until the discharge is resolved.
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9. Overcoming dysentery

Dysentery is a disease that causes sufferers to experience acute diarrhea to experience bleeding when defecating. The reason is inflammation of the intestines. The traditional way to treat dysentery is to use leunca. However, if your dysentery is too severe, you should still seek treatment from a doctor.

10. Overcoming skin diseases

The benefits of lumai leaves can also be used to treat various skin problems such as itching or warts. The content of antipuritus substances in it is useful for expelling the problem of itching on the skin which is very annoying, and also removes warts obtained from the sap of leunca leaves.

The benefits of lumai or leunca leaves for health are indeed very many and powerful, but be aware of the side effects that can occur. This plant also contains toxins, whether it comes from the fruit or leaves and can cause poisoning. Old lumai leaves contain glikoalkaloid solanin, and unripe fruit contains high amounts of alkaloids. Therefore, consuming it in large quantities can cause vomiting, stomach irritation, stomach pain, drooling, drowsiness, diarrhea, weakness, shaking and breathing problems.