Benefits of Herbal Medicine Basket Fragrance For Female Organs

Sepet Wangi herbal medicine is a herb that is widely produced by several herbal medicine manufacturers, such as PJ. Sido Appears. This herbal medicine has long been consumed which is specifically for women. There are many benefits of Jamu Sepet Wangi for women from preventing vaginal discharge to maintaining household harmony. Sepet Wangi herbal medicine is made from various natural ingredients such as elaeocarpi fructus or anyang anyang plant, ficus deltoidea or selayar, guazumae folium or Dutch teak leaves, piperis folium or betel leaf and also herbal phyllanthi or meniran. Various natural ingredients are very well consumed for women, especially for the female organs. To be clear, here we will provide an explanation of the benefits of Jamu Sepet Wangi for daily consumption.

  1. Eliminates Unpleasant Odors

Sources of antioxidants such as chavicol, eugenol, betiephenol and also essential oils contained in Jamu Sepet Wangi are very important to kill germs while preventing inflammation. This herb is very well consumed to overcome bad odor in the mouth area, body including female organs.

  1. Overcoming Leucorrhoea
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If the vaginal discharge experienced by women is not accompanied by an unpleasant odor and itching, then this will not interfere with women’s activities. However, if these two things happen, it must be addressed immediately, such as one of them by consuming Jamu Sepet Wangi. All the ingredients in this herbal medicine are very good for killing bacteria that cause odor and itching from vaginal discharge naturally and of course it’s safe Yakult benefits for whiteness.

  1. Reducing Pain During Menstruation

The large amount of blood that comes out during menstruation can cause pain and also pain. This Sepet Wangi herbal medicine can be consumed for: reduce pain during menstruation as well as launch the menstrual cycle so that it is more regular.

  1. Overcoming Itchy Itching

To relieve itching in the area of ​​​​the intimate organs, this Sepet Wangi Jamu can also be consumed regularly. By drinking this herbal medicine regularly, the problem of itching itching in the vaginal area can be overcome by balancing the pH in the body while killing bacteria and fungi that cause itching in the female area as well as hundred benefits.

  1. Close up the female organs
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As you get older or after giving birth, it makes the skin including the vaginal area loosen which of course also has an impact on household harmony. To overcome this problem, Jamu Sepet Wangi can be consumed which is not only useful as a skin beauty solution but also effective for tightening the female organs.

  1. Reduce Excess Mucus

as with vaginal discharge, mucus that comes out too much can reduce comfort and hinder women’s activities in their activities. To reduce mucus in the female area, the Jamu Sepet Wangi can be consumed regularly because: antioxidant benefitsanti-herbal and anti-bacterial high in this herb in addition to maintaining the cleanliness of the female organs.

  1. Increase Body Stamina

When the body is experiencing a decrease in stamina due to overcrowded activities, lack of sleep or just recovering from an illness, it is certainly very disturbing daily activities. This Sepet Wangi herbal medicine can be consumed to increase immune system as a disease barrier as well as important to increase stamina in the body so that it is not easy to get tired even though the activities that are carried out daily are quite dense.

  1. Refreshing Body
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Sepet Wangi herbal medicine is not only good for the female organs but is also very important for the skin. Drinking this herbal medicine regularly can help to remove toxins in the body so that the skin and body will be fresher and the skin color will not be pale at the same time it will look cleaner because of the various natural ingredients contained in this herbal medicine.

To get the benefits of this fragrant herbal medicine, you only need to brew one pack of herbal medicine with 1/2 cup of hot water which is drunk 1 time a day for 3 consecutive days when your period comes and then you can continue to consume it every 2 to 3 days.

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