Benefits of Healthy Snacks –

healthy snacksThe need for food is one of the basic needs that must be met because food is a source of energy to carry out activities. But sometimes food becomes scary, one of which is a snack or what is often called a snack. Some people really avoid this snack, because it is considered not good for health. But is this assumption completely correct? see more in this article.

Benefits of Snacks for a Healthy Body

  • Healthy snacks for weight control

Avoiding extreme hunger can increase a person’s chances of eating healthy snacks but, it’s better than eating a box of donuts while working or overeating during the day. Megan Mullin, a nutritionist at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub in Las Vegas, recommends that eating small meals every three to five hours will make a person resist the urge to overeat. Another key is to keep the types of healthy snacks as in benefits of apples.

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After eating food, blood sugar levels will increase and then decrease, then you start to feel tired if blood sugar levels are too low. Snacks can prevent blood sugar levels preventing too much of a drop in blood sugar between meals. While sugary snacks can lead to sugar highs, the benefits of healthy snacks promote more sustainable blood sugar levels. Healthy snacks that are high in fiber, high in protein such as carrots with peanut sauce, will be digested slowly so that blood sugar levels do not fluctuate high.

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Benefits of Healthy Snacks for Children

A study, shows that snacks are beneficial for children to provide nutritional improvements, encourage lifelong healthy habits and prevent debilitating or deadly diseases. Snacks are especially important for children because they are still in their infancy. Healthy snacks at school can provide better nutrition during elementary school and increase energy and focus abilities.

Snacks are important for children because they have smaller stomachs than adults and cannot always, eat enough at every meal. Children should have a healthy snack every three to four hours each day. Healthy snacks throughout the day, not only ensure your child is not hungry but also help them learn healthy eating habits, such as eating the right amount and only when they are hungry. Healthy snacks throughout the day will prevent boredom eating patterns or eating based on emotional factors.

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