Benefits of Genjer for Diet, Make Slimming Singset

Vegetables Genjer or known in other languages ​​as ferns are a type of swamp plant that is often found in shallow waters and rice fields. Genjer usually grows together with water hyacinth which is easy to grow so it is called a weed that can damage the aquatic environment.

Even though it is known as “the vegetables of the poor”, you don’t need to take it lightly because genjer is able to compete with the “vegetables of the rich” because of the content it contains and even has many health benefits.

Nutrients in genjer vegetables consist of calcium, high fiber, phosphorus, high iron, energy, protein, and carbohydrates. Consuming genjer can reduce heart disease and cancer because there are polyphenols that can ward off free radicals and can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Genjer leaves are green with a waxy coating that makes this plant look shiny. The healthy content in genjer include:

  • phosphorus as much as 33 mg
  • protein as much as 1.7 g
  • calcium of 62 mg
  • iron as much as 2.1 mg
  • carbohydrates as much as 77 g
  • energy as much as 39 kcal
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The high fiber content is very supportive for those of you who are on a diet program. Having a slim body is the dream of all women so they are willing to spend a lot of money to get the ideal body. But not a few women who prefer a natural diet program without having surgery or liposuction.

The natural diet program is indeed safer and more economical, the important thing is that you are consistent and if necessary, consult a doctor first on how to go on a natural and safe diet. But if not, you just need to set the benefits of a healthy lifestyle especially when it comes to eating. If you already have a schedule of eating meals every day, we recommend including genjer vegetables in your diet. Why? because the content in it is very supportive.

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A number of genjer benefits for diet and for health when viewed from the fiber content, namely:

  • Genjer Promotes digestion
  • Binds fat in the body
  • Increase metabolism in the body
  • Good for the formation of red blood cells and able to heal wounds
  • Genjer can prevent constipation
  • Supports the process of digestion of food

What if pregnant women consume genjer? is it safe? as long as the consumption is still in a reasonable stage, there is no problem it will help some problems that often occur during pregnancy such as constipation or difficult bowel movements.

By consuming it while pregnant, your bowel movements will be smoother. However, there are things to note. Genjer has side effects if consumed in excess, especially for gout sufferers. Genjer contains purines which cause your uric acid levels to be high.

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Second, pay attention to whether the parasitic egg is still attached or has it come off? Because genjer grows in a humid and wet place, it is possible that the parasite is still attached to the vegetables. For those who consume genjer for a diet, you also need to be careful with your uric acid levels.

For other body health, you need to know the benefits of genjer vegetables together, namely:

  1. Maintain bone health
  2. Maintain healthy cells in the body
  3. Save energy
  4. As an anti -germ
  5. Prevent anemia
  6. Helping the growth of bones and teeth
  7. Gives health to the stomach
  8. Not fast hungry
  9. Good for pregnant women and fetus
  10. Overcoming headaches
  11. Increases stamina
  12. As a source of carbohydrates

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