13 Benefits of Zumba Dance For Health – Easy Guide 2022

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13 benefits of zumba dance for health easy guide 2022 1

Benefits of Zumba Dance – Do you like to exercise? You must be familiar with Zumba dance! One of the most popular physical fitness exercises today. The dance, which is a collaboration between hip hop, soca, samba, salsa, merengue, mambo, and martial arts, is considered unique. The movements are very rhythmic without plyometrics. So it is enough to be considered not to force personal abilities, especially for adults.

The creator of this dance is Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez in the 1990s. One of the dancers and choreographers in Columbia. More than 14 million people in the world have taken Zumba dance classes. Because this is one option that is quite calculated, even though it is considered heavier than gymnastics class, I don’t know where the energy comes from. People in the world still like this fitness exercise.

Don’t blame them if they have been exposed to Zumba dance magic. You will indeed feel exhausted. But the moves and choreography that are shown invite people to do it. So that everyone feels interested, expect more dance that can provoke their adrenaline.

Benefits of Zumba Dance
Benefits of Zumba Dance

Benefits of Zumba Dance – For Health

It is highly recommended to follow those of you who claim to have a strong physique or are overweight. Why? See a list of the benefits of Zumba dance for our bodies:

1. Diet plan

Those of you who are overweight are advised to join this training session because one of the goals of the Zumba dance is to burn calories and fat. When you do Zumba dance, the intensity of fat decreases. Then the position is replaced by body calories. Because the location of fat is in the body’s burning, then calories are also burned. The result is that you lose weight.

Good for diet program

2. Make the whole bodywork

Zumba dance has a unique dance and choreographer. The combination of movements can make your body muscles work perfectly. Even though you feel tired later, you feel satisfied because this exercise satisfies your whole body to move according to the rhythm.

good for the body to move

3. You’re Happy!

What is a school without friends? Boring! Far from fun. That’s the essence of convenience. Zumba dance makes you happy. The practice requires you always to smile. Hormones in the body when you smile will rush from the pituitary gland. This hormone is also able to ward off depression and stress. Highly recommended for those of you who have pressure in the body.

4. Muscles are more toned

Feel your body so lazy? You need Zumba! Humans, in general, have muscles that are rarely made for exercise so that the muscles are loose and make you look fat. Your body looks ugly because the muscles are sticking out like fat. One solution is to use exercises that can tighten the muscles. The movement that is played involves working the muscles. So that it can strengthen the arms, waist, and legs and tighten the stomach, it can look slim and sexy, isn’t it beautiful?

good for toning muscles

5. For All Age!

Gymnastics are suitable for all ages! You don’t need to be afraid when you go to the gym to leave your child because Zumba dance is flexible. Suitable for all ages. When practicing, you will be divided into several groups. For example, groups of children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. This is tailored to the abilities and needs of your body.

6. Appear more confident (PD)

Zumba dance can make you PD. Because with a routine that is timed to continue, you can make yourself and your body good. As a result, body confidence will emerge. You are no longer your fat self. You are no longer yourself who has fat deposits in the stomach. But nowhere is your beautiful self. This is who you are with all your strengths and weaknesses!

To appear confident

7. Increase social activities

Do you want to be famous? But not enough money to get on TV? Don’t be confused. Just by following the Zumba dance, you can become a famous person! Your friends will be many. Your contacts are growing. Automatically you are more famous than before. Isn’t it necessary not to be on TV to be famous? If everyone knew you without being on television, you would be called a famous person.

8. Improve breathing

Those who work as artists in the entertainment world whose peripherals are more like singing need strong breathing exercises. One of the driving factors for having a strong breath is to train your muscles. If your muscles can tighten, then the results are also good. One of the body exercises with a lot of muscle training is Zumba dance!

Good for improving breathing

9. All variants!

Who would have thought that you get a Zumba dance in front of a mirror and on a spacious floor? Not! You can take an Aqua Zumba class. The location used this time is in the water. Heavy? Correct! Because it’s not just oxygen that’s keeping you from moving. But also the burden of yourself and the obstacles of the water around you. The challenge is bigger and tougher. If you have enough guts, give it a try!

10. Keeping your age to ‘STAY YOUNG.’

All your muscles will move when doing Zumba dance. Not only the muscles in your body but also your face. When you smile and laugh, your facial muscles move more. This will make you always look young.

Good for youth

11. Refreshing the mind

Zumba makes you healthier. Because when doing this activity, the heart muscle pumps blood throughout the body and exchanges blood from all over the body back to the heart again more quickly. As a result, blood circulation in the brain is also faster. The brain immediately gets more oxygen intake because clean blood from the heart carries oxygen. So your mind will be fresher than before.

12. Healthier

By doing a good routine for the body, you will feel healthier because the exchange of dirty blood in the body is quickly replaced with clean blood. So the cells are also healthier.

13. Get more enthusiastic

Doing Zumba can increase your spirit in you. The choreographer who pushes you to move puts more pressure on you to keep up. Moreover, the movement modes displayed are hip hop, dance, and salsa. Sometimes you will think that what is done is similar to gymnastics and dancing. The accompanying music hits the body, giving the right rhythm for your body to sway. I’m sure you will be addicted to doing Zumba dance repeatedly.

The article above is about the benefits of Zumba dance, then what about the concept of Zumba dance gymnastics? Here’s the video.

Video Zumba Dance

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