15 Benefits of Pickled Cucumber and Carrots for Health

Pickles are one of the mandatory types of processed foods that we often encounter in homes or restaurants, especially those that serve fried food and also smell like heavy meat, such as mutton. Usually the form of pickles that are often processed is the type of pickled cucumber and carrot. This type of pickle is most often found in sellers of satay, soup and fried rice, both those who sell around and sell in restaurants.

What are the benefits of pickled cucumber and carrots?

Of course, pickled cucumber and pickled carrots have a lot of benefits that are very good for our bodies. This benefit can be obtained by consuming pickles as a side menu, or you can just eat it as a snack, but not too much. What are the benefits of pickled cucumber and carrots? The following are some of the benefits of pickled cucumbers and carrots:

  1. As a food companion

The first benefit of pickled cucumber and carrot is as a companion to certain types of food. this must be familiar to you, because pickled cucumbers and carrots are often used as a food companion:

  • Chicken satay and goat satay
  • Fried rice
  • Soto santan
  • And a companion of various other types of food.
  1. As a snack

For those of you who often eat snacks, usually these pickled cucumbers and carrots can also be consumed as a snack. Although it sounds unusual, it is also a warning for people who like to consume pickled cucumbers and carrots as a daily snack while waiting for the time to eat.

  1. As a refresher

The water and vinegar content in the pickled cucumber and carrot makes the pickled cucumber and carrot can be used as a body freshener, especially when the body is feeling weak and sleepy. The sour and fresh taste produced by pickled cucumbers and carrots can make your body feel fresher, and as a result, you can be more enthusiastic about activities.

  1. Treating diabetes

Cucumbers and carrots in pickled cucumbers and carrots are very good for preventing diabetes. For those of you who have symptoms of diabetes, then you can try consuming pickled cucumbers and carrots to reduce the symptoms of diabetes that you are experiencing.

  1. Maintain cholesterol levels in the body

For those of you who are afraid of rising cholesterol after eating heavy meals, such as goat satay and fried rice, then you can consume pickled cucumber and carrots. The natural content of pickled cucumber and carrot is able to maintain and reduce excessive cholesterol levels in your body.

  1. Able to control blood pressure

Just like cholesterol, usually after consuming high-calorie and high-fat foods, such as fried rice, chicken satay, and coconut milk soup, your blood pressure will rise. To neutralize the rise in blood pressure, you can add pickled cucumber and carrots to control the rise in your blood pressure.

  1. Prevent constipation

Cucumbers and carrots contained in pickled cucumbers and carrots have a fairly high fiber content. This has very important benefits for you to maintain your digestive health, especially those of you who are constipated or have difficulty defecating.

  1. Anti cancer

Pickled cucumbers and carrots also have high antioxidant content, so they are able to ward off free radicals. One of the important effects of this is the prevention of the appearance of cancer cells in your body. By consuming pickled cucumbers and carrots, you can avoid the dangers of cancer.

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  1. Good for digestive health

As previously mentioned, pickled cucumbers and carrots are high in fiber. This is very good for maintaining your body’s digestive health for the better, and avoiding various kinds of digestive disorders.

  1. Eliminate toxins in the body

Cucumbers and carrots, which are the basic ingredients for making pickled cucumbers and carrots, have excellent anti-bacterial and anti-toxic properties. This can make the liver work lighter, and the detoxification process or the removal of toxins from the body becomes smoother and better.

  1. Maintain endurance

The vitamin content in cucumber and carrots has excellent benefits for maintaining endurance and also the body’s immunity. This is very good for preventing the emergence of various diseases that may attack the body due to lack of immunity, such as:

  • Influenza
  • Cough
  • Fever
  • happy

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  1. Anti-bacteria

Cucumber and carrots which are the main ingredients for making pickles also have excellent benefits for preventing the entry of bacteria into the body, and are also able to kill bacteria that have already entered the body.

  1. Prevent dehydration

The water content in pickled cucumbers and carrots is good for replacing water and body ions that are lost. However, this process is only temporary, and you should still consume water to prevent dehydration from coming back.

  1. Good for eye health

It’s no secret, carrots have good benefits for your eye health. Even though the carrots contain little, at least pickled cucumber and carrots are able to maintain the health of your eyes, because of the vitamin A content in the carrots.

  1. Can ward off free radicals

Pickled cucumbers and carrots are also high in antioxidants. This is very important to protect the body from free radical attacks that can be bad for the body. In addition to cancer, free radicals can also cause other diseases, and can also be one of the causes of the premature aging process.

How to make pickled cucumber and carrots

To process cucumbers and carrots into pickles, the method is very easy. You only need to prepare a few ingredients. What are the ingredients? The following are the ingredients you must prepare to make pickled cucumbers and carrots:

  1. Fresh carrots
  2. Fresh Cucumber
  3. Kitchen vinegar
  4. Boiled water
  5. Sugar and salt
  6. Jar

Those are some of the ingredients you need to prepare to process pickled cucumbers and carrots. To make it, here are the steps for making pickled cucumbers and carrots:

  1. Cut the cucumber and carrots into small cubes
  2. Put the cucumber and carrot in a jar
  3. Add the juice, vinegar, sugar, and salt to the jar containing cucumber and carrots
  4. The dosage of these ingredients is adjusted to your taste, you want it to be saltier, or more sour
  5. Close the jar tightly, store for 1-2 days before consumption.

Those are the easy steps in making pickled cucumber and carrots

Those are some important benefits of pickled cucumber and carrots that you may not know. Hopefully this article about the benefits of pickled cucumbers and carrots is useful for all of you.

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