21 Benefits of Hula Hoops for Women – Diet and Body Health

The benefits of hula hoops for dieting have been used as a super powerful sport and game. But the effect turned out to be much more. In this increasingly modern era with various kinds of technological developments that are also increasingly advanced and sophisticated, in fact there are still many traditional sports that some people still like to do as their routine. One of these sports is a sport using a hula hoop. Although sometimes only considered as a toy, but this one object will become a serious sports device for people who know about its additional functions.

About Hula Hoop

In general, the hula hoop is considered a children’s play tool, but this object is actually a sports device that uses the user’s hip sway. But doing hula hoops isn’t just about wiggling your hips with a circle wrapped around your hips. Doing a serious hula hoop also requires concentration on how to keep the loop going and continuing to spin at the hips for a period of time. Therefore, the diameter factor and the type of material to make a hula hoop are also things that must be taken into account by its users. The larger the diameter, the easier it will usually be to play (turn on the hips) although sometimes the weight will be heavier.

On a more serious level, hula hoops are usually included in a series of exercises or aerobic classes at various gyms. This is because the constant movement of the hips when turning the hula hoop is very good for maintaining body fitness as well as a calorie burner, which is the main goal of most people who take training or aerobics classes so that their bodies look more ideal and slimmer when among athletes. woman.

As for some of the benefits that can actually be obtained from someone who regularly, regularly, and seriously does hula hoop sports, especially for women, including:

1. Reduce Belly Fat

The benefits of hula hoops for the body that are most quickly felt are that they can reduce belly fat. For those of you who want to reduce belly fat, one of the exercises you can do is to use a hula hoop. This is because when you move your stomach in a circular motion using a hula hoop, the belly fat will burn and disappear. Between the recommended times to get maximum results, you should use the hula hoop for at least 30 minutes every day.

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Good for reducing other belly fat

2. Lose Waist Fat

In addition to reducing fat in the abdomen, doing sports using a hula hoop is also able to reduce fat at the waist. This is because the swaying of the hips while rotating the hula hoop consistently can shed fat at the waist. Even though it’s actually hard to get rid of fat around the waist, doing sports using hula hoops regularly, regularly, and seriously has proven to be effective. Therefore, the sport of hula hoops is also used as part of various fitness centers in aerobics classes in addition to doing gymnastics.

3. Tighten the Hips

For those of you, especially women who are less confident with their big hips, especially after giving birth, you can use the hula hoop as a sports tool that can also provide benefits for tightening the hips. This is because exercising using a hula hoop can burn body fat and calories, including those in the hips to look tight, in addition to the muscles in the hips which are also affected when rotating the hula hoop. Of the many people who have tried it, exercise using a hula hoop within a month on a regular, regular, and serious basis has proven to be effective for tightening the hips.

4. Flex the Body

This is due to the habit of swaying when doing hula hoops. In such a way that it will make the body more flexible, especially in terms of moving in the abdomen, hips, and thighs. Of course, this exercise using a hula hoop must be done regularly, routinely, and seriously if you want to get maximum results, including in terms of body flexibility.

Good for Flexing the Body

5. Tighten Breasts

One of the other benefits of exercising using a hula hoop is being able to tighten the breasts. This is because when doing sports using a hula hoop it will be more comfortable with the condition of the arm being raised when doing a circular motion to rotate the hula hoop on the hip. This circular motion accompanied by raised arms will be able to provide benefits for you in reducing fat in the breast so that the breasts will look firmer.

6. Slimming Thighs

Every woman especially, having slim and toned thighs is a dream that is very desirable. In addition to supporting his appearance to make it look more sexy, of course he also wants to pamper his partner for women who have been in pairs. Therefore, doing sports using a hula hoop regularly, regularly, and seriously is believed to be able to tighten and slim the thighs. This is because when you swing your hips during exercise using a hula hoop, indirectly the thighs (muscles) also sway to maintain balance on the rotating hula hoop.

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7. Improves Focus and Concentration

The sway or twisting motion when turning the hula hoop on the hips is not just an ordinary sway or movement that can be done just like that. However, it also requires high focus and concentration from the user in order to keep the hula hoop in a rotating state at the hip and not falling down. Therefore, exercising using a hula hoop can also improve focus and concentration. So, for those of you who may experience difficulty focusing and concentrating, try to do sports using a hula hoop.

Good for concentration

8. Increase Endorphin Hormones in the Brain

Endorphins are a kind of chemical compound produced by the lower brain glands. Which, this hormone is able to give a happy and comfortable impact on a person. This is because people who are doing sports using hula hoops look happy and happy, even accompanied by laughing jokes when done together. This means that the production of endorphins in the brain is increasing, so that indirectly exercising using a hula hoop can also relieve stress and depression.

9. Get an Ideal and Sexy Body

Of the many benefits that have been mentioned and explained above, it can be clearly concluded that using a hula hoop exercise that can reduce fat in the abdomen and waist, tightens the hips and breasts, and slims the thighs, will help you to get an ideal and sexy body. Which, it is something coveted by women.

10. Maintain Back Health

The benefit of playing hula hoop is no less important is that it can maintain a healthy back. Exercising using a hula hoop will also keep your back healthy. This is because when swaying the hula hoop, you will be forced to straighten your back so that the rotation of the hula hoop is maintained and does not fall. In such a way that it will indirectly nourish the back and avoid osteoporosis or other back problems due to bad habits or back position, such as frequent bending of the back.

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Thus, from the various benefits that have been mentioned and explained above, exercising using a hula hoop is an effective way to lose weight. When viewed from the number of calories that can be burned, exercise using a hula hoop is equivalent to walking 7 km / hour, which is seen in people who are in a hurry. At this speed, pedestrians are able to burn as much as 210 calories of energy in a period of 30 minutes. In such a way that if exercise using a hula hoop has been able to provide equal benefits, it can be said that this sport is equally effective in terms of burning fat, tightening, and slimming the body.

Other Benefits

In addition to the benefits above, exercise and playing hula hoop can be important for the body, including:

  1. Burn calories
  2. Healthy heart
  3. Lose weight
  4. Maintain body balance
  5. Increase body metabolism
  6. Increase stamina
  7. Breathing
  8. Prevent cancer
  9. Prevent obesity
  10. Improve lung function
  11. Detoxify naturally.

This equality has been proven through a study conducted by John Porcari, a fitness expert from the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. Which, in the research he has done, Porcari involved 16 female volunteers whose ages varied from 16 to 59 years.

In the research process, female volunteers who are participants in the hula hoop choreography class, do a kind of collaboration between playing hula hoop and a dance. In one of his sessions, Porcari observed the amount of energy (calories) that could be burned and the movement of the heart rate during 30 minutes of playing hula hoop.

Apart from the results mentioned above that playing hula hoop for 30 minutes can burn energy (calories) as much as 210 calories, Porcari also managed to find that heart rate increased up to 151 beats/minute. So much so that it has been proven that the hula hoop can also keep the heart muscle healthy. The results of the research were presented by Porcari at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine which was held in Denver, United States (Research Source: Facebook Fans Page Shaking Hips).

How about you, especially women, are you interested in trying to do sports using a hula hoop to get an ideal and sexy body or just to lose weight? Isn’t that (the hula hoop game) scientifically proven.

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