6 Benefits of Secang Wood for Diabetes that You Need to Know

Who does not know Secang drink? This warm and refreshing Secang drink is made from Secang wood combined with other ingredients or spices. It turns out the benefits of wedang sappan Not only warms the body, you know, but also has many health benefits. Well, in this article, we will discuss what are the benefits of sappan wood for diabetes and other body health. But before discussing it further, please note that sappan wood has many beneficial properties for health.

Secang wood contains brazilian, which is a compound that gives a red color to secang. In addition, secang wood is high in antioxidants from flavanoids, tannins, polyphenols, saponins and essential oils in it. With some of these contents, there are several benefits and benefits of secang wood for diabetics, as follows:

1. Increases the absorption of vitamin C

A study found that in general, diabetics suffer from a lack of vitamin C. Where this vitamin C plays a role in lowering and balancing blood sugar levels in the body, it can also reduce LDL cholesterol levels more optimally. With the benefits of secang wood and its substance content plays a role in maximizing the absorption of vitamin C needed both from the consumption of fruit, vegetables and other foods consumed.

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2. Control blood sugar levels

In addition to the Brazilian content, which gives the effect of natural red dye from sappan wood, this content can also stimulate the process of glucose metabolism. Where the smoothness of this metabolic process is very good for the body, because then blood sugar levels can be controlled properly.

3. Stimulate insulin production

Insulin is a hormone that plays a role in converting sugar from carbohydrates into energy, so it can help balance blood sugar levels. As is the case with the benefits of beans for diabetesThe properties in wood also function to maximize the work of the pancreas in producing the hormone insulin. In addition, the properties of sappan wood can also help regulate cell sensitivity to stimulation from insulin.

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4. Prevent the impact of free radicals

One of the benefits of sappan wood for diabetes is due to the high content of antioxidant compounds in it, where these antioxidants are very useful to ward off free radicals. These free radicals can cause damage to healthy cells in the body, which will lead to various degenerative diseases including diabetes.

5. Prevent infection

People with diabetes generally tend to be more prone to infections and wounds, especially in people with type 2 diabetes the benefits of brotowali for traditional medicineSecang wood has properties as an antipyretic and astringent in it. Both of these ingredients can prevent a drop in body temperature and can be useful as therapy if you have an injury. The content is also efficacious to relieve if swelling occurs.

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6. Helps cure diabetes

With the many benefits contained in it, it can help cure diabetes naturally. The trick is to consume ingredients from processed sappan wood, don’t forget to use it regularly benefits of exercise for diabetes. Not only overcome high blood sugar levels, but this will also affect the health of the body in general.

To get some of the benefits above, Secang wood can be consumed by making delicious and refreshing Wedang Secang. Thus a discussion of some of the benefits of sappan wood for diabetes, may be useful.

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