13 Benefits of Quail Eggs for Health – Children – Pregnant Women

Who does not know this cute and small egg? Yes, quail eggs are one type of egg consumed by us, which comes from quail. Quail eggs are much smaller than ordinary chicken eggs. Quail eggs have a pale white shell or egg shell with a brown motif on the shell. Just like eggs in general, white eggs also have many benefits for humans. What are the benefits of this quail egg? the following are some of them:

1. As a snack

The first benefit of quail eggs is as a snack ingredient. Yes, quail eggs are often used as a snack, we often see quail egg satay which is often served in the porridge maker. Yes, quail egg satay is a delicious and delicious snack.

Some of the following foods can also be healthy snack choices, namely:

2. Mixed ingredients from a variety of dishes

The next benefit of quail eggs is that they can be a mixture of various foodstuffs. Soup, fried chili sauce, and balado eggs are some of the many ingredients that use quail eggs as the main ingredient. In Indonesia itself, there are many variations of food that use quail eggs as the basic ingredients.

In addition to quail eggs, ingredients are also widely used in cooking:

3. As children’s snacks

In addition, quail eggs also have benefits as a snack for children. Have you ever seen fried eggs that are usually sold by traders in schools? Yes, that is one of the benefits of quail eggs, as one of the basic ingredients for children’s snacks.

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4. Rich in protein

In terms of its own content, although small quail eggs also have a high protein content and are also very good for the body. In addition, absorption protein benefits which is owned by quail eggs is also very high, so the body will get more optimal protein into the body.

This protein content is also very rich in:

5. Does not cause allergies

Quail eggs also have a low globulin content. This content can prevent and also will not cause allergies to consumers, especially those who are allergic to chicken eggs. Therefore, for those of you who are allergic to chicken eggs, then try to consume quail eggs, because these quail eggs will not cause allergies.

This allergy can be overcome with the following natural ingredients:

6. Anti-cancer

Another benefit of quail eggs that are good for our health is that quail eggs are known to contain content that can resist cancer, aka anti-cancer. Yes, by consuming quail eggs, our bodies will avoid health problems, one of which is that it can help prevent the emergence of cancer cells in our bodies.

Cancer risk prevention can also be obtained from:

7. Slow down the aging process

Another benefit of quail eggs is being able to slow down the aging process. Some studies state that quail eggs can inhibit aging by as much as 40%. Of course this is good news, especially for those of you who are very concerned about skin health and premature aging.

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Solutions to prevent premature aging can also be obtained from:

8. Good for eye health

Apparently, quail eggs also have very good benefits to help improve your eye health. By frequently consuming quail eggs, your eye health will become more optimal and also better.

To optimize eye health, a number of these foods are good for consumption, namely:

9. Can cure allergies

Another health benefit of quail eggs is that quail eggs are able to help cure allergies that you often experience. One of the allergies that may be cured by quail eggs is an allergy to chicken eggs and several other products.

Benefits of Quail Eggs for Children’s Brain

Childhood is the golden age for brain development. Optimize its development by consuming quail eggs. Following are some of the benefits:

1. Good for brain development

Quail eggs have a high choline content. This choline content has excellent benefits to help optimize brain development in children, especially during their growth period. Therefore, for those who want their children to have good and perfect brain development, add quail eggs to your little one’s daily nutritional intake.

Here are a number of foods that help to provide optimal nutrition for your baby’s brain development:

2. Also good for fetal brain development

Not only children, the choline contained in quail eggs also has excellent benefits for optimizing brain development in the fetus during pregnancy. For those of you pregnant women, try to increase the intake of quail eggs which have a high choline content, so that it can help your fetus’ brain development become more optimal and also get better.

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Not only food consumption, but a number of these activities will also affect brain development in the fetus:

3. Prevents fetal cell death

Still from the benefits of choline contained in quail eggs. Choline contained in quail eggs, besides being able to help optimize brain development in the fetus, is also very good for protecting your fetus. The reason is, the choline contained in quail eggs is able to prevent the death of fetal cells, so that the fetus that lives in the womb can be separated from various kinds of health problems.

4. Can improve brain memory

Not only in the fetus and also in children. Adults will also CAN feel the important benefits of the choline content in quail eggs. Yes, the choline contained in quail eggs is very good to help optimize and also improve the memory of the adult brain. In other words, the choline contained in quail eggs will be useful which is very important for improving memory, thinking power, concentration and also focus in adults, so it will be very good for consumption.

Foods that are good for these brain cells, are also found in:

Well, those are the various important benefits of quail eggs for the body. Hopefully this article about the benefits of quail eggs can add to your insight, and also be useful for readers.