28 Benefits of Celery Leaves for Health

Celery leaves are a type of low-calorie vegetable that can be used as a complementary ingredient to cooking menus such as vegetable soup. In addition, celery can also be used as a basic ingredient for making magical herbal medicines for healing several diseases, including improving the quality of body health.

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Celery Leaf Nutritional Content

This is the nutritional content of celery, namely:

How to Consume Celery Leaves

First, it can be processed by boiling celery leaves and then adding lime or lemon juice to drink every day. This way of consuming celery leaves is able to act as an active antioxidant because in celery there are flavonoid compounds that include xanthin, beta-carotene, and lutein substances that work as natural antibiotics that can increase body immunity quickly and accelerate wound healing and a person’s fever.

To meet the intake of vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K at the same time in one day, celery leaves can be given in the home cooking menu in sufficient quantities, for example in vegetable soup. while for children it can be added or mixed in making fruit juices such as mango juice, red guava fruit, strawberries, etc. where previously the celery leaves were steamed first. This is the easiest way to fulfill balanced nutrition every day for children who are still growing.

The very diverse content of celery leaves provides many benefits, including:

1. Cure rheumatism

Celery leaves contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial as well as complete vitamins and minerals that can relieve pain in rheumatism sufferers and are also able to reduce purine substances in the joints which trigger increased levels of uric acid in the body.

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2. Lower cholesterol levels

The nutrients in celery leaves are able to break down cholesterol so it doesn’t clog blood flow and can also prevent the buildup of excess cholesterol in the body.

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3. Lower high blood pressure

Celery has flavonoids and other nutrients that can lower a person’s blood pressure that is on the rise. Especially if consuming celery leaves regularly and regularly can stabilize blood pressure so that it does not increase again.

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4. Overcoming dry eyes

Nutrients in celery, especially vitamin A, are able to nourish retinal tissue and the cornea of ​​the eye so that it can maintain visual acuity and prevent dryness of the eyes due to free radical attacks.

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5. Prevent and Cure anemia

Celery has a high iron content which can prevent and cure diseases anemia especially in pregnant and menstruating women.

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6. Relax tense nerves

Nutrients in celery can relax the nerves around the head due to tension caused by activities or daily routines that require brain performance and energy at the same time.

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7. Treating constipation

Celery contains essential amino acids and other vitamins that can smooth bowel movements (BAB) so as to avoid constipation which causes the body to feel uncomfortable, the stomach feels full, pain, and bloating.

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8. Prevent and cure asthma

Nutrients in celery are able to prevent and cure asthma so that it doesn’t recur easily when someone is struggling with a dusty environment.

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9. Prevent and treat obesity

All the nutrients in celery are able to suppress hunger so that a person can control excessive appetite. In addition, celery can stabilize a person’s body weight and make it less prone to obesity and obesity.

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10. Nourish hair

Celery has a fairly high and complete vitamin content that can nourish hair damaged by shampoo and sun exposure. By using celery leaves, the roots and cuticles of the hair are healthy again, the roots are getting stronger and the hair is not easy to break or fall out.

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11. Improve kidney function

The nutrients in celery can improve the performance of the kidneys by making it easier for the kidneys to filter, control, and remove toxins in the body caused by food and free radicals.

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12. Prevents the growth of cancer cells

Celery contains phenolic acid and phytochemical coumarin compounds that can prevent, block, and destroy abnormal cell activity that triggers the emergence of cancer cells, especially in the intestine and stomach tissue.

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13. Can normalize body temperature

Instability of body temperature can create hormonal imbalances and body metabolism which can later make the body susceptible to disease. Consuming celery juice on a regular basis can keep the body temperature condition normal which can make the body in optimal condition.

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14. Healthy bile tissue

Celery can act as a powerful antioxidant and diuretic, which can help cleanse bile from bacteria or toxins that result from food residue.

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15. Control and regulate blood volume

The nutrients in celery can regulate and control the amount of blood flowing in every blood vessel and nerve in the body’s tissues so that the body will always be healthy and avoid health problems related to blood, such as blockage of blood flow.

16. Prevent dehydration

Nutrients in celery can combine into an electrolyte fluid that the body needs when you are tired or have too many bowel movements due to diarrhea. In addition, the nutrients in celery are able to replace lost body fluids and the body avoids severe dehydration.

17. Protects the heart

Celery contains essential amino acids that are good for heart health, especially arteries so that the heart avoids cholesterol blockages, strokes, and makes the heart always smooth in pumping blood.

18. As antiaging strong

Celery contains vitamins A, B5, B6, C, and E which are very effective in maintaining and improving the quality of skin collagen, relaxing the nerves and blood vessels around the face from tension, and balancing the natural oils found under the skin so that the skin looks always young and healthy. avoid the appearance of fine lines around the eyes, corners of the lips, and the neck.

19. Stabilize blood sugar

Celery can lower blood sugar levels and treat diabetes. The complete nutritional content of celery can break down and destroy sugar clots in the blood so that the body accelerates the burning of calories in which there is excess glucose which will later be excreted through the disposal of calories through urine and through sweating due to physical activities carried out, such as work and sports.

20. Stabilize excess oil on the face

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Celery that is mashed and added with lime juice can be used as a daily face mask that is safe and effective to remove excess oil on oily skin types and is able to shrink pores so that facial skin is protected from bacterial attacks that cause boils, blackheads, and acne.

21. Healthy stomach wall

Anti-inflammatory in celery is able to clean the stomach wall from food waste that is no longer useful for the body so that the stomach condition is always in a clean condition and free from bacteria or inflammation.

22. Strengthens bones

All the nutrients present in celery can strengthen bone mass and make it less susceptible to calcification or fractures due to impact or impact. In addition, the bones will be strong and avoid all the problems associated with osteoporosis.

23. Protects brain tissue

Nutrients in celery can protect brain tissue from blockage, bacterial attack, and avoid the accumulation of bad fats resulting from the food that has been consumed so that brain tissue is always healthy.

24. Protects the health of the body’s muscles

Nutrients in celery can prevent the body’s muscles from injury, sprains, sprains, or muscle spasms. Healthy muscles will make a person free to move and carry out activities without having to feel pain and swelling.

25. Healthy intestinal tract

The nutrients in celery can clean the intestines from the rest of the food consumed and avoid the intestines from bacterial deposits, cholesterol, excess salt, etc. so that the performance of the intestines as one of the digestive organs will always be able to work well.

26. As an anti-inflammatory

Celery has several complete vitamins and is rich in potassium, magnesium, folate, and iron. In addition, celery is also coated with strong anti-inflammatory substances so that it can accelerate the wound drying process, reduce swelling, and accelerate the blocking of toxins in the body so that they can be quickly removed by the body.

27. Accelerate calcium absorption

Celery is able to bind calcium and make the body’s inner tissues to signal for the body to accelerate the process of calcium absorption and immediately flowed or distributed throughout the body’s tissues that need it.

28. The wonders of celery are as potent as chemical-based antibiotics

To increase immunity when the body is exposed to the flu or fever due to the rain, it is better not to rush to take antibiotics. It is better to consume celery leaves because they have substances that are no less powerful in terms of increasing the body’s immunity. Celery leaves contain very strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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