20 Benefits of Barley for Health

Barley is a type of grain whose physical appearance resembles wheat where barley is also included in the grain plant family. The nutritional content of barley:

  • Whole vegetable protein around 13 g
  • Fiber ranges from 19 g
  • Essential amino acids and Selenium
  • Calcium 35 mg, phosphorus, manganese copper.
  • Natural sugar 0.8 g
  • Sodium 12 mg and potassium 452 mg
  • Vitamin A of 24 IU
  • Vitamins B1, B2, B12, B6 and E.
  • Zinc 33 mg and Magnesium 143 mg
  • Iron 3.6 mg calcium 35 mg
  • Single unsaturated fat 0.4 g
  • Double unsaturated fat 1.2 g

Here are the facts about the benefits of barley for daily body health:

1. Can prevent bone loss

Calcium, which is supported by minerals such as phosphorus, manganese and copper, can support bone density from within.

2. Avoid arthritis attacks

The copper content in barley is able to prevent the body from developing arthritis, which can also apply to people who are elderly.

3. Can ward off free radicals

Its complete nutrition can act as antioxidant benefits which is good enough to ward off free radical attacks from the air and in the body.

4. Lose excess weight

The essential amino acids present in barley can break down calories, sugar and trans fats produced from the rest of the food waste that has been consumed. Then it can accelerate fat burning and lose excess weight.

5. Can lower high blood pressure

Complete mineral substances and supported by essential amino acids can destroy clumps of bad cholesterol, fat and excess sugar in the blood vessels, so that blood pressure is always balanced.

6. maintain a balanced blood sugar level

The fiber contained in the benefits of barley can shed, destroy and bind excess sugar intake in the blood. Then it will be processed by the kidneys, which will be wasted through urine and sweat so that blood sugar levels do not increase and are free from diabetes.

Solutions to lower blood sugar levels:

7. Can avoid colon cancer

Fiber in addition to healthy blood sugar levels can also protect the intestines from viral attacks, dirt from the rest of the food waste that we consume and free radicals. In the end, it will avoid colon cancer cells that cause colon cancer.

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8. Protects Bile from Free Radical Attacks

The soluble fiber present in barley has the ability to increase bile performance due to fiber. Able to keep bile tissue free from dirt and free radicals so that it can help digestion always in its best condition.

9. Improve bone strength

Calcium benefits which is supported by phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and the essential amino acids present in barley can improve bone mass, make them stronger and healthier and avoid osteoporosis. This also applies to people over the age of 40.

10. As an anti -aging inhibitor

The type of mineral selenium found in barley can repair skin collagen, to keep it balanced and increase the regeneration of dead skin caused by free radicals. Selenium can smooth the skin and tighten pores and improve uneven skin structure. The face will avoid fine wrinkles and always look young.

Solutions for other skin beauty:

11. Eliminate the effects of cigarette smoke in the body

For passive smokers or people who accidentally inhale smoke from active smokers, their bodies have been contaminated with harmful substances in cigarettes, including tobacco and nicotine. So if someone is diligent in consuming barley twice a day every day in moderate doses, then the anti-inflammatory substances and phenone compounds present in barley can inhibit the effects of tobacco and nicotine to be filtered by the kidneys. It is then disposed of with other impurities through feces, urine and sweat.

12. Prevent anemia

For people who always carry out work routines, they always do not pay attention to the level of nutrition they consume. This is due to the dense work that must be done. To prevent the body from being iron deficient, it is recommended to consume barley every day, morning and afternoon so that stamina is maintained. For those who already suffer from anemia, consuming barley can increase red blood cells systematically.

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Solutions to treat anemia:

13. Can lower a person’s emotional level

Barley, which is consumed regularly and consistently, can reduce a person’s emotional levels to be calmer and more focused. Barley is calming and able to reduce stress in someone who is burdened with severe problems.

14. Increase male stamina and virility

Complete nutrition in barley can provide and increase stamina in the body better. Able to increase a man’s libido so that, in between busy daily routines, he will not feel his body feeling tired quickly.

15. Can deflate inflammation in boils

Barley has a high anti -bacterial and anti -inflammatory content, so it is able to relieve the pain of swelling that occurs in boils, while slowly healing the land.

16. Healthy liver tissue

Fiber, mineral substances and vitamins present in barley can combine to form a strong defense for the liver wall, so as not to damage caused by viral attacks. Barley is able to block the movement of the liver virus so that it is immediately destroyed by a fairly high anti-virus substance that is actually owned by barley.

17. Can relieve pain due to rheumatism

Pain in bones and joints and nerve disorders around bone tissue, can be caused by rheumatic disease. This discomfort can be reduced by consuming barley every day. Mineral substances and vitamin B complex can repair muscle tissue and relax the nerves of the body so that barley is slowly able to cure rheumatic diseases.

18. Can overcome anorexia

Anorexia is someone who refuses to eat for fear of being fat or is obsessed with wanting to always look thin. This condition is very dangerous for health because it is feared that the intake of balanced nutrition in the body is not fulfilled. To meet a balanced diet, it is recommended that people with anorexia consume barley which is believed to not make the body fat or fat.

19. Improve the growth and development of the child’s body

Children aged over 5 years or who are still in their infancy can consume barley every day after coming home from school. So that the health of his organs is maintained properly and his body growth will increase from month to month, for example children get tall quickly.

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20. Improves tooth strength and gum health

Calcium, vitamins A, E and B complex as well as support from phosphorus present in barley can combine to increase the strength and density of teeth and protect the gums from bacterial attack. The oral cavity is always in good condition and healthy.

Barley can be used as a mixture of any fruit juice which is then added to taste honey so that the fresh and filling effect can be felt a few moments after consumption. The benefits of barley have a satiating effect for longer but do not cause digestive or stomach disorders, therefore barley is suitable for a low-fat diet program.

Who is not allowed to eat barley?

Wheat has a lot of gluten content, as well as barley. What is gluten? Gluten is a type of protein produced from Glutenin and Gliadin which is in grains in the wheat family where these substances work interrelated in the human body.

  • In some people there are those who have allergies to gluten substances which can cause sudden headaches, lack of blood, stomach pain, joints and muscles feel stiff, tight as if being pulled and prolonged pain.
  • If a person is allergic to wheat, then it is certain that he is allergic to gluten and should not consume it again even in small amounts, because his body will automatically reject the gluten, that is, a person will experience headaches and stomach or joint and muscle pain. sustainable.

Cold weather, night winds and staying up too often can make a person’s body catch a cold which eventually triggers a high fever. If a person, young or old, has a high fever due to body fatigue, lack of sleep or due to cold night weather, consuming barley is the best solution. The nutrients in it can cure colds and fever quickly.