6 Benefits of Exercise While Fasting That Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is an obligation that must be carried out by Muslims all over the world without exception. For the territory of Indonesia, fasting is carried out for about 10 to 12 hours during which time the body will not get food or fluid intake. Exercise while fasting is actually highly recommended if you were previously used to exercising. However, an empty stomach and dry throat are some of the reasons people are reluctant to exercise. In fact, sport benefits when fasting is actually very much even though the duration of exercise must be limited. Many studies say that exercise while fasting is the best way to get in shape. When the stomach is empty while fasting, this can trigger the stimulation of hormonal changes in all parts of the body, especially growth hormone. There are still many uses that you can get when exercising while fasting, some of which we will explain in the following article.

  1. Launching the Detoxification Process
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Actually, remove toxins in the body or also called detoxification occurs when the digestive system is working. When fasting, the digestive system also rests and this is where exercise has an important role during exercise. Light physical activity during fasting will optimize blood circulation and lymph node function so that the detoxification process can also run smoothly.

  1. Launching Metabolism

In the opinion of experts, the body should still be kept active in moving like the benefits of skipping. One of its functions is so that the metabolism can continue to run normally so that the body remains in prime condition while fasting. But the opposite will happen when a person stops exercising while fasting because significant changes in metabolism, muscle and body hormones will decrease.

  1. Increase Spirit During Fasting

Light exercise that is done while fasting can also be done overcoming tired, reduce lethargy and also lazy when fasting. Exercise while fasting can also produce endorphins that can make you feel happy. According to an expert from the University of Vermont, just 20 minutes of exercise during fasting can improve mood for up to 12 hours.

  1. Improve Hormone Performance
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Exercise while fasting can help the body to optimize hormone performance. More than that, exercise while fasting can also increase insulin sensitivity so that disease occurs diabetes can be prevented. Exercising during the month of Ramadan can help the body to produce growth hormone which plays an important role in building muscle tissue, increasing bone density, burning fat as well as providing longevity.

  1. Maintaining Weight Stability

Many people think that fasting can lose weight. However, it really should not be fully trusted because fasting will make many people reduce physical activity as well as overeat after breaking the fast. Not weight loss that will be obtained but body weight will actually increase when fasting. In the opinion of experts, exercise that is done during fasting can maintain a stable body weight such as: benefits of lime for weight loss. Someone who regularly exercises when fasting can maintain normal body functions so that they will break their fast according to their needs.

  1. Maximize Fat Burning
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The presence of GH or growth hormone that occurs when fasting and exercising is very important for bone health, muscle development and also the fat burning process related to hormones produced by the pituitary gland so that the development of degenerative diseases can be prevented. The combination of exercise and fasting will also be able to maximize the fat burning process in the body so that the best body shape can be obtained due to use energy sources maximum storage.

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