7 benefits of heating and cooling in sports

7 Benefits of Heating and Cooling in Sports

The stages of warming up and cooling down in sports are very important things to do. The stages in this sport itself are needed so that later it can minimize the risk of injury and others. Benefits of exercise itself is one of the activities that can support health.

However, to get a healthy body, exercise must be carried out correctly and also appropriately so that later it does not pose a risk of injury to muscles or other body parts.

1. Prevents the Risk of Injury

Before starting sports, of course, you need to warm up first because the benefit of the first warm-up is to prepare the body in advance so that there is no risk of injury later. Then cooling is done after exercise, to rest the body after exercise.

2. Prevents Coronary Heart Risk

The benefits of heating and cooling in exercise are mainly to help prevent coronary heart disease. When doing exercise, of course, there will be blood flow to the heart, which makes the heart work harder. By warming up first, later the heart is not surprised.

If you don’t warm up, the faster blood flow can cause the heart to startle, so it can affect the risk of coronary heart disease to be greater.

3. Improve Performance

The next benefit of warming up and cooling down in exercise is that it can help improve performance. In the sense that doing sports, of course, requires considerable energy (performance), so by warming up first, which will make performance more motivated. This of course will make sports activities, which provide maximum results.

4. The body is more flexible and elastic

Sports activities carried out by heating and cooling, can help the body and muscles to become more flexible and elastic. This will avoid muscle cramps or other problems that will interfere with sports activities. Self heating helps to increase 13% metabolism in the body.

5. Normalize Heart Performance

When doing exercise, of course, the performance of the heart will increase so that this cooling process will later help the body to normalize the performance of the heart. This of course will restore the heart’s work to normal again and also not too heavy, so that coronary heart disease can also be prevented and will not interfere with the health of the body.

6. Reduces Lactic Acid

Warming and cooling activities can help reduce lactic acid in the blood. When doing sports, energy, heart performance and lactic acid will increase. Thus after exercising, cool down the body which will normalize the body again.

7. Helping the Body More Relax

Finally, the benefits of cooling down after this sports activity will later help make the body more relaxed and calm. Why is that so? This is because when you do exercise you sweat and exert a lot of energy, so the body itself also really needs to rest.

Therefore keep silent with straightening the legs or with benefits of walking for about 5 to 10 minutes will make the body calmer.

Whatever exercise you want to do, be sure to always warm up before exercising and cool down after the workout.

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