13 Benefits of Pilates for the Body

Pilates is one of the most popular fitness sports in the early 20th century. This type of exercise was developed by physicist Joseph Pilates. According to him there is a fairly close relationship between mental and physical. But over time, this sport experienced a bit of a decline in fans.

Who would have thought, in recent years, Pilates has found its fans again. This fitness sport is indeed on the rise lately. Even in some fitness centers, Pilates already has instructors who are quite experienced. Interesting right?

Pilates exercise requires some special equipment that supports certain movements. Even if you don’t have the equipment, you can still start with other light equipment. For example, using tables, chairs, and elastic balls.

Types of Pilates Olahraga

Pilates or also known by the name Contrology This emphasizes the pilator to be able to control the physical fitness he does. According to its type, Pilates is divided into two types, namely:

This type of Pilates emphasizes activities that are carried out on the floor directly. The orientation is more on a combination of the earth’s gravity pointing downwards with the weight of your body in carrying out the movement.

While in equipment based pilates, this type of method uses more supporting equipment to do pilates itself.

Pilates is also a fairly simple sport to do, as well as flexing the body as in benefits of flexibility training which can stretch the muscles in the body, here are the benefits of pilates for the body:

  1. Increase Concentration

Concentration is really needed when you do Pilates. Indeed, in doing the movement, you do not just move the limbs such as hands and feet. There are certain methods that you must master before doing Pilates. So you should first look for references and information about Pilates, before doing Pilates. This is related to the implementation of the goal of using Pilates itself.

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No different from other sports, concentration is the main focus in this type of sport. As in badminton, the benefits of playing badminton What many people don’t realize is that it can increase the level of concentration in the brain. In addition, additional drinking water or mineral water can also make the brain think more specifically as in benefits of drinking lots of water.

2. Back Muscle Control

Doing Pilates is a type of exercise that can improve the control of your back muscles. This makes your back more relaxed, avoiding the tension that causes you to feel tired. It is suitable for those of you who usually work too long at the office desk. Relaxing the body is very necessary, as in progressive muscle relaxation benefits which can train the back muscles to be more relaxed when experiencing aches.

3. Strengthen Abdominal Muscles

You feel you have a distended peurt? Pilates is the solution. Pilates fitness exercise is quite capable of making your abdominal muscles stronger and toned again. This really helps your appearance more attractive. Women with a flat stomach will look perfect wearing any clothes. It is also very beneficial when you are about to give birth. It’s the same as doing sit ups. benefits of sit ups It is also very effective in reducing belly fat and building strong muscles.

4. Relieve Stress

Doing Pilates fitness is also able to overcome the stress that haunts you. How come? This is closely related to the intonation of slow movements. That way, you will feel more relaxed than usual. Muscles also feel lighter. For a moment you are able to forget the problems that have surrounded your life.

This is why Pilates is becoming more popular nowadays. Things that can relieve stress are also found in:

5. Increase Mental Strength

Pilates is also considered quite good for people who are dealing with life problems. Why? Because Pilates will increase the hormone endorphins in the body. This hormone is very good at working to increase the happiness of your life. That’s why Pilates can make you mentally stronger and ready to live life.

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6. Suitable For Diet

Pilates is also a good fitness program for people who are on a diet program. Because doing Pilates in accordance with the provisions and correctly, it is quite helpful to burn calories. This has an impact on weight loss, little by little but quite significant. That way the excess fat on your body will be lost.

Can also do a healthy and correct diet according to:

7. Increase Body Flexibility

Pilates is not very well known and many devotees in Indonesia. However, in a country that favors physical exercise such as dance, Pilates is quite booming as well. Who would have thought, it turns out that this fitness exercise is enough to help you to increase body flexibility. Like doing stretching and some movements that require flexibility. Another quite influential dance is the ballerina.

8. Tighten Pelvic Muscles

The pelvic muscles in women are the most often loose. Usually they are the laziest to move that one body part. You can mark it on the belly. What if their stomach tends to be flat, usually the muscles in the pelvis are also tight. This indicates that he often does sports. In contrast to women who have a distended stomach. Of course the hip muscles are loose too.

9. Establishing the Ideal Posture

Doing sports and fitness activities is enough to help you to look perfect. Why? Doing Pilates will help tone up the most prominent and attractive parts of your body. For example in the pelvis, abdomen and spine. People who often do Pilates, their bodies tend to be flexible. He looks light and his face is fresh. Because when they do Pilates, they tend to be happy.

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Doing jogging can also make the body ideal, benefits of jogging can burn fat in the body. Whether jogging is done in the morning or in the afternoon or even at night, but with sufficient levels, not less or even more so as not to cause health problems.

10. Done With Friends

Exercising alone is not fun. But it’s different if you do it with the people closest to you, your best friend. They will share a laugh with you while performing. You will both help each other when doing one movement after another. Surely you can form sweet memories here.

11. Body Balance Up

Doing Pilates is also able to improve your body balance. Why? This is related to the abdominal muscles that you are building. The main goal of people doing Pilates is to tone their abdominal muscles. This is very closely related to improving your body’s balance so that it is good. It is usually used by athletes.

12. Increased Energy

Pilates is done in a relaxed state. The way to get the body to relax is to slowly let oxygen enter the body. With the increased supply of oxygen in the body, your energy will increase. In addition there are also things that can increase energy for stamina by consuming healthy foods, such as:

13. Very Easy to Learn

Pilates is a sport that must have an instructor when you want to do it. However, this requirement is not absolutely necessary. As long as you watch a video about how to do Pilates, I think you are quite capable of doing Pilates alone. The most important thing is your knowledge of doing Pilates movements according to the method. So that this Pilates goal is right.

Hopefully this article about Pilates is useful! Happy exercising. J

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