10 Benefits of Boiled Taro for Health

Taro is one type of tuber that is quite widely known to the public. Although not as popular as other types of sweet potato, taro has many benefits. Especially for taro that is consumed by boiling it first, more benefits will be obtained. This is because boiled taro contains compounds and nutrients that are still good and have not changed or even broken like fried food. Here are some of the benefits of boiled taro, namely:

1. Be a good dietary alternative

Consuming tubers when dieting is indeed something that is quite recommended. Especially if the tubers are consumed by boiling, not frying. This is because the complex carbohydrate content in taro is easily digested by the body and during the boiling process it will not increase the fat content in it. So consuming boiled taro will really help your diet program.

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2. Maintain healthy skin

Boiled taro also has properties to improve skin health. The content of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in it will be able to help brighten the skin.

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3. Good for heart health

Processing taro by boiling can help prevent excess cholesterol or saturated fat in the body. Then, the taro will ripen evenly without losing much of its nutritional content. In addition, it can also maintain the texture and taste of the taro. Low cholesterol levels are certainly able to maintain heart health and prevent other diseases caused by excess cholesterol.

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4. Facilitate digestion

Consuming boiled taro can improve digestion and improve the body’s metabolism. In 100 grams of unseasoned steamed taro, there are 142 calories with 0.75 grams of fat and 5.3 grams of fiber. This amount already meets 20.5% of your fiber needs in a day.

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5. Stabilize blood pressure

Boiled taro without any additives contains very little cholesterol while the sodium content in 1 cup (132 grams) of taro is only 20 mg, or only 1% of the daily sodium intake limit. Thus consuming boiled taro can help stabilize blood pressure and become an alternative to low-cholesterol foods that can be consumed daily.

6. Increase body immunity

The content of vitamin C in boiled taro is needed by the body to strengthen immunity so that it is not susceptible to disease. (Also read: Benefits of lime, Benefits of grapefruit peel, Benefits of lemon, Benefits of baby pacitan oranges, Benefits of sour oranges, Benefits of Squeezed Oranges, Australian orange benefits).

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7. Prevent premature aging

Consuming boiled taro can provide properties to prevent premature aging because of its optimal antioxidant and beta-carotene content (because boiling does not damage antioxidant compounds). In contrast to fried taro which allows the antioxidant content in it to be damaged or change its structure due to the heating process at high temperatures.

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8. Prevent joint and muscle pain
9. Good for eye health
10. Prevent diabetes, etc