17 Benefits of Basketball for Physical and Mental

Sport is an activity that is very beneficial for health and the human body. Not infrequently, exercising has always been a hobby for those who are very concerned about health and body. Of the many types of sports, basketball is a sport that is often an option to do, especially for young people.

The Benefits of Basketball for Physical Health

The benefits of basketballFor those who like sports, of course the benefits for health are felt, as well as the following basketball benefits:

  1. Build body resistanceThe movements in basketball can make the body agile so that the body’s resistance can be maintained.
  2. Increase the body’s immunity – Not only the benefits of fruits that can optimize the body’s immune system, basketball is also a foam to do it. Basketball is a sport that can prevent bacteria and viruses that are harmful pathogens, a virus that attacks the body when it is weak.
  3. Building Balance and Body Coordination Basketball is a sport that is carried out between the cooperation of the hands, feet, and eyes in close coordination. It is able to build balance and body coordination function skills.
  4. Improve Motor Skills – Basketball because players have to move almost all of the core body parts in this sport.
  5. Train Body Muscles, because in general basketball is a sport that is able to move all the organs of the body continuously. For example, the benefits of basketball while running, men-dribblethrowing, and others that always involve the muscles of the body.
  6. Training AgilitySports benefits This basketball teaches players to be able to do a lot of combined movements.
  7. The body becomes taller Basketball is able to stretch the leg muscles, spine, and leg bones. By elongating these bones, the body will become taller.
  8. Shaping the Ideal Body – Basketball is a sport that is very synonymous with physical exercise and will burn calories. If calories cannot be processed, it will affect health conditions.
  9. Lose weight – Basketball can burn around 700-750 calories, so that excess fat will be lost while playing.
  10. Improve brain function– Not only the benefits of playing chess who hone strategy, but basketball also requires the right strategy in dealing with the problems that exist in the game. So that it can help the team to get out of the opponent’s pressure.
  11. Avoid osteoporosis – The sport of basketball takes the benefits of running, which can make the bones in the body will be stronger if done continuously. Temporary, osteoprosis must be prevented early because it will be very difficult to prevent it if you are old.
  12. Stabilizes hormones – Especially for women, because the active movement in basketball makes women’s abdominal muscles become tighter. As a result, the body’s metabolism and problems causing hormonal dysfunction that are usually experienced by young women can be cured.
  13. Improve Health Cardiovascular – Basketball is a fast paced game that involves a lot of running, dribblingturn around quickly, passing, jump, and throw. So, this sport can serve as an exercise cardiovascular effective, which speeds up breathing and increases the supply of blood that transports oxygen to the muscles.
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The Benefits of Basketball for Mental Balance

The benefits of basketballThere are so many benefits that result from this basketball sport. In addition to optimizing physical health. The benefits of basketball also support mental abilities such as the ability to work together in a team. Here are the uses of basketball that are no less for mental balance:

  1. Increase Confidence – Playing basketball can increase self-confidence, such as in implementing basketball game strategies, namely: offence (attack) and defence (endure).
  2. Build the soul extrovert – The extroverted soul becomes better, because basketball teaches its players to be social.
  3. Helps improve concentration – In the sport of basketball requires the focus of the players on the ball that moves quickly from player to player.
  4. Reduce stress – because basketball can make players able to forget their worries, especially when focusing on the game.
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Basketball, which was created in 1891, is often done by young people even today. This is because basketball has challenging moves and the rules of the game are quite difficult so it requires special skills. In addition, basketball is also a fast-paced game that is fun to watch. Not surprisingly, basketball is one of the most played and most viewed sports in the world.

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