6 Benefits of Zumba for Thin People for the Body


In the world of fitness, many different types of classes or exercises are carried out. One of the most famous of them is aerobics. Aerobics itself is already known by almost everyone, whether involved in the world of fitness or not. But actually, there is something similar to aerobics in the fitness world, namely Zumba.

What is Zumba??

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Zumba is a type of gymnastics that combines a variety of music, one of which is by combining step aerobics with various dance movements from Latin America (South America), such as samba, merengue, and salsa dances from Brazil, reggae from Jamaica, hip-hop, mambo, rumba, flamenco, calypso, and so on.

The name Zumba comes from the Colombian language (also a country in the South American region), which comes from the word Zum-Zum and is popularized by Alberto (Beto) Perez. Meanwhile, Zumba was first introduced in the United States in the 1990s, where as time went on, Zumba became increasingly popular with dance fans. So that this dance (Zumba dance) began to become a trend and was brought into the world of gyms in America.

Even at the beginning it was introduced and then popular, this zumba dance is actually a pair dance, which means to do this dance you must have a partner. But over time, where the development of zumba dance is getting faster and starting to enter the world of fitness in various countries including Indonesia, zumba becomes no problem even though it is not done in pairs anymore. The essence of the movement is a blend of Latin American style music and dance.

Especially in Indonesia, Zumba is better known as gymnastics that combines aerobic movements with Latin American dances, such as salsa and merengue. The development of this exercise is also quite good considering that Indonesians really like to do aerobics and Zumba comes with the latest trends and variations of movement that are more fun in maintaining body fitness than ordinary aerobic exercise.

Various kinds of benefits can also be obtained for people who regularly do zumba exercises, including for thin people who mostly lack confidence in their appearance. Here are some of the benefits of Zumba for thin people, including:

1. Body Shaping

Zumba exercise is actually almost the same as aerobic exercise, but in Zumba it is packaged to be more energetic and fun with various combinations of aerobics and Latin American dances. So that it takes more stamina than ordinary aerobics to perform various kinds of movements. It is in these movements that the body will unconsciously form until it becomes an ideal shape.

2. Improves Heart Function

Movements that are more energetic than regular aerobic exercise will make the heart beat faster than usual. So that if the heart is able to beat faster, it will help remove blockages in the blood vessels, because the heart is pumped faster in the process of circulating blood throughout the body regularly. In this way, the function of the heart will always be optimally maintained in circulating blood and oxygen throughout the body.

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3. Make the Body Fuller

Thin people definitely have a problem with their underweight body so they look skinny and make them less confident. Therefore, doing zumba exercises will help you (thin ones) to make your body fuller. As explained in the first point that the movement on zumba will help shape the ideal body. Besides the benefits to become a fuller body, because you will be required to have and control the stamina of the body.

4. Improve Lung Performance

In addition to helping the heart function, Zumba exercise will also help the performance of the lungs which are very closely related to the body’s respiratory system, because it is an organ of the respiratory system itself. When doing various movements in Zumba exercise, extra energy is needed, which will spur the breath to become smoother and lighter. Thus, the performance of the lungs in the respiratory system will be increasingly well and optimally honed.

5. Improve Cognitive Ability

The increase in cognitive abilities when doing zumba exercises is due to the various energetic and fun movements. Feelings of pleasure and comfort that arise will increase the production of endorphins in the brain so that it will affect their cognitive abilities, such as creativity. The happier someone is, the more the production of endorphins will increase which will affect cognitive abilities. Which, if there are more endorphins, the cognitive abilities they have will also increase.

6. Healthy and Refreshing Body

Of the many benefits that have been mentioned and explained above, the benefit of Zumba exercise as a whole is of course being able to nourish and refresh the body of the culprit. The more routine and regular you do Zumba exercise, it is certain that your body condition will be healthier and fresher. Therefore, making Zumba exercise a habit is also very good to do in an effort to maintain a healthy body.

Those are some of the benefits of zumba for thin people and anyone who does it. All the benefits will be felt, of course, if you do it regularly and regularly every day or every week or in a few days every week.

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