5 Benefits of Dried Mango Leaves for Health

Mango fruit, who does not know this one fruit. Its sweet and spicy taste and thick flesh make everyone look for it, especially during this fruit season. Mango is a fruit that can live in a tropical climate so it is not surprising that in Indonesia it is very easy to find mangoes with various varieties and types. The nutritional content in mangoes is no longer in doubt because it is very good for health. That if the fruit, then what about the leaves?

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Did you know also that this mango leaf has a lot of nutritional and nutritional content in it so it is very good for health too. If you don’t know it then you are right to read this article because in it will review the benefits of dried mango leaves for health.

The content of mango leaves

Mango leaves have an oval shape and are reddish in color and have a soft and mushy texture when they are young but as they get older the mango leaves turn green and thick. Mango leaves contain high levels of vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B. Besides that, other nutrients in mango leaves include high phenol and flavonoid content.

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Therefore you are advised to use mango leaves alone to overcome various health problems. Mango leaves that can be used are not only fresh, but those that have been dried or intentionally dried also have many health benefits.

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The benefits of dried mango leaves on health

If you encounter mango leaves and by chance you are currently experiencing some health problems as below, then don’t miss this cheap herbal treatment. The following is a list of the benefits of mango leaves for health.

  1. Overcoming diabetes

Mango leaves contain tannins which are useful for treating diabetes symptoms. The trick is to use mango leaves that have been dried and then used as tea. The method is the same as making tea in general, namely by brewing it with hot water and then filtering it if the water has turned brown. The benefits of this mango leaf are able to reduce hyperkligemia or excessive sugar levels in the blood.

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  1. Controlling blood pressure

Another benefit of mango leaves is being able to control blood pressure so it is good for those of you who have hypertension or high blood pressure disease. Mango leaves have hypotensive properties which are able to dilate blood vessels and are also able to relieve the symptoms of varicose veins.

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  1. Get rid of anxiety

Mango leaves can also be used as a natural relaxation herbal medicine because it contains ingredients that are able to relax the nerves so that the nerves become lighter and not tired. You can use it for bathing and bathing for maximum results.

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  1. Prevents gallstones and kidney stones

If you have problems with kidney stones and gallstones, it can be overcome by using mango leaves that have been dried and then mashed. Then boil the mango leaves until boiling, strain and drink regularly to help break up gallstones and kidney stones.

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  1. Overcome breathing problems

Mango leaves are also good for treating various diseases related to respiratory problems such as cough, bronchitis, asthma and fever. The trick is to boil the mango leaves and add honey. Then drink the decoction and mango regularly to get maximum results.

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Thus a review of the benefits of dried mango leaves for health. Hopefully this can help solve your health problems so far. Thank you and hope it is useful.

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