8 Benefits of Topographic Maps for Hikers

A topographic map is a map in which the map has presented very general field conditions such as depicting rivers, describing lakes, describing the sea and describing mountains, both volcanoes and non-volcanic mountains. Everything is clearly described in the topographic map. Thus, topographic maps are very important especially for people who like to travel or adventure or nature lovers. Topographic maps are very detailed in full about what is in the area, such as natural elements, artificial elements, scales and imaginary lines regarding the height of the ground. This topographic map is very important because the map will help in the journey, especially for climbers and nature lovers. For those who don’t know what the benefits of topographic maps are or who want to know more about topographic maps, see the following.

  1. Can provide information

The information provided by topographic maps is of course very much, starting from where there are mountains, where there are forests, where there are oceans, where to avoid and places to visit. Where there is a bridge and where there is a river. This is certainly very necessary when looking for a place. Topographic maps are very helpful in providing detailed locations.

  1. Helping nature lovers or climbers

Nature lovers definitely need the right locations when making a tent, the exact location can be obtained from this topographic map. Usually, nature lovers or climbers will use a topographic map to determine where to set up a tent where it is a safe place from danger. it can be a sport, because sport benefits very much that helps the immune system.

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There are several kinds of foods that are good for immunity, such as:

  1. Makes it easy to know where the current position is

Topographic maps clearly describe where you are currently, but that doesn’t mean Google Maps can detect where the current location is, but this topographic map works as a pointer where one can find out the current location by using a scale of roughly anything in front of the side or side. even later (which has been passed) thus it will be easier to determine where the current position is.

  1. Can help with itinerary planning

When traveling, of course, you need a route, this path can be seen using a topographic map, although now there are google maps that make it easier to plan travel routes, but that doesn’t mean this map doesn’t work anymore. because in the interior will definitely need the map. In remote areas, mobile phones as sophisticated as anything, if using google maps still use signals, of course it will be very difficult to use.

  1. Can be used to predict how long it will take to travel
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This is also the same as google maps, in goggle maps there is a menu that determines and shows the distance from Aedes Aegepty to B, how many meters by what route and how many minutes by car, motorbike, bicycle and on foot. That’s if google maps, for this topographic map can be known by calculating using the existing scale of the map.

  1. Used as the basis for plotting data

Topographic maps can be used as plotting data, that means topographic maps can be used for data collection. Plotting data without a topographic map will be long and tiring. Of course this is not good for health, especially heart health.

apart from plotting data, it turns out that topographic maps can keep the heart from making individuals feel too tired. There are several other things that are beneficial for the heart.

Other good things for the heart:

  1. Can provide information on surface conditions

The topographic map clearly describes, you could say, quite detailed in its depiction through the map, of course with the help of the scale and symbols on the map. Or even with line symbols and other symbols it will be easier to describe how the state of the earth’s surface in the area is.

  1. Facilitate in doing filming
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The depiction in question is a two -dimensional or three -dimensional depiction, especially in designing a development. Where the right place and the less right place. It can help shape the dimensions of the earth’s surface, so that it will be clear how the earth is.

Those are some of the benefits that can be obtained from utilizing topographic maps, for nature lovers or climbers this map is certainly highly recommended, because with the help of this map it will help nature lovers and climbers to determine the direction of the road as has been described in detail in the descriptions of several benefits of the topographic map. So that there is no lost word when climbing later. Of course, with the condition that a nature lover and climber is able to read topographic maps, don’t just bring the topographic maps but can’t read them, of course if that’s the case the benefits of topographic maps will not work.

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