14 Benefits of Running in Place on Health

Having a healthy and ideal body is the dream of almost everyone. To get it, you need a good diet and regular exercise. However, sometimes sports activities can be hindered by other activities or weather conditions that do not allow. One practical and efficient exercise that can be done is to run in place.

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Running in place is a sport activity that resembles running by moving both legs but not moving. This activity is quite practical because it can be done anywhere and anytime regardless of weather conditions while you have time. You also only need a pair of shoes to do this physical activity. Then, how to do running training in this place? Here is how.

How to run on the spot

To run on the spot, it’s very easy. To do this, please do run in place for 5-10 minutes and rest for 60 seconds to catch your breath and pause then do 3 sets.

The method that can be used to run on the spot is the method butt kick and high knee.

  • Method butt kick This is done by standing upright with both hands clasped and lifted up then right foot back until the heel almost touches the buttocks.
  • Method high knee This is done by starting the position by standing with your back straight and relaxed. Then run in place by lifting your knees to stomach level.

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Benefits of Running on the Spot

After we discuss the meaning and ways of running on the spot, let’s study the benefits that we can get from doing physical activity running on the spot.

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1. Helps burn calories

Like running in the field, running in place is also a physical exercise that can help your body burn calories. Although needed for the body, but excessive calories that can cause obesity. For that, for those of you who want to lose weight in a practical way, it never hurts to try running on the spot regularly.

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2. It is a cheap sport

In addition to practical physical activity, running in place is also a form of exercise that is inexpensive compared to other forms of exercise. To run in this place, you only need a big enough intention and commitment to do a healthy and inexpensive sport. If you don’t have shoes for running anywhere, you can’t do it barefoot.

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3. Help shape the body and body weight to be more ideal

Even though it looks trivial, running in place can help make your body weight and body more ideal. Condition, do it regularly! Haha. Come on, for those of you who want to make your body weight more ideal, you can practice running in this place yourself.

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4. Helps nourish the heart

Running in place is also a cardio exercise that can nourish the heart, just like running in the field. Given that the heart is an important organ, do this exercise at least once a week so that the heart’s work becomes stable and avoids heart disease. In addition, you can also consume oats for optimal heart performance.

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5. Help healthy lung function

Besides being able to help nourish the heart, running in a place that is done frequently can also help nourish the lungs. By running in place, the heart rate can increase up to 180 minutes so that the function of the lungs increases.

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6. Practical exercise

As previously mentioned, running on the spot is a practical form of exercise that costs nothing and can be done anywhere and anytime. To do this sport, you don’t have to worry about spending money or erratic weather conditions when doing this sport.

7. Help burn fat

For those of you who have excess fat in the body and want to avoid being overweight, it never hurts for you to try this one sport. Besides being able to help burn calories, running in place can also help burn fat if done regularly.

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8. Helps strengthen leg muscles

Another benefit that can be obtained from running in place is that it helps strengthen the leg muscles. If done regularly, running in place can stimulate the leg muscles to move so that muscle strength increases.

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9. Helps strengthen the abdominal muscles

In addition to strengthening the leg muscles, running in place can also help strengthen the abdominal muscles so that they will look slimmer, beautiful and sexy so that the body shape looks more proportional. To get maximum results, please do jogging in this place at least once a week with a duration of 30 minutes.

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11. Help maintain body fitness

Like other sports, running in place also has benefits for maintaining body fitness. If the body feels fit then when the body undergoes various activities that drain energy and mind, the body will not feel excessively tired. Thus, even heavy work is not a big problem!

12. Happy

Running in place is believed to trigger the production of endorphins hormones that can increase happiness. Endorphin hormone is a hormone that can give a person a feeling of happiness and comfort. In addition, endorphins can also provide a positive mood, increase endurance and prevent stress.

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13. Helps increase bone and muscle density

According to the results of research by Birmingham University students, running in place can help strengthen muscles and maintain bone density, especially in the bones of the legs, hips and back. According to them, teenagers who like to do cardio exercise, such as running in place, can reduce the risk of osteoporosis by up to 60% when they get older.

14. Shrink bloated stomach

Running in place is also believed to be an exercise that can help reduce belly fat. In addition to fat deposits, a distended stomach can also occur due to toxins that accumulate in the body so that metabolism decreases. Running in place is believed to help the detoxification process of toxins in the body so that metabolism increases so that fat burning is easier and a distended stomach becomes even more deflated.

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