10 Benefits of Manuka Honey for Health

Honey is a natural liquid produced by bees. Honey is taken from the pollen of blooming flowers. Bees produce honey as a food ingredient. But have you ever heard of manuka honey? Manuka honey is honey obtained from a flower called manuka. The manuka flower has the Latin name Lepstospermum scoparium. This flower grows in southern Australia, precisely in New Zealand. The beginning of the history of this manuka honey is from the manuka flower that thrives in New Zealand and is far from air pollution that can damage the quality of the flowers.

Manuka honey was originally given for consumption by cows in the livestock sector. So the cows are given manuka honey every day to maintain their health. And it’s been proven that since the honey is given, the cows on the farm rarely get sick, on the contrary, they seem to grow up healthy and solid. Meanwhile, the workers who gave the honey were prone to getting sick, so they tried manuka honey and it turned out to be suitable for them so they too were healthy.

Manuka honey content

Manuka honey is used for the health sector and also increases the fertility of women and men because it contains the following compounds:

  • Food Methylglyoxal which acts as an anti-bacterial agent. These compounds can kill bad bacteria that have a bad impact on human health.
  • Phenolic acid Contains antioxidants that function to fight the attack of oxidized free radicals in the air that can cause premature aging of the skin.
  • Peptide anion cation which serves to perform the generation of dead skin cells that cover the new skin cell layer.
  • micronutrition which is useful for improving the health of the body’s organs and also the function of hormones for the body.
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Some of the compounds in manuka honey provide health for the human body by being consumed twice a day. The benefits of this manuka honey in the health sector are as follows:

1. Sore throat

Manuka honey can kill the type of bacteria that causes sore throat. Although this type of strep throat is not a serious disease, an injured throat can cause difficulty swallowing food and drinking. For that, try drinking manuka honey twice a day so that sore throat can be treated quickly and the wound from inflammation is not too serious.

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2. Strengthens the uterine wall

The uterus is one of the reproductive organs for a woman. The uterus serves as a place to protect the fetus until it is nine months old. Some women have problems with their uterus in the form of a weak uterus. If the uterus is weak eating can cause miscarriage for women. So to strengthen the uterine wall, try consuming manuka honey which has benefits for strengthening the uterine wall.

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3. Sperm quality

Another benefit of manuka honey for men in particular is that it improves sperm quality. So if you are diligent in consuming honey this will lead to good sperm quality. Good sperm will make it easier for you to get offspring quickly. And the fetus that will be formed will also always be healthy. (Also read: Benefits of ejaculating every day)

4. Good for children’s growth

In the period of growth, children need a type of vitamin so that their growth towards adolescence looks more perfect. One of the things that children should consume for their growth is manuka honey. Give manuka honey before eating to children. This is good for maintaining their mood and also the physical and mental development of children in the future.

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5. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is a digestive system problem that can be caused by bacteria that enter the body through unclean food or contaminated with unhealthy pollution. Acute diarrhea sometimes requires medical treatment because losing large amounts of body fluids is certainly not good for health. In addition to giving ORS solution that you can make yourself at home, try giving children or adults manuka honey as first aid when you have diarrhea.

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6. Inflammation of the stomach

With irregular eating patterns within a few months can cause stomach ulcers. This is because the stomach is empty of food while stomach acid is constantly being produced. If stomach acid does not meet the food to be processed, it will cause stomach acid to rise and the stomach feels sore. Therefore it is necessary to eat regularly and sufficiently in carrying out daily activities. If you are more comfortable using herbal medicine because besides being cheap it also has no side effects for the body, consume manuka honey.

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7. Acne

Inflammation of the skin caused by excess oil production on facial skin mixed with dust scattered in the air invites acne on your smooth and clean facial skin. Acne generally occurs in adolescence. Apart from the oil factor, there is also a genetic history. So it is possible that several factors also affect the health of a person’s skin. Acne is not contagious but never squeeze a pimple because it will make a pockmarked face that is not good to look at. Try applying manuka honey as an external remedy to get rid of pimples and acne scars.

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8. Prevent insomnia

One of the benefits of diligent consumption of manuka honey is to prevent insomnia at night. Manuka honey actually improves the quality of your sleep and when you wake up your body will be healthier and fitter. Try drinking one tablespoon of manuka honey once a day at night. This will make it easier for you to overcome the insomnia you suffer from.

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9. Luka

If you have wounds that are on the skin or scars that are blackened and difficult to remove so that it interferes with your appearance. Try applying manuka honey as it contains antibacterial properties which are good for treating wounds. Some studies believe that manuka honey can be used as an internal medicine as well as external medicine because it has a good content for health. In addition, this honey also has no side effects for health. Wounds suffered such as burns, falls or boils can be immediately applied to the affected skin.

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10. Dental health

Having problems with teeth because they contain a lot of plaque will certainly make teeth yellow. The yellow color of the teeth will make you embarrassed to smile because it will be seen by many people. Dental and oral health also need to be considered for appearance and health. Teeth have a function to chew food so that the food you eat is easy to digest in the stomach.

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So that’s the benefits of manuka honey that is obtained for the health of the body as a healthy herbal medicine and prevents several types of diseases in the body.

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