21 benefits of lunge for the body

21 Benefits of Lunge for the Body

Maintaining a healthy body is very important, because with a healthy body, everyone can live their life comfortably. Maintaining a healthy body can be done by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. There are various types of exercise to maintain health, ranging from light exercise to extreme exercise. However, to do sports, many people do not have much time and are already tired of working and doing other activities. Actually, people who are busy and many activities can also do sports. An exercise that can be done by someone who has a lot of activity and doesn’t have much time is the lunge.

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How to Do Lunge

Lunge itself is actually a simple movement that is done to train and build muscle strength in several parts of the body. Lunge itself does not take much time, can be done anytime and anywhere, even regardless of age. Lunges are very easy to do, there are several steps to doing lunges, including:

  1. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart on the floor, not the mat.
  2. Straighten your back and place your hands on your hips. The body should be relaxed and the eyes looking forward.
  3. Step your right foot forward, at the same time, hips are brought down and knees bent at a 90% angle.
  4. Make sure your right knee doesn’t go over your toes and your left knee doesn’t touch the floor.
  5. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement with the left leg forward.

In addition to stepping forward, lunges can also be done in another style, namely by stepping back. This method is usually known as the backward method. Lunges are usually repeated 10 times. Even though you only do easy and light movements, this lunge has various benefits.

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Benefits of doing lunges

Simple movements can also be done and have many benefits for the body. Instead of exercise, lunges can be done anytime, anywhere. Simple but has many benefits, lunges have several benefits including:

  1. Strengthen Thigh Muscles
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Holding your leg in a lunge-like position can help strengthen your thigh muscles, especially the quadriceps. When the right foot steps forward, then what is formed and strong is the right thigh muscle, and vice versa. Doing lunges regularly can help your thigh muscles become strong.

  1. Strengthen Calf Muscles

The calf is a part of the body that is easily tired when the feet are used for long walks or running. Strengthen the calf muscles with lunge, subconsciously can help strengthen the calf muscles. So that the calf muscles are not easily tired when used to walk long distances or run.

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  1. Strengthens Core Muscles

Not only strengthening the thigh muscles and also the calf muscles, the benefits of lunges can also strengthen the core muscles. So that the core muscles can be stronger when used to carry out strenuous activities or various activities that require muscle strength.

  1. Shaping Buttocks and Thighs

Lunges that some women do are very good for keeping their body in shape. By doing lunges, the buttocks and thighs will be formed. This will cause a woman to look sexier, because the thigh muscles and buttocks are formed. So have a good body shape.

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  1. Balancing the Body

When doing lunges, the body will become balanced. Lunges are performed by strengthening one side of the body, and then alternating. This can help the body achieve balance if done regularly.

  1. Strengthens Abdominal Muscles

Even though the stomach doesn’t move, subconsciously, when holding the body with the legs, the stomach will also get its effect. When the lower body muscles support the weight of the body, the stomach also helps support the upper body and the abdominal muscles are also formed.

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  1. Strengthens Back Muscles

Doing lunges should usually be balanced with a straight back. By straightening the back and holding the load with the leg muscles, it will affect the back so that the back muscles stay healthy and stay straight.

  1. Restore Body Fitness
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Overall, every movement in the lunge can have a good effect on the whole body. Lunges that are done properly, will help the body to stay fit and stay healthy.

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  1. Shrink Thighs

The lunge movement can help reduce the size of the thigh, because in the lunge movement the legs are forced to move. This movement of the legs will affect the legs over time and can shrink the thighs.

  1. More Flexible Hips

The lunge movement forces you to pull on the hip flexor muscles. The hip flexor muscles are easily tense when used sitting for too long. By doing a lunge, the hip flexor muscles that usually feel stiff after sitting for a long time will no longer be felt.

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  1. Prevent Weak Leg Muscles

The lunge exercise is a simple exercise which then moves the movement to the legs. This can help strengthen the leg muscles so that the leg muscles avoid weak leg muscles.

  1. Relaxes the Spine

Doing lunges can help relax the spine. The movement in the lunge exercise helps release the tension that occurs in the spine. So that the spine becomes more relaxed.

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  1. Strengthen Joints

When doing a lunge in each movement bend and hold the bone. This can help strengthen the joints. Holding the leg in a supporting position and then keeping the leg and hip bent for a while can help strengthen the joint.

  1. Prevent Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms occur because the muscles are not ready to move and are then forced to move. To make the muscles more flexible and easy to move at any time in a ready position, doing lunges regularly can be a solution. Because with the benefits of lunges, muscle spasms can be avoided.

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  1. Prevents Muscle Stiffness

Muscles that are not moved for a long time can become stiff and eventually become difficult to use. By doing lunges, some muscles can move flexibly so as to avoid muscle stiffness. Muscles will be easy to move and easy to invite to do various activities.

  1. Maintaining Body Mobility

Simple exercises such as lunges can help maintain body mobility. Body mobility can be maintained when doing lunges regularly.

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  1. Prevent Injury

Doing lunges correctly and correctly will help the muscles to avoid injury. With lunges, the muscles in the body can be stabilized so there will be no injury. Muscles will become stronger and also avoid injuries that are often experienced due to movement errors or stiff muscles.

  1. More Functional

The movements performed during the lunge are mostly the lower body. By doing lunges can make the body more balanced. As long as it is done regularly and in the right way, lunges are very functional for the body.

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  1. Increase Muscle Mass

Some movements in the lunge can increase muscle mass.

  1. Reducing weight

Even if it’s only light exercise, doing lunges regularly can help burn calories to the maximum. In addition, it can also shed body fat so that there is no fat accumulation in the body.

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  1. Improve blood circulation

Doing exercise properly can certainly help nourish the body by helping blood circulation. So there are no problems due to poor blood circulation.

Simple, easy, inexpensive and provides so many benefits for health, lunge exercises also do not require a long time and special equipment. By routinely doing lunges in the right way, muscle health and body balance, as well as general body fitness can be created. With a healthy body, activities will run smoothly without a hitch.

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