4 Benefits of Fartlek Running for Body Health

a464b29a intensityFor most, you may be very familiar with different types of running if you see the benefits of jumping rope, but currently there is one type of running that is being intensively done by people. Namely the fartlek run, originally this run was created by an athlete from Sweden named Gosta Homer. In its own sense, fartlek running is a type of cardio exercise that is carried out in the open in areas of thickets, ditches, sandy soil, grass, soft soil and much more. The goal itself is to increase the body’s resistance and stability in various situations and weather. For the tempo, place and duration of running fartlek is not limited, it all depends on your own desire and endurance.

How to run fartlek is very easy, it’s different if you look at it benefits of adaptive exercise, you only need to do the slowest running movement then continue with the sprint movement. You can vary your running speed and play a little depending on your desire and endurance. The longer you run fartlek the better your endurance and vice versa. In order for your fartlek run to run smoothly, it’s a good idea to start at a low speed to a high speed. In addition to helping increase endurance, it is different from the benefits of bowlingHere are the benefits of running fartlek.

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Benefits of Fartlek Running

  1. Streamlining Blood Circulation

Fartlek running can improve your blood circulation, unlike wall sit benefitsBy doing a running motion, the heart will work to pump blood faster and circulate it throughout the body without any obstacles. This can break the habit for those of you who often experience tingling, cramps and numbness.

  1. Slowing the Coming of Tiredness

By playing the speed level on the fartlek run, you can start at a low speed first. By doing it slowly then quickly is different from lunge benefits, you can slow down the arrival of fatigue during exercise with maximum results. Your body’s resistance will increase drastically.

  1. Burn calories
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Fartlek running is a sport that can burn calories and fat that has accumulated in your body effectively. The benefits that you will get after running fartlek are that your body shape will be better. Usually you will experience fat loss in certain body parts such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, and calves. In addition, some parts of the body that sag will be firmer again, such as the toned buttocks and breasts.

  1. Healthy Heart

Fartlek running is a type of cardio exercise where your heart will be racing as you do it. With the work of the heart being stimulated, this will also make your heart exercise so that not only the body experiences increased resistance, so does the heart. Your heart will be healthier and less prone to heart diseases such as sudden heart attacks to coronary heart disease.

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Some of the benefits above are certainly very useful for your health, and as we know that exercise is a very important activity. You can always maintain your health by exercising, and fartlek running could be one type of sport that is suitable for you. Hopefully the above information can be useful and increase your knowledge about the world of sports.

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