Benefits of Kolang Kaling (No. 5 Makes Shock)

The benefits of kolang kaling are quite surprising for human health, from digestion to the high nutritional content that makes this fruit a super fruit. This fruit is often dried and made into a delicious snack mixed with various ices. Such as mixed ice, ice compote and so on. His name is all over the place. Kolang kaling is made from the seeds of the roof of the fruit. Actually this roof fruit is better known as the palm tree. This palm tree turns out to have many uses. Like a coconut tree. So from this palm fruit or roof fruit can be made as consumption material to be eaten.

Then the stems also function as building materials such as for the manufacture of houses and other equipment. As for the leaves can be used to wrap food. This palm or palm plant, which has the Latin name arengan pinnata, is a plant that is widely found in the archipelago.

1. Kolang Kaling Promotes Digestion

fro is good for facilitating digestion. This is because it is rich in fiber so this fruit is very good for the body’s digestive system. Digestion of course serves to process food and also removes food materials that are not nutritious or food waste from the body.

2. Kolang Kaling Contains Carbohydrates

This fruit, namely kolang kaling, turns out to contain carbohydrates which are good for those who are on a diet or avoiding high-fat foods. Carbohydrates in fro is quickly absorbed in the body so that it makes the body full quickly and is able to provide energy.

3. Arthritis Medicine

Kolang-kaling contains carbohydrates called galactomannan. This material is often used for the basis of medicinal ingredients, namely arthritis pain. According to research, the basic ingredients that are also contained reduce the pain that is often felt due to arthritis pain. Try to consume about 100-200 grams of kolang kaling which is not mixed with sugar and food coloring. Try to eat once a day. Kolang kaling can help overcome inflammation in the joints in your body.

4. Bone Growth and Prevent Osteoporosis

The high levels of calcium in kolang kaling also affect the body. Calcium is very good for bone growth and prevent osteoporosis. Bone disease is more common in women than men. Kolang kaling is actually quite good and can be used for fresh drinks such as fruit ice, suitable for consumption if you don’t like drinking milk. From 100 grams of fro there is a calcium content of about 91 milligrams. Interesting right?

5. Kolang Kaling Treats Itching

Before being made fro, palm fruit contains sap which when exposed to the skin feels itchy. But if made into intake, it can even treat itching. This discovery should be researched first, but some people have felt the effect when consuming kolang kaling, itching on the body begins to decrease. Although it should be investigated further.

6. Kolang Kaling is a Source of Healthy Vitamins

Kolang-kaling also contains vitamins such as vitamins A, B and C. Vitamin A is proven to be effective for strengthening eyesight or eyes. Then the B vitamins are good for the skin and other cells in the body. Lastly, vitamin C is a vitamin that is nutritious for the body, preventing canker sores, influenza and so on.

Kolang Kaling Nutritional Content

Roof fruit or kolang kaling is harvested from selected trees that are not too old and not too young. Lots of nutritional content is found from this fruit and fro, including:

  • Mineral
  • Fiber
  • Carbohydrate
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Phosphor
  • Iron

Like how do you make it?

How to make delicious kolang kaling

  1. Prepare the equipment to make it, among others
    • burlap sacks or baskets for holding palm fruit
    • knife or sickle for processing palm fruit
    • a pot or pot for boiling and soaking the palm fruit
    • stove or stove
    • wood swallows
    • a big spoon like a scoop and a scoop
    • big basin
  1. then also prepare the palm fruit which will be processed into fro. Try to separate the palm fruit, choose the one that is about half-ripe. To make it easier, choose a palm fruit whose skin is still green. Try to separate the dangling palm fruit, remove it and put it in a sack or basket.
  1. The method of making it can be started immediately, but first choose the method because there are two ways, namely burning and boiling the palm fruit.
    • How to burn the palm fruit like:
      • stack the palm fruit on the coals, so that the flesh of the fruit becomes slightly charred but the seeds remain intact
    • While the method of boiling the palm fruit
      • First, prepare a used pot, pan, skillet or drum
      • Fill both pots or pans with enough water
      • Third, place the pot or skillet on the oil stove or stove
      • Then the fourth, make sure that the collar is submerged in water
      • Fifth, make sure that the palm seeds are boiled for about 1 or 2 hours later
      • Pay attention if the water is cold
      • One by one, the cold palm fruit are taken when they are removed

This is intended to be able to remove fruit mucus. He said the slime of this fruit makes us itch when it comes in contact with human skin when touched.

  1. The palm seeds that have been boiled are then split and sliced
  1. after that the palm seeds can be peeled off or through the release stage. By means of the palm fruit that has its skin peeled off, try to remove the yellow color. You can use a knife to skin it, be careful using it. If it has been removed, try to choose the seeds that are intact, do it using soaked clean water
  1. then do the part so that the palm seeds can be soaked. First, prepare a place filled with lime water, such as a basin or pot, then sort out the palm seeds that look clean, try soaking them. The palm seeds are soaked together with lime water. It’s about two or three days. It is said that palm seeds that have been soaked in lime water can make them clean because dirt is deposited there. The elasticity of the seeds is also obtained from soaking in the lime water. Now, after soaking, you will see the palm seeds. Usually it is white. That is what is called kolang kaling seeds.

That’s how to make fro, the little white that is beneficial for health. Want to know what are the benefits of kolang kaling, here

You certainly know that this fruit consists of almost 98% water. The shape is oval and the taste is slightly chewy. It is more often used as a mixture for other types of food or drink. Usually fro can be made into sweets, how about that? how to make candied fruit and fruit ?

Processing of Kolang Kaling: Sweets

First prepare the equipment and the ingredients are

  • Sugar palm fruit
  • Air
  • Granulated sugar
  • Food colouring
  • Essence or pandan fragrance (natural)

Second, do the following steps:

  1. kolang kaling soaked for about 24 hours in clean water, then wash
  2. prepare food coloring, depending on the desired color. Mix the fro with food coloring and mix well. Let stand for a while to mix evenly
  3. when it has been mixed with the dye and fro, it can be washed again until it is clean, you can do it over and over again
  4. prepare a mixture of ingredients such as sugar of approximately 50 percent consisting of 600 grams dissolved in a liter of liquid or water. Heat the sugar water until it boils. Then cool
  5. then soak kolang kaling in the sugar liquid for about a few days
  6. soaking water can be heated every day, but separate it with the kolang kalingnya. After being heated, the sugar water is cooled again. After that soaked again with kolang kalingnya.

Candied kolang kaling can be enjoyed alone or sold. Marketing is also easy because many want to sell it, especially during the fasting month or Ramadan to serve as an appetizer.

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