7 Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Typhoid Patients

Typhoid is a disease that has existed for hundreds of years. This disease is a disease that is mostly caused by people who suffer from not maintaining food hygiene and environmental hygiene. Bacteria that are in food and a dirty environment will be able to cause various diseases such as typhus, the bacteria that cause typhus, namely salmonella bacteria.

Typhoid is a disease that is more related to the intestines and stomach. The bacteria that can cause typhoid are salmonella typhi or salmonella paratyphi A, B and C. These bacteria can also cause gastroenteritis and septicemia. Typhoid disease does not look at age in attacking humans, whether small, adolescent, adult or old, it has no effect, but what is more influential is the condition of the food consumed such as dirty food, spoiled food, immature food such as raw meat, and can be caused by places used for dirty eating such as dirty spoons, plates and water for dirty dishes.

Typhoid Symptoms

People who suffer from typhus experience early symptoms such as decreased appetite, lethargy, not feeling well, muscle pain, coughing, and a stiff stomach. Then after the typhus starts to get worse it will cause other more serious symptoms such as nausea, diarrhea, long fever and impaired consciousness.

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People who suffer from typhus, are different from people who suffer from other diseases, because other diseases are more recommended to consume fruit, while typhoid is not arbitrary fruit that can be consumed by those suffering from typhus. In addition to typhoid, doctors often recommend that you eat more fruits and vegetables, but this is different from typhoid, which requires you to be more careful with the fruits and vegetables you eat. For this reason, it is better if you know the foods that can be consumed for typhoid sufferers. Even though you don’t expect typhus, this knowledge can be used as a provision of knowledge when you are going to visit someone who is sick with typhus.

Food for Typhoid Patients

Some of the food criteria that can be consumed by typhoid patients are as follows:

  • Foods that are high in water and contain enough calories, vitamins, and protein.
  • Foods that are free of fiber content.
  • Foods that do not contain or cause gas production in the body.
  • Foods that are soft and easily digested by the body.
  • Foods that do not contain milk and are not made from milk.
  • Foods that are spared from high fat content, high salty taste, high sour taste, high sweet taste, high spicy taste and sharp spices.
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The above criteria are foods that should not be consumed, from the description above, it can be concluded that the foods that can be consumed by people suffering from typhus are:

  1. From the criteria for fruit, namely, fruit that does not contain fiber, is soft, does not taste sharp, is a fruit that is not eaten with the skin.
  2. From the vegetable criteria, namely, low-fiber vegetables such as long beans, carrots, tomatoes, and spinach.
  3. Protein, from protein criteria, namely vegetable protein such as tempeh (can be steamed finely) and tofu. Meanwhile, animal protein sources can be given such as boiled chicken liver, boiled fish, boiled eggs and other sources of boiled protein.
  4. From the carbohydrate criteria, it can be given food sources of carbohydrates such as rice porridge or flour porridge, boiled potatoes, and pudding.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit for Typhus

Dragon fruit is a unique and familiar fruit in Indonesia. Dragon fruit has a nice red color and a very unique shape. Dragon fruit is a fruit that comes from Mexico. In Mexico, dragon fruit is known by the name of its pita or pitahaya. Dragon fruit was originally only an ornamental plant, but after it was known the fruit can be consumed and contains many health benefits in it. Then this fruit became widely consumed and even favored by many people, not only in Indonesia but in various countries.

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1. The flesh of the fruit is tender

Dragon fruit is a good fruit if consumed by people who suffer from typhus. Dragon fruit has a soft flesh, a taste that is not sharp and includes fruit that is not eaten with the skin, so it is in accordance with the criteria for a good fruit to be consumed for people suffering from typhus.

2. Abundant nutritional content

Dragon fruit contains many benefits that are good for typhoid, some of which include antioxidants, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, protein, vitamin C, vitamin B1 and vitamin B2. With the many vitamins contained in dragon fruit, it can help nourish the body of people affected by typhoid.

3. Easy to make

Dragon fruit will be more delicious if consumed in juice, so people who suffer from typhus can enjoy dragon fruit easily and deliciously. Dragon fruit is indeed a little expensive compared to other fruits but by looking at the many benefits contained in it, this fruit is not expensive anymore.

Other benefits of dragon fruit:

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