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9 Benefits of Rafting for Body and Mental Health

Benefits of white water raftingHave you ever tried to do white water rafting? White water rafting is one of the water sports that is included in extreme sports. Although white water rafting is included in the category of extreme sports, it can be done by everyone, including people who have never had rafting experience. White water rafting is a river that has a special water discharge with waves and other obstacles.

In Indonesia, there are several cities as the best rafting places such as Batu, Malang, West Java, Magelang and several other cities. During the holiday season, various rafting facilities will be visited by guests from various regions and even foreign countries. Many people want to do white water rafting, but are still unsure about the benefits and risks that can be faced when rafting.

The following are some of the benefits of white water rafting for body and mental health:

Benefits of Rafting for Physical

1. Train the Body’s Muscle Strength

The rafting participants are seen just sitting on the boat and moving according to the waves of the water that move the boat. However, this has not been seen at all, because the sport of the rapids makes the body trained. This is because when the boat moves, the body is required to be balanced so as not to fall. In addition, when the water does not move the boat much, the boat must be moved with the oars of all participants in the boat.

The formation of this body muscle can be done with a number of sports such as:

2. Helps Burn Body Calories

Are you on a diet to lose weight? Try it sometime sport benefits rafting, when saturated with the diet program. In the rafting movement, the body position is required to perform various types of movements. Rowing movement is needed when the boat is in a steady water flow, while the boat needs a strong movement to maintain the boat when it is in a fast water flow.

If various types of movement in white water rafting are carried out continuously, the body’s metabolism for burning calories becomes faster without realizing it. This will help the diet program that is being undertaken.

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3. Strengthens the Heart Muscle

White water rafting requires extra energy for the body. Various types of movements such as rowing will strengthen the arm and chest muscles. However, in this activity when rafting, there is usually a sense of fear and worry. This feeling will make the heart work faster. For people who have fear it will make the heart race.

The strength of the body’s muscles will flow oxygen to the blood vessels and the heart will pump faster. This is what makes rafting very good for training heart muscle strength.

4. Clean the Lungs

The natural environment as a place to do white water rafting is usually still very beautiful because the river is still flowing. If possible, get used to breathing urban air with high pollution which is less likely to be green benefits, then the lungs may also be less clean. Breathing fresh air in white water rafting tourist attractions such as rivers surrounded by hills, mountains, rice fields and cliffs will make the lungs breathe clean air. White water rafting will make the body’s health condition more stable, even for internal organs such as the lungs.

Benefits of Rafting Mentally

5. Relaxing the Mind

White water rafting is a very fun water sport. Various types of rafting places usually have very beautiful natural scenery. The sound of the current and the waves of the river water with a special height will make the mind fresher. White water rafting will make everyone’s mind calmer so that all the burdens of thoughts and work pressures can be released.

6. Relieve Stress

The pressures of work and city life are the highest potential causes of stress. Stress can affect your health. To relieve stress, try to do what you like like benefits of playing guitar. White water rafting can also be a fun choice, moreover, the natural scenery that is served is definitely soothing. Activities in the sun will bring happiness. Having fun with nature, such as white water rafting, will make you feel better and mentally.

7. Fighting Fear

Many people have excessive fear or phobia. Fear of water becomes very uncomfortable for some people. White water rafting is an excellent exercise medium for controlling fear and worry in people who suffer from water phobia. When doing this rafting activity, a beginner must be accompanied by an instructor to teach techniques to fight fear.

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Satisfaction when you reach the finish line, will make fear easy to fight. In this way one can have a very great experience of fighting fear.

8. Strengthen Friendship

The bond of friendship can make a person have a better mental condition. This encourages a person to have better behavior and a high social spirit. When rafting in a group of friends or people who are just getting to know, the intensity of cooperation when doing rafting will make social relations closer.

9. Train Your Emotions

Against the current of water requires elements of the body from various parts. Strong body and healthy muscles will be moved during rafting. In addition, several people who are in one rafting boat have different tasks. The most important emotional bond when going against the grain when on a difficult track, will provoke the emotions of all participants.

The benefits of white water rafting will make the emotional bond between participants and personal emotions more stable. Because this will train oneself, to take a stand in the most dangerous conditions on a team.

Doing rafting has a very great potesin for body and mental condition. White water rafting will bring humans closer to nature so that humans can also appreciate nature more. So, are you still hesitant to try white water rafting?

Safety Tips When Doing White Water Rafting

Many people see white water rafting as a dangerous sport. When viewed as a whole, white water rafting does not always pose a potential danger. The rafting process carried out according to the procedure will not pose a danger. So, don’t forget to continue to pay attention to safety during rafting.

The following are some safety tips when doing white water rafting:

Tips 1 :

Wearing a Life Jacket

White water rafting can be a dangerous sport, if it is done at a certain water level and has a difficult track terrain. In addition there is always the potential that your body may be thrown into the water. If you can swim then it is not a strong guarantee for safety. Wearing a life jacket will help you when your body is thrown into the water. The life jacket can function when the water current is strong.

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Tips 2 :

Use Protective Device

Protective equipment is equipment that should not be left behind when rafting. Must wear helmet for head protection, gloves if needed. Safety equipment will usually always be introduced by the rafting instructor.

Tips 3 :

Wear comfortable clothes

The clothes worn when rafting should also be in accordance with the needs. Don’t wear sandals with high heels or sneakers that can absorb a lot of water. All comfortable clothes are better to wear than to be concerned with style.

Tips 4 :

Follow the Briefing Process

The briefing process will usually be introduced to all rafting participants. Never underestimate all the instructions given by the chairman or the rafting committee. Important instructions usually relate to:

  • paddle technique
  • boat defense technique
  • techniques to master the swift current
  • how to save yourself when you fall into the water

Follow all the instructions so that if something goes wrong, you can find a way out.

Tips 5 :

Follow the Leader while Rafting

In a boat used for rafting, it will usually be led by a leader. The leader who will give a signal to all participants. In the process of rafting, it is best to continue to obey the leader’s orders and not do things that are harmful to all participants.

Tips 6 :

It’s not easy to panic

Don’t panic easily, that’s one of the things that is said most often in white water rafting. The participants had to trust all the members in one boat so that if the unthinkable happened it would be easy to take action.

Tips 7 :

Master the Swimming Technique

White water rafting does not require special swimming skills because swimming in river currents is very difficult. To prevent all accidents, everyone who wants to do rafting must master swimming techniques. Benefits of swimming not only healthy for the body, but can guarantee safety under certain conditions.

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