15 Benefits of Afternoon Running for the Body

Benefits of Afternoon Running – There is much debate about which is better between an afternoon run or a morning run. Both afternoons running and morning running have their respective advantages.

Still, basically, for dietary purposes, before exercising, it’s better to have a gap of about 2 hours, and you don’t consume anything.

15 Benefits of Afternoon Running for the Body

The following are the benefits and some of the advantages of running in the Afternoon.

1. Fresher than a morning run

When a person runs in the morning, a sleepy state can remain in his eyes. Meanwhile, running in the Afternoon (around 4-5 pm) will get a cooler and fresher atmosphere because it is not overpowered by morning drowsiness. “Don’t people just finish their activities in the afternoon, making the afternoon run even more tiring?” The answer is no. If someone is doing sports, they have to do small activities such as a warm-up, and running in the Afternoon will relieve your tiredness in daytime activities.

2. Strengthen joints and bones

When we run, the joints in our bones move in the same direction as our feet. The more often we move the joints when running, the joints will be more flexible. Joints that are moved frequently will trigger a gland to continue to produce lubricant, which makes the joints more accustomed to daily movements. Likewise, with bones, the more often the bones are moved, the more flexibility the bones will be and reduce the potential for calcification of bones at an early age.

3. Healthy heart

When we exercise, including an afternoon run, the heart will be triggered by adrenaline nerves, making the heart continue to beat faster. The more often we “invite” the heart to pump, our heart will get used to the more strenuous sports. In addition, when we run, it means that our heart is pumping a lot of blood along with our movement. If this happens cyclically, it will help produce fresher blood from the oxygen we continuously breathe.

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Herbs for other heart health:

4. Lose more weight than the morning run

Did you know that running in the Afternoon will reduce weight more than running in the morning? In the Afternoon, we sweat more because the higher temperature triggers a faster metabolic process and absorbs heat. So, you’ve chosen the right activity for those who want to try the benefits of Afternoon running as a diet tool.

5. Increase stamina and endurance

When we often run in the Afternoon, our body will be stronger because it continues to be used to move. Afternoon running makes blood circulation smoother. The heart used to pump blood will replace carbon dioxide-saturated blood with fresh blood that carries a lot of oxygen which we breathe more when running.

6. Get used to strenuous exercise

Almost like the previous point, when we are used to running in the Afternoon, all our organs, including joints and bones, will get used to light movements. The body’s mechanism is made to grow, so our habits with simple movements will continue to develop into self-restraint to do strenuous exercise. For example, in the benefits of swimming, we can get a longer breath by applying the activity of running this Afternoon.

7. Extends breath for singers

The habit of running triggers our breathing with relatively fast, smooth muscle movements. Running in the Afternoon will get your lungs used to inflating even for a long time. In addition to needing a good voice, a singer also requires breathing exercises to make articulation clearer. This afternoon run helps you breathe longer so that when you say the lyrics in the song, you will get a clearer and clearer intonation.

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8. Overcoming stress

In addition to nourishing the body, running in the Afternoon will relieve the stress from work activities from morning to noon. We see the scenery and the cool air that blows when we run. Even abroad, this afternoon running activity is considered an anti-depressant activity.

Other anti-depressant activities include:

9. Practice breathing for people with asthma

With the same mechanism of action as previously mentioned, afternoon running activities will also train to breathe for people with asthma. Asthma is a disease that causes a person to only hold air in the lungs for a shorter time than normal people, so people with asthma have relatively shorter breaths. This can be overcome by running in the Afternoon. Even if it is done slowly and slowly, the lungs will train themselves to work more and, over a longer period, will improve respiratory function.

It is better to replace the Afternoon run with an afternoon walk for people with severe asthma.

10. Provides good quality sleep

Disorders of sleep quality problems are usually referred to as insomnia. Insomnia is usually caused by stress, fear, or illness that impairs restful sleep. However, it turns out that running in the Afternoon can speed up “insomnia time” for someone to get a good night’s sleep. Afternoon running activities will certainly give you a feeling of sleepiness due to fatigue, so people with insomnia can start falling asleep at the 17th minute and sleep longer than usual.

11. Prevents brain volume shrinkage

An assistant professor lecturer at the University of Maryland named J. Carson Smith said that running will stimulate nerve cells and blood vessels to prevent brain shrinkage in old age (angiogenesis). This brain shrinkage is disturbing and causes senile disease in older people. It is proven that people who often exercised in their youth have a better memory in old age than people who never exercised.

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12. Reduce menstrual pain

Many women who experience menstruation choose to sleep, and it is considered to reduce pain. But that assumption is wrong. Light activities such as sweeping and running in the Afternoon will reduce the pain to reduce pain during menstruation. Why? Because when running, there are glands that produce endorphins to relieve pain and make the body more comfortable.

In addition, people who are menstruating and doing sports will excrete more dirty blood to take the menstrual process more quickly.

13. Prevent cancer

People who regularly do sports will reduce the risk of cancer. The benefits of running in the Afternoon for the body that is regularly will result in a stronger immune system. Strong immunity will inhibit malfunctioning cancer cells that undergo mutations, so you will be 25% more protected from cancer than people who don’t like to exercise.

Other anti-cancer solutions are:

14. Make muscles bigger

The muscles in our body will contract when we are exercising. Muscle is an elastic union of nerves, so it will change shape with how often we contract. For men who want to enlarge their muscles, running in the Afternoon will trigger the muscles to contract so that large muscles are formed continuously.

15. Improve memory and concentration

A study in the American Journal of Geriatrics provides information that active women in activities will reduce the likelihood of developing senile dementia in old age. Without realizing it, when we are running, we are training to concentrate on the passed roads. If we often train concentration by running activities in the Afternoon, we will get better memory because we have trained our brains to concentrate. Concentration and memory will help you as a student or worker who needs many ideas.