16 Benefits of Javanese Ginseng for Body Health

Javanese ginseng or Javanese som which has the scientific name Talinun Paniculatum has roots that look the same as Korean ginseng plants. This Javanese ginseng plant also has many benefits for the body such as fighting disease and also maintaining a healthy body. Some of the important ingredients in Javanese ginseng roots include flavonoids, tannins and saponins. While the leaves of Javanese ginseng contain vitamin A, flavonoids, steroids, essential oils and saponins. Not only is it beautiful in shape so it is often used as an ornamental plant and the leaves can be processed into vegetables, a mixture of noodles or fresh vegetables, the following are some of the benefits of Javanese ginseng to overcome disease and maintain complete health.

  1. Stimulates the Nervous System

Javanese people have long used this Javanese ginseng plant for sexual health problems. Some of the content in this Javanese ginseng will stimulate the performance of the peripheral nervous system and the central nervous system so that blood flow can be smoother in the body.

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  1. Improve the Performance of Sexual Organs

Javanese ginseng can also be used as a natural treatment for sexual problems. One of the important compounds in Javanese ginseng, namely genocide, will work by stimulating the hormone testosterone to help the performance of the human sexual system.

  1. Overcoming Erectile Dysfunction

The content of panaksinol in Javanese ginseng is very well used to stimulate sexual function so that it can overcome various complaints of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems. However, when viewed from the efficacy, then Javanese ginseng is under red ginseng which is already well known for dealing with erectile dysfunction problems.

  1. Improve Mood
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The genocide content in Javanese ginseng is also useful for stimulating the formation of endorphins which play an important role in encouraging the formation of mood so that you can be more focused and enthusiastic in daily activities.

  1. Build Energy and Muscle System

In Java ginseng also contains vitamin B which is very good to form energy more efficiently. In addition, fatigue will disappear faster and damage to the muscle system and ligament tissue can also be repaired properly.

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  1. Smoothing Blood Flow

Javanese ginseng also contains plant sterols which have a function to improve the blood circulation system as well as improve blood flow. If the blood flow in the body can run well, it will be easier to enter the brain and finally the brain can supply enough oxygen so that it can think, concentrate and analyze better.

  1. Increase Skin Beauty

Due to the high vitamin C content, Javanese ginseng is also very good for cell regeneration and repair of damaged cells such as skin. So, by consuming Javanese ginseng regularly, healthy skin can be obtained more easily.

  1. Help Diet

The content of antioxidants and fiber contained in Javanese ginseng has a role to help the diet program that you are currently living. These nutrients will attract more fat and cholesterol from the body which at the same time will also launch your digestive system.

  1. Improve Digestive Health

The fiber contained in Javanese ginseng also has other uses, namely as an anti-inflammatory, so that problems that occur in the digestive system can be resolved such as stomach ulcers, neutralize stomach acid levels and also produce several enzymes in your digestive system. You can find more of the benefits of Javanese ginseng for digestion in the leaves than the roots of Javanese ginseng.

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  1. Maintain Liver Health

Liver health can also be maintained properly because of the saponin content in Javanese ginseng. The saponins in tamarind will neutralize several types of toxins in the liver while regenerating liver cells so that their performance can be maintained properly. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties present in Javanese ginseng will also prevent liver damage due to infections such as liver cancer.

  1. Launching Breast Milk Production

For those of you who have just given birth and are breastfeeding, consuming Javanese ginseng is very good to do so that milk production can be smoother. In the Javanese ginseng plant, there are several important ingredients to improve blood circulation, so that breast milk stimulation can be increased.

  1. Overcoming Diabetes

From the research that has been done also proves that the roots and leaves of Javanese ginseng are very good for treating diabetes. The content of cyclophosphamide in Javanese ginseng will overcome various complaints of diabetics very quickly and effectively.

  1. As Anti Cancer

In Javanese ginseng also contains polysaccharides which will increase the body’s immune system to fight and kill cancer cells. In addition, the leaves of the Javanese ginseng plant also contain cyclophosphamide which is used for anti-cancer treatment.

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  1. Overcoming Swelling and Wound Treatment

The high antioxidant content, flavonoids, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and also anti-histmin content in Javanese ginseng is also very good for overcoming swelling and also healing wounds faster. In addition, the body will also be more immune to various attacks of viruses and bacteria that come from outside your body.

  1. Increase appetite
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Javanese ginseng can also be used to increase appetite as well as gain weight naturally which is obtained from the steroid content in the Javanese ginseng. The trick is to drink boiled water of 7 pieces of Javanese ginseng leaves every day to get more perfect results.

  1. Cure Acne

The essential oil content in Javanese ginseng is steroidal so that it can increase the body’s immune system and act as a good anti-bacterial. The trick, puree young Javanese ginseng leaves together with a little brown sugar and then rub this mixture on boils or pimples regularly until fully healed.

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How to Process Javanese Ginseng Plants

To get the efficacy of Javanese ginseng is actually not too difficult depending on the use of this plant whether for internal diseases or only as external treatment.

  • Internal diseases: To overcome internal diseases, you can dry the leaves of Javanese ginseng and then grind it and brew it into tea or it can also be processed into dishes such as stir-fry, vegetables in soup and also drink boiled water of Javanese ginseng.
  • External diseases: Meanwhile, to overcome external diseases such as wounds, swelling or acne can be done by smoothing the leaves of Javanese ginseng and applying it directly to the problem areas of the body.

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The Javanese ginseng plant, which was originally only a wild plant, has now become an ornamental plant or a living pharmacy because it has very beneficial ingredients for the health of the body, from the leaves to the roots of the Javanese ginseng.

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