10 Benefits of Acroyoga for Body Health

Along with the development of the times, exercise is carried out not only to obtain benefits for a healthy body and body fitness but exercise is also done because it has become a lifestyle trend. Especially for people who live in urban areas, sport is a lifestyle trend that is often done. Of the various kinds of sports that are popular, one of them is acroyoga.

What is Acroyoga?

Acroyoga is a sport that is done with movements that contain elements of acrobatic and yoga. Now this sport has started a trend since the last two years, it is not only yoga who do this sport, but artists also do this sport. Some of the artists who do acroyoga are Andien, Luna Maya and Raisa.

Acroyoga is a sport that originated in India. Acroyoga is a type of yoga. Yoga is a sport that can be done indoors and in a relatively shorter time than other sports. This sport is done in pairs with several movements that combine acrobatic movements and yoga but are fun.

Three Acroyoga Movements

In this sport there are 3 positions or roles, namely base, flyer and spotter.

  • Base is a person who acts as a buffer or supports the body of the partner who is doing the movement. The base body is almost all touching the floor.
  • The flyer is the person supported by the base or the person doing the acroyoga movement and the flyer’s body does not touch the ground or floor.
  • Spotter is a person who is ready to help the base or flyer when there is a movement error and keep the two movements balanced.

Apart from being a trending sport in the last two years, Acroyoga also has many health benefits for the body like other sports. Some of the benefits of acroyoga are as follows:

  1. Train muscle strength
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The main benefit of acroyoga is to train muscle strength. Some of the muscles that will be trained for strength are large muscles. The acroyoga movement might be a bit extreme for people who have never done it before. The movement of hovering or flying over the legs will activate the abdominal muscles and pubic muscles. To do the acroyoga movement, it is necessary to do a warm-up movement first, namely yoga so that there is no injury. Especially for people who rarely or never do sports, the muscles in the body become passive, so it is very important to warm up before doing acroyoga.

  1. Practice courage

Many people think that acroyoga is a difficult and scary sport to do. Indeed, this sport requires courage to do it so that it can train courage in a person. In addition to providing physical benefits, this sport also provides mental benefits, namely courage. When you do not dare to try then you have to fight mentally within yourself that you can do it yourself as long as you believe that you can do it yourself. When this happens, we are actually fighting mentally within ourselves. According to the coaches of this sport, if you want to try and have confidence that you can do it, you will be able to beat the most difficult moves.

Other activities that train courage:

  1. Bone formation

Acroyoga movements such as kayaking on the feet can straighten a hunched spine. This can be an alternative to straighten the spine and can reduce back pain. People who are used to doing this movement will have the benefit of the body becoming more comfortable and lighter.

  1. Harmonizing relationships
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This sport is done in pairs by involving body movements and communication between the two so that this sport can harmonize a relationship. Relationships are not only husband and wife but also family relationships and even strangers who don’t know each other can get to know each other so they can get along faster. In the acroyoga movement, communication is established between the base and the flyer so that there is an instant connection. This sport will train mutual trust, chemistry and good communication.

  1. Tighten the vitals

For women, acroyoga has more benefits, namely tightening the vital organs. Some yoga movements involve the inner thighs so that they affect the vital organs. Vital tools become tighter so that your relationship with your husband will be more harmonious and intimate for those who are married.

  1. Practice patience

Acroyoga is a sport that combines acrobatics and yoga, so the element of yoga is still very strong in this sport. When doing movements that require high concentration, patience is also needed, so this will help train your patience. Movements such as standing on one leg with the hands up often make the person doing this movement tremble and failing to do so can cause emotions.

During this movement, the instructor will provide motivation and direction so that we can be more patient and can control emotions. Many people feel more restrained in their emotions and do not get angry easily and feel that they are better when they do this exercise regularly.

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Solutions to practice patience:

  1. Improve focus and memory

When doing acroyoga, it takes concentration and a focused mind so that the movement will be carried out successfully. With a focused mind, you will get extra benefits from this sport, namely relieving stress and calming the mind and soul.

  1. Boost the immune system

This exercise can also be useful for boosting the immune system so that the body is not susceptible to disease. Physically accustomed to acroyoga movements will expel sweat and toxins in the body and increase the immune system in the body.

Solutions for other body immunity:

  1. Strengthens legs and relieves body tension

The movement of this sport can strengthen the leg muscles so that the legs are stronger. This movement can also relieve body tension after you can do it in a relaxed manner, then your body will become more flexible and your mind will be fresher.

  1. Help heal chronic health conditions

This sport can also cure several chronic diseases such as depression, insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, digestion and blood circulation. With the type of movement that can calm and focus the mind so that depression can be overcome. Insomnia can also be resolved because when you have finished doing body movements you will feel more comfortable and comfortable and your mind will be calmer so you can sleep quickly and calmly. Insomnia often occurs when people are mostly thinking, so this exercise can relax the mind.

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