10 Benefits of Old Coconut Water for Health

Coconut water comes from coconuts that can be picked directly from the stem. Water from coconuts has long been known to prevent dehydration in the body, so many bottled waters use coconut water as their basic ingredient. But do you know if there is a difference between young coconut water and old coconut water. According to research, old coconut water has more health benefits. This is because the more ripe the fruit, the richer and more complete the nutritional content it has. The nutritional content of old head water is:

  • Mineral contained in aged coconut water as much as 91 % which works for the body to launch the metabolic system.
  • Protein serves to help regenerate skin cells in the body to stay durable and young.
  • Fat useful to protect the organs – organs of the body from impact when falling.
  • Vitamin c which is rich in benefits to provide natural antioxidants for your body.
  • Carbohydratest is one source of energy to carry out daily activities of the body.

So don’t be surprised if drinking old coconut water is an option, besides its refreshing taste, it also has health benefits. The following is a review of the benefits of old coconut water for health, including:

1. Bowel disease

The intestine is located at the bottom of the stomach with a very long size. The length of the small intestine in the human body is 8 meters. The intestine is broadly divided into two, namely the small intestine and the large intestine. After the stomach, it is directly connected to the small intestine and then the large intestine as the last place for the disposal of substances that are not used in the body. The small intestine functions to absorb the juices of food that have been softened in the stomach and the remaining food that is not absorbed is continued in the large intestine to be removed from the body. Intestinal disease is one of the most common and fatal diseases for your health. But did you know that one way to prevent intestinal disease is to regularly drink old coconut water every day. Because the small intestine is very sensitive and susceptible to various diseases that can attack.

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2. Measles

Measles can be treated with young coconut water by drinking young coconut water twice a day. Young coconut water can help dry up measles and provide a healing process for this disease. The characteristics of measles are red circles that grow almost all over the body and the high fever that sufferers suffer. Measles also has a contagious nature, so don’t get too close to people with measles. (Also read: Benefits of immunization by type)

3. Facilitate digestion

Healthy digestion is characterized by a smooth process of removing large amounts of water from the body. The digestive system can be disrupted when the body lacks fiber intake from outside the body. Fiber is found in many fruits and vegetables. And fiber is also present in old coconut water which functions to facilitate digestion so that the body becomes healthy and fit always.

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4. Get rid of toxins in the body

Furthermore, the benefits of drinking old coconut water are to get rid of toxins that are lodged in the body. Toxins in the body are caused by the many chemicals such as preservatives found in the food eaten. Preservatives and dyes have long been explained that are not good for health. Although there have been many circulars prohibiting the use of preservatives and dyes that are not derived from natural ingredients, so that they are not used. In fact, it is still used regardless of the impact that will occur on people who consume it. So that in a long time these substances settle in the body and if left continuously will cause diseases such as cancer which can cause death.

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5. Get rid of acne

Acne is one of the most common skin problems in teenagers. Acne is caused by the production of excess oil glands on the face and is contaminated with dust so that pimples arise. Acne can indeed go away on its own when hormone levels begin to stabilize. However, steps for healing are also needed if the acne condition is very severe. Drinking coconut water can help get rid of acne and also disguise the black spots of your acne scars naturally. Moreover, old coconut water also has a delicious and delicious taste.

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6. Treating external wounds

One of the benefits of young coconut water in addition to being consumed can also be used to treat wounds that are outside the body. The method is quite easy, just wash the wound with old coconut water twice a day. Slowly the healing process will begin by drying the wounds you experience that are outside the body.

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7. Cholera

Cholera is a disease related to the skin. This disease is easily transmitted by contact or through clothing. Cholera is initially small and can grow large slowly if left alone. Cholera is caused by consuming food that has been infected with the Vibrio cholerae bacteria that causes cholera. To overcome cholera, try to regularly consume young coconut water as your drink.

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8. Vomit

The next benefit of young coconut water is to overcome vomiting. Vomiting can occur when the stomach is experiencing disturbances such as late eating, traveling long distances that drain a lot of energy and fever. Vomiting has been considered as a mild disease when in fact vomiting if left unchecked can cause the body to lack fluids which causes dehydration so that the body becomes easily tired and uninspired.

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9. Fever

The next benefit that can be obtained by consuming old coconut water is to overcome high fever that occurs in children. High body heat can be caused by the ever-changing weather, which reduces the child’s immune system. To overcome the fever, try giving coconut water to reduce body heat.

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10. Dehydration

The amount of activity you do can make you lose a lot of body fluids. As a substitute for body fluids that are lost naturally is to drink coconut water. So to overcome thirst, you don’t only need water, but you can also use coconut water. Because old coconut water contains carbohydrates that can be used as an energy booster in carrying out daily activities.

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That’s a brief review of the benefits of old coconut water which is widely used in the health sector. So don’t worry about consuming coconut water as long as the right amount will not cause any side effects.

How to Make Drinks from Old Head Water

As for there are ways or steps so that old coconut water is not only healthy but also tastes good and delicious, especially when drunk on a hot day. The materials you need to prepare and how to make them are as follows:

  • Old coconut filled with water that is selected directly from the stem.
  • Liquid milk can be anything.
  • Coconut flavored syrup can be any brand.
  • Peel the skin from the coconut as a whole until it is clean so that there is no more coconut husk attached to the shell.
  • Split the two coconuts to take the water. Separate the coconut water from the contents because generally the old coconut has hardened and more coconut milk is made to cook the curry in the kitchen.
  • Pour into the old coconut water glass then add the syrup and milk. Stir slowly until everything is evenly distributed.

Finally, as a freshener in the throat, you can add ice cubes to add a sense of cold during hot weather during the day.

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