6 Benefits of Organic Brown Rice for Health

Although most people prefer to consume white rice, brown rice is also widely known among the public. Some consume brown rice for healthier reasons, but do not know for sure what content is in brown rice, especially organic brown rice. Organic brown rice does have a less pleasant taste like white rice. In terms of texture, white rice is fluffier than organic brown rice. Compared to other food ingredients, organic brown rice has more nutritional content and has greater health benefits. In general, organic rice has advantages over non-organic rice.

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Advantages of Organic Rice

In contrast to non-organic rice, organic rice has its own advantages so that the price of organic rice is also more expensive than non-organic rice. From the time of plant care, organic rice is treated in a natural way without using chemicals as fertilizer or anti-pest. Organic rice is free from various chemicals commonly used for the treatment of non-organic rice. Some of the advantages possessed by organic rice compared to non-organic rice include:

  1. Organic rice does not have dyes like bleach
  2. Free from chemicals, such as pesticides and other plant medicines
  3. Has a higher fiber content
  4. Can prevent various types of diseases
  5. Prevent cholesterol

Of the several advantages possessed by organic rice, organic rice has a variety of useful content when consumed. Although its function is the same as other non-organic rice, namely as a food ingredient, organic rice has more advantages and nutrients in it. This organic rice includes organic white rice, organic brown rice, and organic black rice. Of the various varieties, each organic rice has its own advantages. One of them is organic brown rice, which is believed to have more content and benefits than other types of rice.

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Content In Organic Red Rice

In general, organic brown rice has the same content as other rice. However, organic brown rice has some content with different levels from other types of rice. Organic brown rice contains fiber, B vitamins and other vitamins. Some of these contents can improve health and keep the body from being susceptible to disease. In addition, organic brown rice also has a lower glycemic index compared to other types of rice, making it safer to consume for diabetics.

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Benefits of Organic Brown Rice

The content contained in organic brown rice has benefits for maintaining a healthy body. Since the first, brown rice is known as a type of rice that can overcome various types of diseases and is used as the main substitute for white rice. Some of the other benefits obtained from consuming organic brown rice include:

  1. Maintain Nerve Health

Organic brown rice contains B vitamins, one of which is also vitamin B12. In accordance with its function, B vitamins have a very good function for nerve reproduction. The B vitamins contained in organic brown rice help rebuild dead nerve cells so that dead nerve cells are immediately replaced with new cells. The formation of this nerve is very important for the process of forming the myelin sheath in the body which has a function to protect nerve cells. If the myelin sheath formation process is not disturbed and goes well, then the body will receive stimulation from the brain more quickly.

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  1. Prevent Cardiovascular Problems

From research conducted at Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, organic brown rice has angiotensin II which functions to overcome blockages in arteries and overcome high blood pressure. In addition, brown rice can also overcome various degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, asthma and liver.

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  1. Has a high fiber content

Brown rice has a higher fiber content than other types of rice. The fiber contained in organic brown rice can overcome digestive disorders such as constipation, flatulence and several other digestive problems. In addition to overcoming digestive problems, the fiber in organic brown rice can also lower cholesterol in the blood so that it can facilitate blood flow.

The high fiber content in organic brown rice affects its glycemic index. The higher the fiber content, the lower the glycemic index. With a low glycemic index, organic brown rice can inhibit or slow down the passage of glucose into the blood. That way, consuming organic brown rice can prevent the body from developing diabetes.

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  1. Overcoming Diseases Caused by Vitamin B Deficiency

Deficiency of B vitamins in the body can cause various types of diseases. Diseases that may occur due to vitamin B deficiency include beriberi, rheumatism, backache, tingling and various other diseases caused by vitamin B deficiency. Organic brown rice has a high vitamin B content so that it can meet the needs of B vitamins by the body.

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  1. Increase Stamina

Brown rice contains vitamins B1, B6 and B12 which can increase energy in the body and increase stamina so that the body becomes stronger. Consuming brown rice can increase body strength so that the body will not get tired easily when doing an activity compared to consuming other foodstuffs.

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  1. Healthy Bones

The magnesium content in organic brown rice can help maintain bone health by balancing the benefits of calcium in the bones. The high phosphorus content in organic brown rice can also help maintain bone density. With the magnesium and phosphorus contained in organic brown rice, bone health will be maintained. The need for magnesium and phosphorus that is met early on can help reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis in old age.

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Consuming organic brown rice has not become a habit for most people. However, the many benefits derived from consuming organic brown rice, both in terms of health and the content in it, could be a consideration for switching food ingredients to organic brown rice. By consuming foods that have good nutritional content, you can maintain overall health.