Benefits of Mango Root for Humans

Mangoes are known as sweet and fresh fruits that bear fruit in certain seasons. In Indonesia, there are many types of mangoes, ranging from taste, smell, shape and size. This fruit is spread throughout Indonesia and is widely cultivated or planted in the yard of the house. Mango itself has a lot of benefits because it contains vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are beneficial for the health of our bodies. (read also: mango benefits , Benefits of Mangga Podang)

Not only the fruit, mango leaves are also beneficial for our bodies. Although not many people know that the leaves are quite famous as one of the natural herbal medicines with many benefits. This is because mango leaves also contain substances that can treat several diseases. (read also: mango leaves benefits , Benefits of Gadung Mango)

In addition to the fresh, sweet and delicious fruit and the many benefits of leaves, it turns out that mango roots can also be useful, especially for health and the environment. So far, we may only take and enjoy the fruit which is rich in these vitamins, but it turns out that there are hidden benefits also in the roots. Mango root is a type of taproot. Where the root has many branches and is also long, it can even reach 6 meters. Roots are very important because they are the support of the tree, without the roots of the tree there will not be.

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What is not widely known is the benefits that exist in the root. The mango root itself certainly serves to strengthen the mango tree so that it does not collapse easily. In addition, it functions to absorb water and nutrients in the soil to be distributed throughout the mango tree. In addition, the roots of the mango tree are able to grip the ground so that the soil will not slide. That is the benefit of mango tree roots for the mango tree itself and also the environment. While the benefits for our health will be discussed further with the explanation below. (Also read: Benefits of Mango Seeds , Benefits of Mangga Manalagi)

Benefits of Mango Root for Health

1. Treat colds and fever

For those who have a fever, you can use mango root as an alternative treatment. By using mango root which is a natural ingredient, it will certainly be better than using chemical drugs that have side effects. The trick is to apply the mango root that has been ground until smooth and then rub it into the soles of the feet and palms. Prepare fresh mango roots that have been cleaned and then pounded until smooth and resembles a paste. Rub and rub the mango root paste to the fever sufferer, gradually the fever will disappear and the body will be fresh again. So instead of rushing to the doctor, mango root can be a natural alternative to reduce fever.

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2. For male vitality

The problem of vitality is quite a concern for men, especially those who are elderly. Indeed, many medicines are now available, but it would be better to use natural ingredients, one of which is mango root. The trick is to prepare mango roots that are still fresh and clean to taste then grate. Put the grated mango root in a saucepan and add 2 cups of water, then boil. After boiling, wait until the water recedes from two glasses to only one glass. Strain the boiled water and drink one glass a day and feel the benefits and differences. So mango root can be an alternative natural herbal medicine to increase male vitality.

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So the mango tree is a tree that has a million benefits. Starting from the fruit, leaves, even the roots are also useful. Therefore, from now on you can start planting mango trees, you can start in your own yard or even now you can grow them in pots. By planting it, besides being able to take advantage of our health, the yard will also be cooler. Thus the benefits of mango root that can be explained. Hopefully this information can add insight and information related to the benefits of mango root. Use knowledge wisely and protect the environment and our health.

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