15 Benefits of Guava Dersono for Health and Beauty

guava dersono

Guava dersono may sound foreign to some people, but if it is called guava bol, many people know it. This red or dark red guava is known by different names in some areas, such as in Minangkabau this guava is called jambu jambak. In addition to its attractive color, guava dersono also has a distinctive fragrant aroma. Compared to water guava, guava bol has a softer and denser flesh texture and is white in color. It tastes sweet or sweet slightly sour. Therefore, this fruit is usually consumed directly or used as salad and pickles.

The fruit, which has the Latin name Syzygium malaccense, has long been found in Sumatra, the Malay Peninsula, and Java. In addition, this fruit is also widely grown in tropical countries and Caribbean countries such as Tobago, Trinidad, and Jamaica, so it is often called Jambu Jamaica. But unfortunately the guava dersono only bears fruit once a year so it is quite difficult to obtain and is priced quite expensive in the market.

Besides being delicious, guava dersono also contains various vitamins and minerals such as vitamins C, A, B1, protein, carbohydrates, fat, iron, phosphorus, and calcium. This makes guava dersono have a very good effect on health and beauty if consumed or processed into medicine. Here are some benefits of guava dersono for health and beauty.

1. Launch the dressing

Besides benefits of fatimah grass and benefits of date juice, guava dersono is one of the fruits that are sought after by pregnant women because it is believed to help smooth the delivery process. So that the delivery went smoothly and both mother and child were born safely.

2. Maintain skin health and beauty

Who doesn’t want beautiful and healthy skin? To get it is not difficult, one of them is diligently consuming guava dersono. With its high vitamin C content, it is very beneficial for skin health and beauty. (Also read: benefits of olive oil for beautymango benefits)

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3. Maintain cell health

The development of free radicals can damage normal and healthy cells in the body so that these cells become abnormal. To prevent this, the body needs antioxidants, one of which can be obtained from guava dersono. (Also read: corn benefitssource of antioxidants)

4. Helps the absorption of iron optimally

Iron is one of the nutrients needed by the body including to digest food and play a role in various important reactions in the body. For this reason, sufficient intake of iron is needed and is maximally absorbed by the body which can be obtained by consuming guava dersono which can help the process of absorption of iron in the body.

5. Improve sperm quality

One of the causes of difficulty in fertilization and pregnancy in some couples is due to poor sperm quality. Like the sperm wrapper which is damaged by free radical activity. For this reason, it is recommended for men to consume guava dersono which contains antioxidants that can protect sperm cells from free radical attacks so that the quality of sperm cells is maintained. (Also read: the benefits of sprouts for fertilitythe benefits of sprouts for fertility)

6. Overcoming fever

Although fever is a common symptom of illness, it should not be taken lightly. Measures must be taken to lower body temperature, including drinking brewed water from the fruit, leaves, or seeds of guava dersono. (Also read: benefits of neuralgin medicine)

7. Good for healthy teeth and gums

Lack of vitamins C and A can result in dental and gum problems such as swollen gums or bleeding gums. To prevent this, the body must receive adequate intake of vitamins C and A, one of which can be obtained from the consumption of guava dersono. (Also read: the benefits of citrus fruits for dental health)

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8. Good for eye health

The richness of vitamin A in guava dersono is also very good for eye health and prevents the eyes from various diseases. In addition to guava dersono, vitamin A intake can also be obtained from: carrot benefits and tomato benefits.

9. Boost immunity

Good immunity is important to protect the body from various diseases because around us there are so many viruses and bacteria that are ready to attack at any time. One way to increase immunity is to consume guava dersono which is rich in vitamin A which plays a role in increasing the function of white blood cells. As is known, white blood cells act as antivirals and antibodies that protect the body from various viruses and bacteria. (Also read: honey benefits)

10. Treating canker sores

Lack of vitamin C can cause mouth ulcers, a type of inflammation in the mouth in the form of yellowish white patches that feel painful, especially if you eat spicy food. To overcome this we can take advantage of the bark of guava dersono. You do this by boiling or brewing the bark with hot water. Once warm, this water can be drunk immediately. Do it regularly and canker sores will be reduced. (Also read: mangosteen benefits)

11. Relieves dysentery

Although a common disease in society, dysentery cannot be underestimated or left alone because it can be fatal. Treatment measures are needed either through drugs available in the market or with natural medicines such as guava dersono, benefits of crown of godand the benefits of mud.

12. Treating diabetes

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Guava dersono can also help lower blood sugar levels so it is good for people with diabetes to consume. In addition, other parts of this fruit such as roots, stems, and leaves can also be processed and used as ingredients to lower blood sugar levels. (Also read: benefits of cherry leaves for diabetes)

13. Overcoming headaches

If a headache strikes, people will usually take headache relievers that are widely sold in the market. However, if you are not used to taking medicine or are worried about the side effects, there is another alternative that is more delicious and safe, namely by consuming guava dersono. (Also read: paracetamol benefits)

14. Overcoming constipation

Another benefit of guava dersono is to overcome constipation or difficult bowel movements. This usually occurs due to less consumption of fiber foods. In addition to guava dersono, there are several other fruits and foods that can also be consumed to treat constipation, such as: mahogany fruit benefits and bitter melon benefits.

15. Overcoming itching on the skin

Itching is a very common skin problem and is commonly experienced by many people. There are many things that can cause itching such as being bitten by insects, fungi, and so on. To overcome this naturally we can take advantage of the roots of the guava tree. The trick is to smooth the root of the guava dersono until it becomes a powder and then spread it on the itchy body part. (Also read: 6 benefits of snail meat for health)

That’s among the benefits of guava dersono for health and beauty. Although it is a bit expensive, it is equivalent to the benefits that can be obtained so there is no harm in making this fruit as an alternative fruit to be consumed.

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