5 Prefix Benefits on Long Jump

The long jump is a branch of the sport of jumping. Basically, there are 2 most common types of jumping, namely the long jump and the high jump. The difference between the two types of jumping is clear, long jump relies on the farthest distance that can be produced in one jump. However the high jump refers to the highest jump that an athlete can make.

Prefix in Long Jump

This time, we will talk about the prefix in doing the long jump. As mentioned earlier, the prefix is ​​the first technique that must be done before doing the long jump. In doing the long jump prefix, there are several techniques that must be carefully considered and understood, namely:

prefix benefits on long jump

  • Adjust the length of the prefix, according to the ability of each athlete in achieving maximum speed in running
  • Beginning with running should start slowly, do not immediately run quickly, do this process gradually, starting from walking, brisk walking, light running, until finally running at maximum speed
  • When you’re almost at your starting point, don’t ever slow down your run, just let it go, and jump right in with confidence.

Those are some of the important techniques that must be learned and also understood by long jump athletes.

After talking about the technique of doing the prefix in the long jump sport, then let’s talk about the benefits of the prefix. Starting in the long jump has many benefits. The following are some of the important benefits of starting in the long jump:

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1. To achieve maximum speed in doing repulsion

The benefit of starting in the long jump is to achieve maximum speed, from an athlete when he is about to do a push. With the maximum speed that can be achieved by athletes in the beginning, the power in resisting will also be greater. This affects the outcome of the long jump.

2. In order to do a good and perfect repulsion

The second benefit is, that the push done by the athlete can be more perfect. You can compare, further away, between jumping with a prefix, or jumping directly without using a prefix first. With the prefix, toalakn legs will be better.

3. To be able to jump further

Prefixes can also trigger further jumps. The maximum speed that can be obtained plays an important role. With the maximum speed at the beginning, this will make the athlete’s strength increase, especially when doing repulsion. Of course this will affect the results of the long jump.

4. As a brief warm -up before doing the push

The benefit of the start in the long jump can also serve as a brief warm-up, before doing the push. By running, the athletes’ bodies will be warmer, becoming more stable in carrying out the next process, namely the repulsion process.

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5. Regulate the breath and also the right momentum to do repulsion

With the prefix, the athletes will easily regulate their breath, and also determine the right momentum and also the right to do the push. Because usually, a person’s ability to make a jump depends on the good or bad of the start made by someone.

Important Skills in the Long Jump

To be able to jump far requires some special abilities that must be trained, so that later you can jump as far as possible and win the game. The following are some exercises that can help improve your long jump ability:

  • Strengthens leg and leg muscles
  • Get used to finding the right momentum for the jump start
  • Learn proper landing techniques, so you don’t get injured when jumping.

Basic Techniques in Long Jump

In the long jump, some basic techniques are known. These basic techniques must be understood and studied well, so that later athletes who do long jumps can avoid injury. The following are important techniques to learn in doing the long jump:

The prefix is ​​one of the most important techniques in the long jump. By doing the prefix correctly. Then this will affect the strength of the repulsion and also how far an athlete can jump.

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After the prefix, it is continued with the process of rejection. Leg strength and momentum placement when doing a push to jump is something that is very important at this stage. with the right momentum, as well as good leg strength, then the jump can be done perfectly, and the end result is satisfactory.

  • Body posture while in the air

The attitude of the body when in the air must also be considered. Body posture in the air affects how far an athlete can jump. If the body is in the wrong position when in the air, the wind will actually make the body slow down when jumping, which causes less than optimal results.

The technique for landing must also be studied and understood very well. With the right landing technique, this can minimize accidents that may occur. In addition, by learning the proper landing technique, this will increase the aesthetic value or beauty of the long jump sport itself.

The long jump is currently one of the branches of jumping sport that is competed internationally. In addition, usually in physical education and sports lessons, the long jump is also one of the measuring tools to determine the final value of these subjects.

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