6 Benefits of Ice Skating

For those of you who like sports or skating games such as roller skating, ice skating can be another alternative if you want something new. Overall, ice skating does resemble rollerblading. Which, this sport or game uses shoes as its main tool. The difference is, in ice skating, the position of the wheels is replaced by an iron alignment in the middle which becomes the focus when sliding. Plus, in doing ice skating, a special area is used to be able to do it, which is called an ice ring. The ice ring itself is an area of ​​ice, either artificial or natural, which is a special area in sports or ice skating so you will need gloves and a jacket if you can’t stand the cold.

Historically, the sport or game of ice skating has existed since 400 years ago in Southern Finland. Which, ice skating was once a means to enjoy the beauty of the art of walking on ice. However, along with the development of the times and technology, ice skating has finally emerged in the world of sports, which is the art of competing with agility, both walking and performing certain styles to maintain balance and slide on ice, as we all know that ice is slippery. The development of ice skating itself was finally divided into 3 popular winter sports, namely Speed ​​Skating, Figure Skating, and Ice Dancing.

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So what about Indonesia?

In Indonesia itself, ice skating is not yet a pro sport. But it’s just an ordinary game that is usually done for fun with friends and family. This is because the location of the ice ring is very limited, where this facility can only be found in the capital city of Jakarta. Playing ice skating itself actually does not require special skills so that it can be done by anyone, including even children. One thing that must be done is how to keep the body balance when standing, walking, even sliding in the ice ring.

Therefore, don’t hesitate for those who want to try ice skating because this game also has its own benefits. Some of the benefits that can be obtained when playing ice skating, especially for children, include:

1. Practice Body Balance

One thing that is certain from playing ice skating is to maintain body balance while on the ice ring. Such that this game will force you to keep how to balance the body on the slippery ice surface. In other words, ice skating games are useful to train your body balance.

2. Helps the Development of Motor Sensors

Especially for children, the benefits of ice skating will also help develop their motor sensors. This is because every movement he makes to maintain balance during ice skating will help increase the motor sensors in his body. In such a way that when a child is increasingly able to balance himself on an ice ring, the development of motor sensors means the better.

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3. Train the Performance of the Leg Muscles

It’s the same thing when you’re rollerblading, ice skating will also help you train your leg muscles, starting from your heels, calves to thighs. This is because the feet are the final support when maintaining balance. So much so that it will push your leg muscles to work extra as you try not to fall. Therefore, the extra work done by the leg muscles will indirectly train the performance of the leg muscles, starting from the heels, calves, to thighs.

4. Slimming

In addition, especially for women, ice skating can help slimming down. Which, a study in Switzerland which states that a woman who regularly ice skating has a more direct body than a woman who has never ice skating. This is because ice skating is a sport that is twice as good as fitness and aerobics. In addition, a correlation that may also occur is that the area used for ice skating is a cold area so it is possible to lose weight easily.

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5. Refreshing and Recreational Facilities

Especially in Indonesia, because ice skating has not yet become a pro sport, then ice skating will become a refreshing and recreational event that can be done with friends and family. As a means of refreshing because this game is a very fun game, especially when done in groups, such as with friends and family. Meanwhile, as a means of recreation because this game is still relatively rare in Indonesia, where it is only available in the capital city of Jakarta.

6. Practice Prudence

In maintaining balance while ice skating, you indirectly also try to always be careful so you don’t fall while standing, walking, or even sliding using skates on the slippery surface of the ice ring. In such a way that when playing ice skating you also practice caution, which is to keep your balance so you don’t fall.

Thus some of the benefits of ice skating that can be obtained from this sport. One thing that needs to be considered before ice skating is to warm up beforehand so that the body is not too stiff when it is required to balance on a slippery surface such as ice, especially the feet which are the final support.

A number of other benefits of exercise that must be tried:

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