10 Benefits of Pineapple for Hair and Scalp

Pineapple is a fruit that is quite familiar, especially in countries in the tropics. This fruit, which has a distinctive shape, also contains various nutrients and minerals that are very good for the body. These minerals include vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus, calcium, sucrose, iron, manganese, and the enzyme bromelain. Pineapple is also a fruit that is very suitable to be used as your daily diet menu. Did you know that every 100 grams of pineapple contains only 50 calories. Even in pineapple fruit does not contain cholesterol or saturated fat.

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But it turns out that pineapple provides many benefits too, especially for the health of your hair. Want to know? Watch some pineapple benefits for the following hairs:

1. Prevents gray hair

The high content of the enzyme bromelain and antioxidants can slow down premature aging by preventing the growth of gray hair. Gray hair is usually caused by age, but in some cases gray hair can also grow due to stress levels and heredity. Of course, having shiny black hair is everyone’s dream, therefore you don’t need to spend a lot of money on beauty and hair health treatments. You just use a hair mask made from Pineapple, then healthy hair will be yours completely. Read also: Benefits of Shallots for Hair.

2. Thickening Strands of Hair

Thick hair strands will generally stick to the scalp more strongly than thin hair strands. Thick hair strands can also reduce the possibility of your hair consuming excess oil, limp, and looks dull. You can take advantage of the mineral and nutritional content in Pineapple which can make each strand of your hair thicker. Thick hair strands reduce your chances of hair loss and will be stronger if you intend to color your hair. Read also: Benefits of Jicama for Hair.

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3. Prevents Hair Loss

Hair loss is usually experienced by people who have a type of scalp that is easily dry and sensitive. Hair loss is also often felt by women who use the hijab. This is because the use of hijab has the potential to make the hair and scalp lose its oxygen supply and give a dry effect. Healthy hair and prevent hair loss is hair that must always be moist. And the way to keep your hair moisturized is to use Pineapple extract for healthy hair. Its use can vary, ranging from hair masks or just applied to your scalp. see also: Pineapple Benefits for Women.

4. As an Anti-Inflammatory on the Scalp

Do you know what inflammation is? Inflammation is a type of inflammation that can be caused by damaged cells or viruses and bacteria that attack the body’s immune system. The appearance of inflammation can be in various ways, some of which are marked by redness, heat, itching, pain, swelling, and others. Pineapple contains antioxidants in its fruit water to prevent inflammation from occurring. Antioxidants also function as immune protectors from viruses and bacteria. Read also: Benefits of Mefentan.

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5. Fight and Get Rid of Dandruff

The content of Viamin B6 and B1 in pineapple is useful for effectively expelling dandruff lodged in your scalp. In addition, Pineapple is also highly recommended to prevent scalp dehydration, thus keeping the scalp from drying out and always fresh. Having dandruff hair is very disturbing appearance, therefore take advantage of this fruit which is rich in minerals and benefits. Read also: The Benefits of Hibiscus Flowers for Hair.

6. Overcome Dry Hair

Hair problems can be triggered by various things, such as dry hair. Dry hair is not only caused by too often exposure to the sun or consumption of unhealthy foods, but dry hair can also be caused by too often shampooing and using conditioner. Naturally, rinse once every 2 days. Also read: Benefits of Celery For Curly Hair.

Use of shampoo and conditioner too often it weakens the hair roots and drains the nutrients and oil in the hair. Too little oil in the hair can cause dry hair and have split ends or split ends. To overcome this, use pineapple which is rich in vitamins. Vitamins A and B can provide good nutrition even to the ends of your hair.

7. Prevents Split ends

The problem of split ends is not much different from what happens with dry hair. However, split ends are more common as a result of using hairdryer too often. Hot steam emitted from hairdryer kill the nutrients in the hair strands. Also read: Benefits of Candlenut Oil for Hair.

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8. Healthy Scalp

The use of Pineapple as an alternative for hair health care is a very appropriate way. Pineapple contains antioxidants and bromelain enzymes that provide a fresh sensation on the scalp. If your scalp is in a fresh and healthy condition, it is very unlikely that other hair problems will come. Read also: Young Pineapple Benefits.

9. Increase Hair Elasticity

Elastic hair is a characteristic of strong hair and does not break easily. For people who have elastic hair, will look very beautiful. Because the hair will easily fall loose and add a plus to your appearance. Meanwhile, hair that is not elastic will expand and look dry, making it very difficult to manage. Maintaining hair elasticity is very easy, just use the boiled water of pineapple chunks as a conditioner after you use shampoo. Use and let stand for about 3 to 5 minutes. Also see: Benefits of Stale Tea.

10. Accelerates Hair Regeneration or Growth

Want to have healthy hair you can get by maintaining nutrition in the hair and scalp. If the nutrients are met, then there will be no problems with your hair. Nutrients also ensure the growth and regeneration of hair strands. Hair regeneration serves to grow hair strands that are still in a healthy condition which aims to replace damaged hair strands. Read also: Benefits of Fresh Tea.

Here are some of the benefits of pineapple for your hair and how to use it. Hope it is useful.

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