20 benefits of french fries for health and beauty

20 Benefits of French Fries for Health and Beauty

Potatoes are one of the most popular food ingredients and are liked by many people. In addition to being a staple food, potatoes are also often processed into various snacks such as French fries, potato chips, and so on. One of the processed potatoes that is quite popular and liked by many people is french fries. Potatoes are peeled and cut according to taste then fried until cooked. Then it can be eaten directly with chili sauce or sauce. French fries can be consumed as a snack or side dish while enjoying the main course.

French fries are not only delicious but also rich in health benefits as long as they are processed in the right way and of course consumed in sufficient portions and not excessive. As is known, potatoes are a source of energy because they are rich in carbohydrates and various other nutrients such as protein benefits, fiber benefits, benefits of folic acid, the benefits of vitamin C, the benefits of vitamin A, Vitamin K benefitsvitamin B6, potassium benefitsniacin, magnesium benefits, manganese benefits, phosphorus benefitsand iron benefits. With a variety of nutrients it contains, consumption of fried potatoes will bring many health benefits including:

1. Energy source

As is well known potato is an alternative staple food other than rice because it is rich in carbohydrates which are a source of energy for the body. By eating french fries will make the stomach feel full and of course increase the body’s energy supply. Apart from potatoes, there are also other alternative staple foods such as corn benefits and sago benefits.

2. Facilitate digestion

French fries also contain fiber so it is very good for digestive health. The process of processing and absorption of food will run smoothly so that the body gets maximum nutritional intake from the food or drink consumed. Some other foods that are also good for smooth digestion include benefits of kupa fruit, benefits of kiwano fruitand purple sweet potato benefits.

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3. Prevent constipation

The fiber content in French fries can also prevent you from constipation or difficult bowel movements. Digestive waste in the form of feces can be quickly expelled smoothly and the stomach feels comfortable. Another way to prevent constipation can also be done by using benefits of black plums and dill leaf benefits.

4. Boost immunity

Consumption of french fries is also good for the body’s defense against viruses and bacteria that cause disease so you don’t get sick easily. This is supported by the vitamin C content found in French fries so that the immune system is maintained and getting better. Besides that the benefits of juaro fish and cupuacu fruit benefits can also be another alternative to increase immunity.

5. Smooth facial skin

Not only for health, consumption of fried potatoes also has a positive effect on beauty which can help soften your facial skin. Besides being consumed, potatoes can also be used as a mask to treat facial skin smoothness from the outside. Another way to get smooth facial skin can also be done with pineapple benefits for face and the benefits of pace for facial skin.

6. Brighten the skin

The benefits of French fries for beauty can also make the skin look brighter. This is very important considering that pollution, sunlight, and various other factors can cause skin to look duller and darker. To restore its brightness, consumption of fried potatoes can be the right choice. Brighter skin can also be obtained by using several other natural ingredients such as benefits of green tea and dragon fruit benefits for skin.

7. Prevent premature aging

The content of vitamin C in French fries can help prevent signs of premature aging such as wrinkles on the face so that you look younger. In addition, there are many other natural ingredients that can be an alternative to prevent premature aging, including: aloe leaf tea benefits and passion fruit benefits.

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8. Overcoming hair loss

The benefits of fried potatoes can also help overcome the problem of hair loss. This is supported by the content of several vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and B6, as well as minerals such as potassium. In addition, you can also use some other natural ingredients such as The benefits of our aring oil and honey benefits for hair loss.

9. Helps lose weight

The content of carbohydrates and fiber in French fries will make your stomach feel full, preventing you from overeating. This will be very helpful, especially for those of you who are on a diet or weight loss program. Besides that, there are many choices of other natural ingredients that can also help the success of a diet program including: benefits of soursop leaves for diet and benefits of mangosteen peel for weight loss.

10. Coping with stress

The benefits of french fries that are no less important is that they can help overcome the stress that whacks. This is very important considering today’s people are so easily exposed to stress. This is supported by the content of vitamin B6 in French fries which is useful to help relieve stress. Another way to deal with stress can also be done with recreational benefits and benefits of body massage.

11. Maintains nerve health

Nerves as a messenger between the brain and all parts of the body have an important role in the human body. Damage to the nerves can affect many things to reduce the quality of life. To maintain nerve health, one of them can be done by eating nutritious foods such as french fries, benefits of lobster soupand benefits of kiwano fruit.

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12. Good for dental health

In addition to external maintenance, consumption of nutritious food is also important to maintain dental health so that teeth become healthy and strong. Among them by eating french fries, benefits of grapes for teethas well as the benefits of yam for teeth.

13. Good for bone health

In addition to dental health, consumption of fried potatoes is also good for maintaining bone health. This can be a good food alternative for bones in addition to some other natural ingredients such as benefits of ginger for bones and the benefits of bananas for bones.

14. Good for heart health

The potassium content in French fries can help maintain heart health while preventing the onset of various diseases that usually attack the heart. In addition there are many other healthy food choices such as Avocado benefits for the heart and benefits of mangosteen for heart.

In addition to the various benefits above, there are still many other benefits of fried potatoes for health including:

Other Benefits of French Fries” state=”closed

1. Prevent cancer

2. Prevent premenstrual syndrome

3. Reduce kidney stone disease

4. Reduce cholesterol levels in the body

5. Reduce pain

6. Overcome swelling in the eyes

Very diverse are not the benefits of french fries for health and beauty? For that, you don’t need to hesitate to eat this food, but of course you shouldn’t overdo it. To get the maximum benefit and reduce the bad effects of cooking oil, you should choose a quality oil such as olive oil for frying potatoes and try to use a small amount of oil. Also, don’t use too much salt. You can replace it by using other herbs or spices such as garlic.

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