11 Benefits of Back Up Sports for the Body

Do you like exercising? some people have a hobby to exercise. Not even a few of them do exercise almost every day and make exercise a mandatory schedule for them. But there are also those who do not have time to exercise because they are busy and have a lot of activities. An example of the type of person who does not have time to exercise is an office worker. However, it is still important to maintain health. Some types of exercise allow you to do it in your spare time. For example, this back up sport. This type of back up sport is an athletic sport that has a myriad of benefits for body health and physical fitness. This sport is easy to do every day because it does not require tools to spend a lot of money. Some of these athletic sports are in the form of sit ups, push ups and then back ups. Here are the benefits that can be obtained from back up sports are as follows:

1. Shrink the lower abdomen

The first time you do a back up exercise, the lower abdomen that was previously distended will slowly shrink and look flatter. This is because the back up exercise makes the stomach as a pedestal to lift the body from the range to standing upright. For those of you who previously had difficulty wearing jeans, there is no need to experience difficulties for all of them.

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2. Shrink the side of the stomach

In addition to shrinking the lower abdomen, this back up exercise also serves to shrink the side of the stomach. Some of the advantages of shrinking the side of the stomach is to reduce your waist size. With a flat stomach shape even approaching a six pack, this will make you appear more confident in public. Because exercise is not only beneficial for your health in the long term but is also useful for supporting your appearance outside the home.

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3. Maintain body fitness

The next benefit that is felt is body fitness after waking up. If you wake up feeling achy or uninspired, try to exercise regularly. No need to do strenuous exercise. Just choose a back up exercise because this exercise is useful for maintaining the quality and quantity of your sleep. So you will smile beautifully when you see the morning sun shining in your room.

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4. Burn full body fat

Exercise does not only eliminate fat in some parts of the body. But it also burns fat throughout the body. Burning fat in the body is carried out because of the movements performed during exercise such as back up sports. Fat comes from the food you eat. In general, the body does need fat but in the right amount. If the amount of fat stored in the skin is more than needed, it is certainly not good for health and appearance. So to get rid of this fat, it takes a lot of exercise and movement so that fat is slowly removed from your body through burning metabolism from the body.

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5. Build the muscles of the body

If you want to look more macho, especially for men, this type of back up sport is most liked. The muscles of the body that are formed are in the hands and also the chest and abdomen which are very interesting to look at. Especially if the shape of your body’s muscles is used to support your daily performance. The formation of the muscles of the body may not be done in a few weeks. But it takes a long time with continuous practice without losing enthusiasm.

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6. Tighten muscles

If you have a large body weight, then you suddenly lose a large amount of weight, there is only loose skin due to the loss of fat reserves during this time. For that, if you do a weight loss program, also balance it with exercise. One of the sports that can strengthen the body’s muscles is back up. So even if you lose a large kilogram of weight, your skin remains firm and healthy.

7. Prevent osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease related to bone density. Osteoporosis is felt towards approaching old age. However, prevention of osteoporosis can be done by diligently exercising daily. Because when you exercise your body produces the hormone testosterone, which is responsible for maintaining bone density from a young age. So that bone density can be maintained until old age.

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8. Increase metabolism

Increased body metabolism is needed to maintain the performance of the organs of the body as a whole. By increasing the body’s metabolism, the perfect fat burning process can be fulfilled properly. A slow metabolism sometimes affects the length of the fat burning process so that the body takes a long time to lose weight as desired.

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9. Improve posture

Good posture is needed to maintain physical health in the body. Good posture also requires the expertise of the body in carrying out daily movements. This is important because the wrong body position can cause pain in certain body parts. One of the ways to improve the wrong posture is by doing back up exercises. However, if you want to improve your posture, you need an experienced instructor to help you perform the correct movements in this back up exercise.

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10. Body balance

A good body balance needs to be maintained for physical health and body fitness. A good body needs to be kept in balance so that the body condition remains fit. One of the consequences of a lack of balance in the body is dizziness and lightheadedness. In fact, to maintain the balance of the body, the functions of organs such as the eyes, ears, heart, blood vessels must run normally according to their function. Try to do regular back-up exercises so that the body can regain its balance.

11. Promote blood circulation

Smooth blood circulation makes the skin look healthy, supple and radiant. When blood circulation is smooth the body will look healthy and good in carrying out daily activities. Streamlining blood circulation because blood circulation channels that do not have fat clots will nourish the body.

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Those are some of the benefits you get by doing back up movements in sports.

Back Up Movement

In doing this back up exercise there are several steps that you need to follow very carefully, here are the steps:

  • The initial position of sleeping with the prone position.
  • Then with your feet together and your hands together in front of your chin.
  • Slowly begin to raise your hands up until your chest is no longer touching the floor.
  • Then go back down to the starting position.

The movement is done repeatedly until you feel you can no longer do it. Do it slowly and carefully to avoid injury when doing the movements of this back up sport.

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