10 Benefits of Clove Decoction for Body Health

Cloves are one of many Indonesian spices that have many health benefits. Having previously discussed about benefits of chewing cloves for body health, this time we will discuss about clove boiled water which turns out to have many health benefits, including:

1. Relieves throat inflammation

One of the properties of clove decoction is to help heal inflammation in the throat that can cause respiratory problems. This is because cloves have an anti-inflammatory expectorant effect to reduce the inflammation that occurs.

2. Maintain oral hygiene

Besides benefits of cloves for teeth To stay healthy, clove boiled water is also used for gargling. Clove water can refresh the mouth and clean the mouth, it can also prevent gum and tooth problems such as canker sores or toothache because it contains eugenol which is an antiseptic.

3. Maintain the health of the liver

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The eugenol substance in clove boiled water can also maintain and improve liver health. The content of eugenol can help reduce the symptoms of liver cirrhosis, but you need to be careful because if taken without rules or in high doses it can actually damage the liver.

4. Prevent cancer

Clove boiled water is rich in antioxidants from eugenol and various vitamins that can ward off free radicals. This property is what makes clove decoction useful the benefits of noni fruit that is to prevent cancer.

5. Control blood sugar levels

The next benefit of clove decoction is controlling blood sugar levels in the body. A study found that the compounds present in cloves have great properties in increasing the absorption of sugar and insulin secretion in the body, where insulin functions to move sugar in the blood to the body’s cells.

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6. Overcoming gastric disease

In the boiled water cloves contain natural essential oil of cloves which can relieve the thinning of mucus in the stomach, which is the cause of ulcers. By consuming decoction of cloves can increase the production of mucus which can prevent ulcers and other gastric diseases.

7. Keep bones healthy and strong

Clove boiled water contains manganese which is active in maintaining bone strength. This content can also overcome bone loss which can lead to osteoporosis and fractures. For more optimal results, clove decoction can be combined with benefits of cinnamon for bones.

8. Boost the immune system

Because it is rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial substances, clove boiled water can also be efficacious to boost the immune system. So that the body will maintain its health, it can also avoid attacks from threatening diseases such as viral or bacterial infections.

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9. Kills bacteria that cause disease

One of clove oil benefits is due to its active ability to overcome bad bacteria in the body. For example, such as E. coli that causes digestive disorders or other bacteria, for example, causes dental and oral disease. For that, boiled water can be consumed or used for gargling.

10. Cure measles

By consuming cloves boiled water can also help overcome measles, which is most often experienced by a person in childhood. To get these properties, it is enough to consume boiled water regularly and painstakingly but still not excessive.

Thus a review of the benefits of clove decoction for the health of the body to avoid various diseases, may be useful.

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